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Obama Has Secret Meeting With Young Stars

From the Hollywood Reporter:

President Obama Has Private Meeting with Young Stars at Beverly Hilton

By Tina Daunt

Before heading off for a breakfast Thursday that officially concluded his two-day fundraising trip to Los Angeles, President Barack Obama met privately at the Beverly Hilton with two dozen of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, urging them to involve themselves in his re-election campaign.

Among those who met with the president were The Avengers star Jeremy Renner, Glee actress Dianna Agron, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, Southland’s Ben McKenzie, Jessica Alba, Bryan Greenberg, Adam Rodriguez, Zach Braff, Brandon Routh, Ian Somerhalder, Jared Leto, Kal Penn and Sophia Bush.


Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the meeting was part of the Obama re-election campaign’s “Young America Effort,” an initiative to build support and turnout among the younger voters who were key to the president’s election four years ago.

Thursday’s private meeting was similar to the one Obama held earlier this year with Weinstein Co. mogul Harvey Weinstein and a clutch of leading entertainment industry executives, as well as talent representatives with access to the music industry’s top stars and musical act. As THR reported then, Obama did not directly solicit contributions, but he talked about how hard he expected the coming campaign to be and how valuable Hollywood support would be to his re-election effort.

But, for the record, both Hitler and Stalin were obsessed with movie stars and celebrities, and loved being around them and being seen with them. In fact, they both kept their favorite actors and singers out of the draft.

They knew these celebrities would do more for them as propagandists than as cannon fodder.

Like other young Americans, young Hollywood lives on social media, and shortly after the ostensibly private meeting concluded, participants began sending out Instagrams and tweets documenting the event.

Some of their tweets:

Agron: "Maybe the only man I truly get nervous around. Worth the early wake up call."

Greenberg: "Truly inspirational talking with @BarackObama today"

Bush: "It was amazing to see @iansomerhalder @ZacharyQuinto @DiannaAgron and @BryanGreenberg with the POTUS today. Good peeps. #YoungAmericans."

Alba: "Got up bright & early to hear @BarackObama speak w an awesome group"

Somerhalder: "Totally surreal morning. Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama now tweeting.The 21st century… Let’s do this." Sooh after, he followed up with, "Just spent my morning w/this man talkn green energy,a better America&being a young American-wow"

Wow. It really is totally surreal. But not really in a good way.

Doesn’t Obama ever meet with any real life people? Like people with real jobs?

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 8th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

11 Responses to “Obama Has Secret Meeting With Young Stars”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Too bad they were meeting with a Socialist Manchurian Candidate usurper of the Office and not the real President.

  2. Chrispbass says:

    What is said about these types again…those who help a regime but don’t understand what they’re actually doing? On the tip of my tongue….useful something….
    help me out.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    These days a person under 30 doesn’t know what a “good peep” is. Their criteria is if they’ll party all night with you and hold your hair out of the toilet while you yak up the night’s alcoholic beverages.

    I recall about ten years ago, binge drinking was all the rage..and the uber left wing news-turds were all a-flutter about it. You know what? It hasn’t diminished but they are now curiously silent about it. Guess they can’t blame republicans for it.

    Fewer kids go into the military. Those who do usually come out pretty squared away. In the military, due to its very nature, reality is an ever-present entity. Not so much in post high-school America where the 18-20 something is still at home and mommy and daddy are still helping them. Insulating them, if you will.

    I am a fan of Stargate, SGU. And as much of a fan as I am, I have to comment on the character Eli who is a brainiac who dropped out of MIT and lives at home with his mother, who is ill. Now, the way they tell the story, Eli stayed at home with his mom to help her. Yet, he’s unemployed and plays computer games all day. The Stargate team finds him and gets him involved in the whole galaxy-traveling scenario but the way the character is written, he’s a pathetic but smart loser who has no direction and comes into his own during the series. But the premise (and lie) that he lived at home to “help” his mom is bought lock, stock and barrel.

    So take the millions of 22 year olds like Eli, sans the hyperintelligence and affable personality and the sci-fi premise of “future-adventure”, make sure he stays unemployed, lives at home with mom, who’s (of course) divorced or who’s husband “took off”, and ask yourself what kind of productive human being is that? Sitting in the house all day while mom goes shopping on her meager income from social security, makes his meals, picks up after him (while suffering from a life-debilitating illness) and you have, ta-daaaaa! Today’s democrat voter!

