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Obama Heads To Border To Push Amnesty

From the open borders lobbyists at the Associated Press

Obama heads to Texas to push immigration overhaul

By Erica Werner, Associated Press
May 10, 2011

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is making his first trip as president to the U.S.-Mexico border, using the setting to sharpen his call for a remake of the nation’s immigration laws and try to cast the GOP as the obstacle standing in its way.

So Obama makes his first trip to the southern border as President not to call for greater border security for the locals. But to call for amnesty – so that even more will flood in.

The president’s speech in El Paso, Texas, on Tuesday, and his visit to a border crossing there, are the latest high-profile immigration events by Obama, who has also hosted meetings at the White House recently with Latino lawmakers, movie stars and others.

After all, the elections are only 18 months away.

It all comes despite an unfavorable climate on Capitol Hill, where Republicans who control the House have shown no interest in legislation that offers a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants

Look at how determined the Associated Press is to bastardize the English language. We are not talking about a "pathway" to anything except amnesty. And amnesty for every and all illegal aliens.

"We already know from the first two years, the last Congress, that there was political opposition to comprehensive immigration reform, including from some places where there used to be political support," said presidential spokesman Jay Carney. "We are endeavoring to change that dynamic by rallying public support, by raising public awareness about the need for comprehensive immigration reform."

In other words, the White House is going to unleash the mobs of illegal aliens along with their usual union goon rent-a-mobs.

More Latinos than ever voted in the 2010 midterm elections, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, accounting for almost 7 percent of those voting. Still, turnout among Hispanic voters is far lower than among other groups, giving Obama a reason to want to try to motivate them

Maybe Obama should remind them how they need to "punish their enemies."

Anyway, we thought for a moment that this was a matter of ‘social justice.’ But it turns out it’s just about getting Obama and more Democrats elected.

At the same time, Obama is pitching his immigration argument to the larger public, and he’s refining it in a way that goes to Americans’ pocketbook concerns. White House officials say Obama will emphasize the economic value of reforming immigration laws, noting that immigrants account for a substantial share of business start-ups and patent applications, among other things — activities that create jobs for everyone

And we will believe it, too. Just look at how states with high immigrant populations are thriving. Like California. In fact, if you believe amnesty would help the economy, you probably believe that unemployment helps the economy, too.

Indeed, getting immigration reform done any time soon is not realistic. Obama wasn’t even able to get legislation through Congress last year that would have provided a route to legal status for college students and others who were brought to the country as children. The so-called DREAM Act passed the House, then controlled by Democrats, but was blocked by Senate Republicans.

The Senate is now even more heavily Republican, and Republicans control the House. That means immigration reform can’t happen unless they cooperate.

But for Obama, if the public’s aware of that, it’s a political win — even if Republicans don’t budge.

That’s because, for Obama, it’s all about creating the right ‘optics’ to get re-elected. And the country be damned.

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21 Responses to “Obama Heads To Border To Push Amnesty”

  1. Petronius says:

    “Immigration reform can’t happen unless they cooperate.”

    But doesn’t the AP have this backwards? Isn’t the government supposed to represent the wishes of the American people? And not the other way around?

    An examination of America’s founding documents quickly reveals that the US government is based on a bottom-up approach. The government derives its legitimacy from the sovereignty of “We the people.” The US Constitution was viewed as the product of an agreement or “social contract.” This is presumably the case with all modern –– post-monarchical –– governments. These governments, including the Federal government of the United States, derive their authority from the consent of the governed.

    If this is so, then by what authority does Nerobama demand that we put the interests of foreign invaders (illegal aliens, uninvited migrants, undocumented workers, or whatever you want to call them) ahead of those of the American people?

    Surely such a “popular” government, founded on the sovereignty of the people, would want to preserve rather than abolish the rights and interests of the American people. But instead, as we see here in this article, precisely the opposite is happening. Instead, we have developed a top-down approach. The governors are demanding obedience from the people in flagrant disregard of their rights and interests.

    Is this not the very essence of tyranny?

