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Obama Gives Hollywood A ‘State Dinner’

From Deadline.com:

Obama Thanks Hollywood With Coveted Invites To First White House State Dinner

By Nikki Finke

Monday November 23, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: If tradition stands, the details of the guest list will be revealed only a few hours before the Obama administration’s first state dinner tomorrow. The welcome for India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be the biggest social event of the Obama White House. Already the Washington DC press corp is buzzing about the "got-to-be-there" fever. But this first dinner is primarily a thank you to the Obamas’ most important political supporters. So I’ve learned that, among the Hollywood contingent asked to attend, are onetime DreamWorks partners David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg; Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Michael Lynton; and WME Entertainment Agency co-CEO Ari Emanuel.

Spielberg’s inclusion is interesting since he was a much ballyhooed Hillary Clinton supporter during the first months of her primary campaign when she looked like a sure thing, then quietly threw his clout behind Obama after he became the clear winner. But, given that the guest of honor is India’s highest ranking statesman, Spielberg’s new financial relationship with India’s giant corporation Reliance more than explains his presence. Geffen was an early Obama backer who publicly took on the Clintons with pointed criticism at the start of the primary season. Katzenberg was not an early bird, but he became a faithful fundraiser. Both he and Geffen were considered Obama’s biggest Hollywood bundlers during the campaign…

And Chicago native Emanuel not only was one of Obama’s first Hollywood political and financial backers, but, like duh, his brother Rahm is the White House chief of staff. They’ll join the President and First Lady and 400 guests in an elaborate tent erected on the South Lawn. As for who has been chosen to provide the evening’s entertainment, this White House has shown eclectic taste: Stevie Wonder already has played a concert in the East Room, Marc Anthony already took to the South Lawn for an evening of Latin music, and the Foo Fighters played the Fourth of July party.

Of course we normally eschew such celebrity gossip, but given the historicity or Mr. Obama’s first state dinner, we thought it of note.

And it also raised a few question in our mind:

  • Is the tent on loan from from Mr. Gaddafi? Will the teleprompter invited? (Let’s hope so, if Obama is going to speak.)
  • What is the carbon footprint involved in heating a tent that size in late November when temperatures are predicted to be as low as Mr. Obama’s new approval ratings?
  • Have the food servers agreed to these arduous conditions? Are they unionized? SEIU?
  • And why are they serving the Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh, curry? Can’t he get that at home?
  • Has there ever been a White House State Dinner for celebrities? We thought they were supposed to be for statesmen and diplomats and people of rare accomplishment. Won’t the Indian Prime Minister be offended?
  • Were any Bollywood stars invited?
  • Was Mr. Obama’s ‘decisional’ to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan leaked out so that people weren’t appalled he was having such a large party with his Hollywood pals while our soldiers were at risk in Afghanistan?
  • Did Mrs. Clinton’s invitation address her as Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab), as an Obama memo notoriously did during the campaign?
  • And speaking of which, does Mr. Obama now finally get more money from the ‘Indian money men’ than the Clintons do?

But alas, we will probably never get any answers.

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4 Responses to “Obama Gives Hollywood A ‘State Dinner’”

  1. proreason says:

    Gee, the drying up of the Moron’s financial backing must be more severe than we thought.

  2. Petronius says:

    Have you noticed that he is almost never seen to be working at the nation’s business?

    Rather, that he is always hosting parties or beer summits or date nights, having photo ops, schmoozing, going on holidays, traveling abroad, attending international conferences, making speeches, apologizing, bowing, preening, accepting awards, making awards, golfing, dithering, spending, taxing, or taking over.

    But never actually working.

    Why is that?

    Perhaps he doesn’t know how to be president? Or perhaps he doesn’t care? Or perhaps he has a special agenda? Perhaps it’s all just about “me”?

  3. eaglewingz08 says:

    Will Adam Lambert and Wanda Sykes be the entertainment?
    Is the Indian PM a vegetarian? Will the hollywood types be happy on cauliflower and carrots and no Wagyu beef?

    How come Obama can have a grand state dinner for the India PM and 400 hollyweirdos but has cut back sharply on the WH Hannukah celebrations?
    Do any of these Jewish denizens of Hollywood feel the slight to the general Jewish community by that slight?

    Will Obama acknowledge that the treaty Bush negotiated and signed with India, and had ratified last year was a good thing for both countries? Would Obama choke if he had to congratulate Bush for anything he did in office?

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Barry tosses the parties ….. “WE” get the tab!


    BTW …… Barry has the stately WH but insists on entertaining in a tent on the lawn? What is it with mooselimbs and their tent fetish?
    Another first for the guy who ran for President but knows not “Day One” how to go about!!

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