    • Anonymoose says:

      That’s unfortunately pretty close to the truth, Rusty. Even the ones who have jobs aren’t much better.

      Things that seem to be “hip” now are neo-pagans, who just make up anything they feel like. It’s one thing to follow an out of the mainstream religion, it’s another to worship gods from different pantheons, all who say they’re the only gods that exist. They get indignant and snippy if you wonder about the logic or reason to any of it, after all it’s their “faith” you’re questioning. They *just know* that spirit heard their ceremony at the pagan altar. Yet when they get bored they change it all around again.

      Also popular is “polyamory,” which means you can have multiple relationships of any level and it’s okay. Have a wife? Sing praises of your undying love and “commitment” to each other, but keeping a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever on the side is okay. “Marriage” is just playing house.

      And that’s what it comes down to; the young liberal democrats want to have their cake and eat it, too. To be committed but still be free, and change the channel whenever they feel like. All their life is just acting and playing games. It’s no wonder they voted for Obama in droves and then quickly got disillusioned; the Hopey-Change thing didn’t happen overnight and beside it was beyond their attention span.

  4. usmcmgb says:

    Had to laugh at Steves comment…”WHO”? I said the exact same thing when I read the list of names. I can honestly say I have never heard of a single one of these people. O never meets with real people…he only meets with people who can donate a ton of cash to his campaign to finish what he started. To destroy the country.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It’s almost criminal when the slick huckster realizes that the adults aren’t buying what he’s selling anymore so he turns to the kids for support. I’ll bet they all thought the big “0” was “simply fab”.

      Yup, the only one I knew of, vaguely, was Zacahry Quinto as he played Spock in the Star Trek re-deux. He was acceptable in the role. But my hat was off to “Big Bang Theory” writers who have Sheldon Cooper go cross when he got his life-size cardboard cutout of Spock but it wasn’t Leonard Nimoy, but Quinto instead. (us ST TOS fans gotta stick together)

      As for the other names, yup..”WHO?” I’ll bet ‘ol Barry really wow’ed ’em with some candy and fluffy stuffed animals while he invited them to come take a ride in his van.

    • Petronius says:

      Yeah, Zachary Quinto was the only name I recognized, too. He played the geeky risk analyst in “Margin Call” (2011), which is probably the best Wall Street movie ever made, loosely based on the last days of Lehman Bros.

      Quinto is big in gay issues, which may provide a clue to the rest of the tomatoes on the list.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      With less than 2% of the total US population being gay, No-bama has really struck bottom if he’s courting their favor. And again, right at the top of the list of things that need fixing in this nation, gay problems/issues is not there.

      And, it’s obvious that he’s playing the market, cultivating their favor for whatever reason. But one can be certain, it’s not because he has their interests in mind or at heart. It’s because he wants money.

      On a side note, I thought the stereotype of gay was the good ol’ well-dressed fastidious and anal-retentive guy like Felix Unger who was also very suspicious and somewhat cynical. In short, a conservative in most every way.

      I guess that went the way of the dodo now that there are so many loud-mouthed angry died-hair pooftahs about who demand the world change to suit them. Yeah….for <2%. Let me know how that works out for you.

    • DW says:

      I recognized Jeremy Renner’s name; he starred in The Hurt Locker.
      I broke my long-standing rule about never watching movies about the Iraq War because it was (so I thought) about EOD guys -who are pretty amazing people.

      (Memo to self: Don’t break long-standing rules -they’re there for a reason.)

      For those of you who were smart enough to not watch it, THL was just more of the same unrealistic antiwar drivel. So naturally it won the Oscar for best picture.
      It is not surprising to see Renner in that group.

  5. JohnMG says:

    …..”Doesn’t Obama ever meet with any real life people? Like people with real jobs?…….”

    Well………..he’s probably having difficulty finding someone WITH a job that will talk to him. Or maybe he’s having difficulty finding someone with a job!

  6. Georgfelis says:

    I can just see the teleprompter now.
    “Welcome suckers, I’m so glad you all decided to come here and give me your money without having to send the IRS to take it from you. (laugh gently) Now line up and hand over your checkbooks and credit cards so we can finish taking the other half of your income (gesture to Biden).

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