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Obama: GOP Wants To ‘Bamboozle’ Voters

From The Hill:

(Relevant portion starts at 2:00.)

Obama: Republicans want to ‘bamboozle’ voters this November

By Sam Youngman – 08/02/10

President Obama told Democratic fundraisers Monday that Republicans are banking on voters having "amnesia" in the midterm elections.

"They have not come up with a single, solitary, new idea to address the challenges of the American people," Obama said. "They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one."

Speaking of new ideas, when will Mr. Obama stop blaming President Bush? This has been his mantra now for how many years?

By November, Mr. Bush will have been effectively gone from the White House for two years. The Democrats will have effectively held the Congress for four years. Didn’t Mr. Obama teach Constitutional law? Doesn’t he know which branch of government controls spending?

Besides, it’s poor salesmanship on Mr. Obama’s part. Every day those ‘failed policies’ of Mr. Bush — lower taxes, high growth and full employment — are looking better and better.

"That’s what they’re counting on," Obama told a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Atlanta. "They’re counting on that you all forgot. They think that they can run the okey-doke on you. Bamboozle you."

Notice that Mr. Obama is here deliberately channeling Malcolm X, at least as Malcolm X is portrayed in Spike Lee’s film fantasy.

(For the record, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was also quoting Malcolm X, specifically his joy at the news of John Kennedy’s assassination, in his notorious “Chickens Coming Home To Roost” ‘sermon.’)

By the way, doesn’t Mr. Obama have a half brother somewhere named ‘Bamboozle’?

Obama was in Atlanta to address disabled veterans, but he also carved out time to raise money for his party…

"They’re more interested in the next election than the next generation," Obama said. "And that’s why they can’t have the keys back — because we need somebody who is driving with a vision to the future."

A Democratic source said about 200 guests paid anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 apiece for a total of $500,000 raised Monday, according to the White House pool report.

Joining Obama at the fundraiser were Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.), David Scott (D-Ga.) and Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.), Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, who is running for the Senate

Oddly enough, all of the gentlemen mentioned are of the African-American persuasion.

It’s almost as if Mr. Obama starts using a ‘Negro dialectic’ and even begins to speak in ‘codewords’ when he is around black politicians.

Lest we forget, this isn’t the first time that Mr. Obama has reached back to cite Mr. Little St. Malcolm:

(Beginning at 3:00)

During the campaign, on March 10, 2008, Obama accused Ms. Clinton of using the “okey-doke” to “hoodwink” and “bamboozle” voters into thinking that she was the front-runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination, and that he should take the second slot on her ticket.

It was meant to whip up his ‘brothers in the hood’ back then, too.

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12 Responses to “Obama: GOP Wants To ‘Bamboozle’ Voters”

  1. bill says:

    Do you notice when Obama comes up to speak, now days you just change the channel?

    Boy do those Styrofoam Temples look really stupid from here.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Come November he will see and hear who was ‘bamboozled’, ‘Hoodwinked’ and ‘Okey-doked’.

    (said in ebonics)
    “We da Peepo’s been dissed!!”

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Obama accused Ms. Clinton of using the “okey-doke” to “hoodwink” and “bamboozle” voters into thinking that she was the front-runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination, and that he should take the second slot on her ticket. “

    I’m sure neither Hitlery nor the boy who sits in the president’s chair “ain’t no ways tired” yet.

  4. Right of the People says:

    Doesn’t the GOP know that bamboozling the public is the Party of Asses gig?

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Remember what Dan Rather said about Obama:

    “He couldn’t sell watermelons on the side of the road if the state police stopped traffic for him.”

    Remember Chris Matthews cutting him off, because he didn’t like Obama and watermelons used in the same sentence? –or his hero getting mocked….

  6. proreason says:

    Strange Obamy theory of the day that nobody will ever believe…at least while his entire life is hidden by the state run media.

    Obamy famously spent his youth from ages 5 to 10 in Indonesia. It gave him his famous “wisdom” about foreign countries and the muslim religion that we see play out so amazingly day by day.

    But have you ever thought much about it? There are at least two things about his life at that time that defy everything you know about human nature.

    When Obamy was 5, his mother married an Indonesian native in Hawaii and shortly later they moved to Indonesia to live until she left her new husband when Obamy was 10 (and later divorced him) and returned to Hawaii where she abandoned him to his grandparents. Huh? According to Wikipedia “An attempted coup in 1965 led to a violent army-led anti-communist purge in which over half a million people were killed. General Suharto politically out-manoeuvred President Sukarno, and was formally appointed president in March 1968.”

