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Obama Gives Palestine $400M More Aid

From the UK’s Guardian:

Barack Obama shakes hands with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Barack Obama announces $400m aid package to Gaza and West Bank

Harriet Sherwood in Gaza City
Wednesday 9 June 2010

President Barack Obama said today the US would send $400m of aid to the Palestinian territories following 10 days of international focus on Gaza, which Israel has blockaded for more than three years.

What timing, huh?

The announcement came as Obama met the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in Washington to discuss the progress of proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as the dire situation in Gaza. Most US aid currently goes to the West Bank. The international community has largely focused on building up Abbas’s authority over recent years, and Gaza, whose de facto Hamas government is not recognised by the US or the UK, has been marginalised…

Obama described the situation in Gaza as "unsustainable", saying a better approach was needed and calling for a "new conceptual framework" for Israel’s blockade. A White House statement said the new funds "represent a down payment on the United States’ commitment to Palestinians in Gaza, who deserve a better life and expanded opportunities, and the chance to take part in building a viable, independent state of Palestine, together with those who live in the West Bank".

But lest we forget, the US has long since been the biggest contributor of aid to Palestine. Which just proves that money can’t buy you love.

But if we are now directing ‘aid’ to Hamas, are we not violating our own sanctions against terrorist organizations?

The money will go towards infrastructure projects in both Gaza and the West Bank, including $10m for the construction of new UN schools.

Also known as rocket-launching pads.

It did not explain how the schools will be built while Israel maintains its embargo on construction materials entering Gaza, claiming they could be diverted to make weapons and build underground bunkers

Something tells us that the $10 million taxpayer dollars will be diverted to something even more heinous than UN schools.

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16 Responses to “Obama Gives Palestine $400M More Aid”

  1. proreason says:

    Could there be better evidence of the beliefs of Barack Obama?

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Israel is now “officially” under-the-bus.

  3. heykev says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better to have gone after the Billion or so Yasser Arafat plundered?

    You are both correct. We need no further proof of BHO’s hatred for Israel and those dirty money-loving Jews. How long will it take before the Jewish population here wakes up to this?

  4. David says:

    It is one thing to simply snub Israel by ignoring the barricade issue. It is entirely another to give comfort and aid to her enemies.

  5. proreason says:

    Who the hell gave this ignorent criminal the right to unilaterally change the USA’s decades-old security arrangements?

    When was the debate on this topic?

    When did he say that he was going to abandon Israel and snub Great Britain? When did the country vote on that?

    Israel cannot survive without the US’s support. What did our ally for the last 60 years do that justifies this Moron all of a sudden paying fortunes to the terrorist regimes that seek to annihilate it?

    The more I think about this the more outraged I become.

    Oil slicks are bad enough. Slow fiscal suicide is bad enough. Bowing to dictators is bad enough. But a bullet to Israels head is beyond contempt. And it could happen in an instant.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I know, that’s why when you put all the pieces together: from the snubbing and subverting of all our traditional constitutional principles and ethical values, the vitriol and lethality with which he seeks to destroy our capitalist system, to the climactic hostility and contempt which he now holds the majority of Americans – economic boycotts on Arizona because of the action of his words, economic disaster in the South because of word of his inaction..

      This man and his soviet-style family of goons have been on the march. The intentional rigged destruction of the American way and a quiet hand-over as the world’s lone superpower of good to a new world order of command, control, and deceit. Destruction of the Judeo-Christian foundation of the Western world, replaced with the institutionalization of any other collection of zany utopian mysticism or impulse-serving psychiatry.

      In just 1 short year the dynamics of power have completely reversed in the Middle East. One of the first stories that really ignited my passions here at S&L was the 2009 Iran Protests. At the time I was befuddled that President Kickass couldn’t even come out and offer the slightest comments of support for the people literally dying to be heard, or condemnation to a regime that was publicly killing its own patriots. It’s not like we wanted military intervention or the CIA to organize a coup, there just seemed an odd vacancy when the leader of the free world won’t at least rhetorically stand with people that want to be free.

      “Did he really intend to snub a free movement for the hope of pursuing a diplomatic Containment Strategy with a group who’s stated goals were nuclear genocide and actions clearly indicated more commitment to the cause than Saddam?” I asked in bewilderment at the idiotic strategy. But as we came to know President Kickass we came to know very well the idiocy of any strategy he had in dealing with.. well anything. We had to conclude that the poor strategies were the ultimate strategy. The arguments just needed to provide the talking heads enough talking points to hold up long enough in the public eye for the next step of true goals to be realized. Then repeat the cycle until the job is finally done.

  6. mr_bill says:

    I recall watching the one of presidential debates in 2008 when nerobama was asked a question about Israel, he responded by calling them an “ene[my]..er ally…” I’m not sure if anybody else noticed that little Freudian slip. I’ve never heard anybody talk about it, it was clear to me at that time what he thought about Israel and it just becomes more clear as the days pass and this nimrod keeps finding new ways to poke a finger in the eye of allies that have stood by the US for decades.

  7. tranquil.night says:

    I thought we were being meddlesome nation-builders who were trying to impose our values when we spent money we don’t have on projects like this. Do the New Jersey unions know about this? I hear they need all sorts of cash to save their schools and “stuff.”

  8. Right of the People says:

    “Obama described the situation in Gaza as “unsustainable”, ”

    As long as Israel stands it will be intolerable to the boy king and his Islamic masters. This moron has such hatred of everything most of us hold dear. I can’t imagine the depth of his hate and loathing since I was raised as a Christian. He is truly evil and needs to be stopped.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..” I can’t imagine the depth of his hate and loathing since I was raised as a Christian……”

      Me too. But watching the manner in which Obama conducts himself, he’s beginning to break down my inhibitions. He certainly stirs some unhealthy emotions in me.

    • jonny says:

      If my understanding of the Hebrew text of the Bible, is correct. The antichrist is not a man,but an entity. Islam is that entity.

  9. Mithrandir says:

    Behind the bags of cooking flower for aid to Gaza: MORTARS, ROCKETS, MISSILES:


  10. canary says:

    Obama didn’t put strings? Like the people will see a penny for a band-aids.

  11. NoNeoCommies says:

    They learned from the way state governments work.
    Every dime you give them for A allows them to spend less on A and more on B, even though you told them not to spend money on B.

  12. Rusty Shackleford says:

    400 million will buy a lot of concrete.

  13. jrmcdonald says:

    When you are corrupt, you assume everyone else is. obama gave the PLO $900.000.000.00 his first week in office. clinton went to war on the side of muslims in Bosina. You cannot appease evil.

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