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Obama Has To Cancel Asia Trip, Hurting US Luster

From a hand-wringing Associated Press:

Obama cancels Asia trip to deal with shutdown

By ANDREW TAYLOR and NEDRA PICKLER | October 4, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is canceling a trip to Asia to stay in Washington and push for an elusive funding bill to get the nation’s business back up and running.

And he is pushing for this bill by refusing to negotiate and insulting the other side at every turn.

In a statement late Thursday, the White House blamed Republicans, saying the "completely avoidable" government shutdown was hurting the president’s efforts to promote trade and U.S. influence in emerging world markets…

Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Bali, Indonesia, on Friday and will head the U.S. delegation to the summits [instead]…

Whew, that is a relief. Though, apparently it still isn’t enough for the AP. (See second story below.)

Obama had held out hope that a budget deal would allow the visit to Bali and Brunei, where more economic summits were planned, but decided the cancel the entire trip Thursday.

And where he also hoped to visit his boyhood home.

It originally was scheduled as one of four Asian stops, and the White House announced earlier in the week that the final legs of Malaysia and the Philippines were being cut because of staffing problems due to the shutdown.

"The cancellation of this trip is another consequence of the House Republicans forcing a shutdown of the government," White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement. "This completely avoidable shutdown is setting back our ability to create jobs through promotion of U.S. exports and advance U.S. leadership and interests in the largest emerging region in the world." …

Really? it’s funny how nobody ever mentioned any of this when Obama twice cancelled previous trips to Asia in 2010. Once to stay in DC to push Obama-Care, and once because he wanted to stick around to gloat over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the Associated Press is really worried this time:

In Asia, Obama’s no-show is a boost for China’s Xi

By GILLIAN WONG | October 4, 2013

BEIJING (AP) — President Barack Obama has called off a trip to Asia just as China’s president is being feted in regional capitals ahead of summits where the U.S. no-show will give China a chance to shine and boost its influence.

The cancellation of Obama’s trip because of the partial government shutdown will also undermine the Obama administration’s strategic "pivot" to Asia in which the U.S. has sought to focus on building economic ties with Asia and boosting its security presence in the region.

Another pivot? Obama pivots more than a Whirling Dervish.

But with Washington’s foreign policy still dominated by the turbulent Middle East, questions have been raised about Obama’s commitment to Asia. Meanwhile, new Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been visiting Indonesia and Malaysia to improve Beijing’s image at a time when its aggressive stance on territorial issues has strained ties with some countries.

"It shows that China has a functional government and America doesn’t at the moment," said Kerry Brown, a China expert at the University of Sydney. "It’s just another sign that America is kind of losing its luster, losing its status." …

Funny, the only time we ever hear that the US is losing its luster and status is when it can be blamed on the Republicans. (However dishonestly.)

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One Response to “Obama Has To Cancel Asia Trip, Hurting US Luster”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Jeebus Crisco .. that’s as insulting as sending Jack Kennedy’s mouthy blowhard daughter to Japan as our ‘Ambassador’. The last I saw an Ambassador this disturbing …


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