    So Obamy’s loving mommy transported the precious boy to an (extremely) foreign country, in the midst of a Civil Was, involving Communists and a political coup. What mother does that? (btw, the husband was a mid-level government official, not a member of the rich elite.). I suspect she was probably the ONLY WOMAN in the United States to bring her child to such a strage and dangerous place. Remember that.

    The next strange occurence is the Obamy is what some of his Indonesian schoolmates have said about him: “other students said that they wanted to be a doctor or pilot, but Barry claimed that he wanted to be a president.”’ . He was no older than in the 5th grade at the time.

    Now, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that George Bush, the scion of a political familay, son of a war hero and US congressman, growing up in the patriotic decade of the 50’s had expressed an ambition to be president as a boy. But Obamy was living in (and was an adopted citizen of) Indonesia, in the late 60’s. His mother was known to hate the US, and never lived there again for any length of time. Not a single one of his relatives had ever been elected to a political office in the US. His stepfather was an Indonesian native. His birth father was a card-carying Communist. The mid to late 60’s were a time in the US when most young people absolutely detested their country. There were no bi-racial or full-black African American role models who had acheived any political success at all, other than MLK, who was assaissinated for the effort, and virtually all of Obamy’s closest relatives were open communists or communist sympatizers. How could a child under 10 in a foreign country have come to declare such an unlikely vision?

    How could these two documented but exceedingly strange episodes in his life have possibly occured?

    Well, you know what I think. He was taken to Indonesia for a purpose (and later abandoned by his mother in Hawaii for a continuation of the same purpose). It was a purpose in a place that would be forever be impossible to track down, lost in the murkiness of a chaotic country in a chaotic era. And a child of 9 declared his ambition to be president because that is what we was taught in that place, and not by his mother either.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      I have entertained the notion in my mind that it’s possible that he was groomed, styled, trained, coached and mentored for some political purpose, but that that “purpose” was an unclear vision at best.

      However, extrapolating out from that, I have to laugh that because of the decrease in cynicism in the nation, lack of critical thinking and growing trust in the sound-bite media, it becomes painfully obvious to me that what they were doing was actually just putting a shiny paint job on what can only be best described as a pretty stinky turd.

      This is not a stretch since, it used to be reported that some of the greatest actors of the day, those “method” folks who seemed so real when they were acting out a scene where they are so sympathetic over some injustice or cause…..only to find that in real life they are rude, self-centered and basically just pathetic.

      So, his coaching in acting has been, as I see it, merely “adequate” versus exemplary. If it were exemplary, he would actually BE that charming, cool-headed character everyone who grovels in his presence likes to claim he is. But, given the things in mainstream entertainment that wow the public these days, I’m also not surprised.

      Ronald Reagan may have been an actor on the screen, but in real life, he was known to be very gregarious, accommodating, friendly and above all, real. What-you-see-is-what-you-get.

      With boy barry, you can smell him coming down the way and I get that same feeling from seeing him that I get from a used car salesman. And..in my own way of measuring, “The nicer the suit, the bigger the BS’er”.

      George Bush often looked unkempt, even in his best suit. To me, that said some things. One was that he was more concerned with issues and doing the right thing. Two, it really gave him a human quality that barry doesn’t and will never have. Barry, in his finest Armani still looks like he wants to sell me the blue one because “he likes me and wants to see me in it”.

      So it’s very possible he was schooled and margined in the ways of socialism for some time. But like you said, certain things just don’t add up…namely from the practical sense of “why would anyone do that?”. And I think your observation is valid. But of course, I’m of the opinion that everything about this guy is made up, created, manufactured for appearance’s sake.

      Class comes from within. As does the smell. So when you put a $2,000 suit on a turd, well….you get the idea.

      I hope I didn’t miss your point. For him to say he wanted to “be a president” someday…well, I cannot dismiss the statement out of hand from any home-grown kid in the US..even a black kid during the time of his youth. But given the conditions he was exposed to….I wonder that if he really did say it, did he mean it from the perspective that a president can do what he wants and makes things turn out the way he wants? Such would be the mindset of a 5-year-old.

      However, most children at that age are not politically savvy and are often even less aware of what a president actually is. But it’s not impossible. Good food for thought, though.

    • heykev says:

      Been thinking a lot about this lately. I read the articles you referred to a while back. They all seemed showed that his childhood was unique at best. All those who surrounded the young BHO were very committed communists.

