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Obama Fan Tears Down War Heroes Banner

From the Delaware Daily Times:

REHOBOTH BEACH — Hometown Heroes banner torn down, woman arrested

Staff Report – September 2, 2008

REHOBOTH BEACH — Surrounding the Rehoboth Beach bandstand are several “Hometown Heroes” banners featuring soldiers from the Delaware area that have been killed in action in conflicts such as Iraq and Vietnam.

These banners have been displayed throughout the summer season. At approximately 12:45a.m. Sept. 1, the Rehoboth Beach Police Department was notified of criminal mischief involving one of the signs.

The suspect was described as a black female with short hair, wearing a red Barack Obama T-shirt.

An officer located the Mytia T. Dorman, 21, of Bridgeville and brought her into custody.

When questioned, Dorman claimed the information printed on a banner was incorrect and she intended to tear it down for that reason.

She was charged with criminal mischief and criminal impersonation after she provided a false name to the police officer.

When police learned her real name — which has not been released — they learned she had an outstanding capias with the Court of Common Pleas. The woman was incarcerated in SCI under a $2500 cash bail.

Delaware, isn’t that where Joe Biden hails from?

How dare we question their patriotism?

(Thanks to BannedbytheTaliban for the heads up.)

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