  2. JohnMG says:

    Golly! Is the public already tired of hearing of Obama’s heroics vis-a-vis the bin Laden rub-out? Or does he think he’s riding a popular wave right now? What a shameless bastard he is, but by sleight of hand he keeps changing the subject and the MBM extends its role of cheerleader.

    We’re on the road to third world status. Even our paper money and coinage is beginning to look African. Change you can believe in??!! My ass!!!

  3. retire05 says:

    Interesting how the AP reports on a Pew Hispanic Research study showing how more Hispanics voted in the 2010 mid-term elections than in the 2008 elections, but didn’t bother to report that that same study showed that Hispanics voted for Republicans by 30% in 2008 but by 2010, the number of Hispanics voting Republican has risen to 38%. Anyone who follows voting trends understands that an 8% jump in two years is MAJOR.

    Texas is leading in the Hispanic jump to the GOP. We sent to D.C. two Hispanic Repubican Congressmen last year, one defeating ensconced Democrat, Chet Edwards, who Politico said was unbeatable. Bill Flores tromped Edwards. We also replaced Ciro Rodriquez with a Republican. Rodriquez, with the help of ACORN and LaRaza, had defeated Henry Bonilla, a rising star in the GOP. Now Ciro is gone. Thank God. Also, we have seen two state Congressmen, one a prominent Hispanic, jump the fence to join the GOP. And another prominent Tejano is running to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison and Cruz is gaining momentum in the TxGOP (although I am supporting Michael Williams of bow-tie fame).

    Obama surely sees what Pew sees; Hispanics, as they become more educated, are no longer buying into the mantra of the Democrats as they see their friends and neighbors lose their jobs. At least not in Texas.

    And give kudos to our governor, Rick Perry, who has refused to meet Obama in El Paso for nothing more than what would have been a photo op on the tarmac. Why should Perry kiss Obama’s ring? Obama has refused to declare our state a disaster area, in spite of the loss of over 2,000,000 acres to wild fires. No one can name another time when an administration has refused to grant “disaster” status to a state after it was requested by that state’s governor. Yet, Obama, who professes his love of Texas, did just that.

    Obama is in Texas to try to convince Hispanics to vote for him again. Having jobs might help him do that, but so far, the Hispanic community is suffering just like every one else. And with Cruz on the primary ballot in November, 2012, Hispanics, like blacks, will vote for their guy (although the black vote is more dedicated to the Dems than Hispanics are).

    Bottom line? Obama is in Texas looking for cash to help him reach his goal of $1 billion in his election coffers. That’s fine. What ever money he drains from stupid donors in Texas means there will be less money to defeat state Republicans in the upcoming 2012 elections. My guess is that there are even some Democrats who have their nose bent out of shape over Obama’s deliberate, and multiple, insults toward the Lone Star State.

    • Right of the People says:

      Don’t you know Texas must be punished for defying the One!

      Kudos to your governor for giving Barry the Bumbler the finger.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Yeah, you know, because it’s not like young people (at 25% unemployment) could use those labor jobs.

    And the largest percentage of small business start-ups are by immigrants and minority demographics? Who knew? Maybe it’s because banks are obliged to fund those ventures, meanwhile good luck getting any start-up equity if you’re not lucky enough to be in the protected class. And even if you do, not like you can survive long in many States’ tax and regulatory regimes either, especially over here on the Loony Left Coast.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Yes, because those ‘facts’ have any relevance to my point.

      In fact, the only figure that is interesting is that they are closing faster than anyone else. Could it possibly have been poor management or a sub-standard business plan with which to begin? No, it’s white corporate America’s fault that their businesses have such low prices and convenience that minority groups are trying to organize ‘support minority-owned businesses’ which are like those Wisconsin Unions trying to boycott non-supporters of corrupt thuggery.

      Looks like your still on your Racial Justice crusade, Confoolshus. That’s fine, but you ain’t gonna drag me into a race bait debate.

      Keep it classy and keep bringing Steve those hits!