      Would agree with Rusty in that i too have “entertained the notion in my mind that it’s possible that he was groomed, styled, trained, coached and mentored for some political purpose, but that that “purpose” was an unclear vision at best.”

      I believe it was a high ranking officials wife from Russia who first mentioned this. At first I shrugged this off. It has all the makings of some very wild conspiracy theory of which I have no part of. But…the more I have looked into his past and have seen that literally EVERYONE in his childhood hated the USA and what we stand for it was easier to see how this could really happen.

      While I’m not sold on this, it would explain an awful of that is happening. What I am sure of is that there is an awful lot of hatred in that man. I’m sure if you thought for only a brief time, you could come up with quite a list of things he hates.

    • proreason says:

      It may be impossible to ever ferret the truth out about this guy. I think half of the information about him, he or his handlers made up; half has been made up by other people; half has a loose basis in actual events; and half is true.

      But at the very least, every single thing you learn (or hear) about him is stranger than the last.

      If he had become president and acted somewhat similarly to everyone who came before him, even if he was even more liberal than any of them, I would say that his past doesn’t really matter. I don’t really care about Jimmy Carter’s youth, or Woodrow Wilson’s boyhood. They were both Americans, misguided ones, but Americans.

      But this criminal is from another planet.

      It’s like learning about the Black Death. Until people understood what caused it, it kept happening.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “It’s like learning about the Black Death. Until people understood what caused it, it kept happening.

      Yes, but there’s also the aspect of complete denial. And the die-hard socialists in this nation cannot see wanton destruction for what it is. Or if they do, they think it’s for the good of the proletariat and are willing to fall in line for it.

      For me, it causes a spectrum of emotions, all of them bad. And it keeps pushing me to a conclusion as to what must be done when logic and reason fail. So I’ll vote this fall and hope that he is the lamest of lame ducks and that we can start to turn this around back to normal, but even then, they have splattered their mess so far and so wide that there will be things discovered that nobody would’ve suspected.

      Bad things.

      Very bad things.

  7. Right of the People says:


    I too have been thinking about this and the character played by our boy Barry reminds me of one of those spy novels where the agent who is going to become a “sleeper” is trained in all of the customs and mannerisms of the country he is going to infiltrate.

    Usually in these scenarios the character’s handlers get a birth certificate of a child who dies almost at birth or shortly after. They doctor the birth certificate and then create a “legend” for the sleeper agent, fabricating an entire credible history for the individual.

    Of course they make sure his school records and other pertinent documents have either been destroyed in a fire or something similar so checking on him becomes difficult. The character is almost always a loner and sometimes they supply him with a spouse for credibility if the situation calls for it. That could explain Thunderbutt as I don’t believe anybody in their right mind would marry that! But I digress.

    When his handlers felt he was ready for his ultimate mission they finally activated him which could explain how he suddenly felt the urge to run for office in Chicago. Of course the dirty tricks he used to get rid of his opponents in his first couple of races could have been supplied by his control agents since he doesn’t appear to have been bright enough to do it himself.

    He lucked into having someone as lame and ineffective as McClain in the presidential election. I’d hate to think about what might have happened if someone with some gonads like Guilani had gotten the nod instead. His handlers might have had to resort to drastic measures. And I think Billary was bought off otherwise knowing her character I’m sure she would have dug up all the dirt she could have to take him out.

    He is the Manchurian candidatebut the only difference is he was programmed from birth for this mission. His mother’s mating with his biological father was probably arranged, she being counted on only to bring him into the world and get him through the first few years of life intact so he could begin his training. Someone in the USSR had the forethought and vision to see that by the end of the first decade of the new millennium the US would be ready for a non-white president. I bet the only part of their vision they didn’t anticipate was the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    We need to rid ourselves of this virus as soon as possible while there is still time to restore our country to its former self.

  8. JohnMG says:

    None of this should suprise anyone. Pure projection. No doubt about it.

    The biggest bamboozler of the last century, not to mention the current one, is at it again. That of which he accuses republicans is the very thing in which he is engaging–selling snake oil!

    But he’s wrong about one thing. Republicans aren’t hoping people have amnesia. They’re hoping the electorate brings to mind and remembers every shennanigan and duplicitious act this charlatan has visited on them for the last 18 months.

    It’s Obama-speak. Not only does he do the opposite of what he says, he gives his game away every time he opens his mouth.

    Pay no attention to that man behind the tele-prompter!

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