    • canary says:

      confused, if you check out Obama’s new hiring perks, which businesses who hire a felon (they have it easiest with less paperwork than the other categories) a U.S. military vet (has it most difficult) whose been unemployeed for 4 months, on food stamps (easy one) never attended high school, etc. etc. the federal govt is paying 40% of the wages for that person to the company. My son who can’t get a job, because all the unspeaking Mexicans are getting it, even came home with a page to fill out. The strange part, was saying they would not share that information with anyone, when in fact they do have to share it with the federal government.

      Confused, you really need to get your chip off your shoulder playing the race card. This has to do with illegals in this country.

      as far as this remark you make

      “So stop chewing on your hair, Sybil. You and your other white European “immigrants” still dominate.”

      You really don’t know anyone’s heritage, and coming from European immigrants doesn’t mean you have white skin. And there is a big difference when this country was started, people died on the way.
      Died during the winters, illnesses, great hardships to make this country. And while I can mention immigrants who first came here fighting in wars for the U.S. against other countries for freedom, there is a big difference between from a time when people pioneered and those that wish to sneak or stay in this country illegally. We don’t owe the global world free borders to come and go. We are a country that practices freedom. It does not mean the U.S. is a for free country for everyone to come here and pack us like a can of sardines. We can’t provide for the world.

  5. Moose Breath says:

    This could be a winning political issue for Mr. Obama. It all depends on who the GOP nominates in 2012. Will it be a moderate who’s afraid of being called a ‘racist” by the left? Someone who’ll smile and nod and agree with Obama about the need for ‘immigration reform’? If so, it’s a total win: Lefties are happy, righties are demoralized, and indies think the incumbent’s position is reasonable.

    But if the GOP nominee is someone who’ll forcefully articulate the conservative viewpoint (which happens to be shared by the majority of Americans), they can own the issue. But it’ll take courage to face the manufactured heat.

    In spite of Mr. Obama’s low ratings and the economic decline, the GOP still needs an opponent who will draw a sharp contrast with him on every issue. Which is why the media wants to select a suitable opponent through push-polling and biased articles explaining who is or isn’t ‘electable’.

    Unfortunately for them, the ‘poor, stupid’ conservatives out there are much smarter than advertised.

    Game On, Mr. President.

  6. canary says:

    The Americans of El Paso can show Obama what they go through to keep their border safe. T
    The enormous civilian defensive network they have had to create and adhere to 24/7 (w/o the U.S. Military Army Bases help located there).

    El Paso has a 24/7 community watch to keep their border town safe, and keep the Mexican slaughtering and soccer balls with human faces sewn on them from rolling across the thing border into the U.S.

    It is written facts by Obama in Dreams his anger at Mexicans who fixed his car who couldn’t speak English, angering him coming to his office wanting amnesty; so angered his puppets had to hog tie him down, as it would not be good for politics.
    Upon returning to Chicago after Hartford and hearing complaints Mexicans were getting jobs. His own race of people telling him, don’t do anything about it, they are jobs the black man doesn’t want to do.

    His puppets, then the little girl translating for her illegal parents touched his heart. Obama said he’d make his own children learn Spanish. What? He’s had to have added Arabic and Chinese classes since way back then.

    Bush started this trend. McCain followed it, though McCain now says he is for border control because his people want it, and he works and does what his people in Arizona want.

    None of the earlier Republican leaders trends matter now, a decade later. The population of illegals doubling in a year. There is a time enough is enough.

    The illegal Mexicans have enough common since without knowing English, that they are not good for the U.S. They know getting all the free handouts. They know as in “easy sweatless jobs!” chain stores where all their fellow co-workers are Spanish and they wait on Americans who can not get jobs at these very stores.

    With no warning of the 9/11 flashes on television I have skipped to dumpy cable shows I’ve never watched. I have watched American generations of families do the most dangerous jobs of the land.
    Logging. Fishing the wild seas in Alaska. The stories of losing family to logs and waves. I guess these most dangerous jobs in America get little coverage because they are accused of being racist. Because I can’t help but notice all these “poor” white folks waiting to get paid for their hauls. Planting flowers at a site. Accidents in hospitals where a father has to through breathes tell his sons how to take over.

    We just had two shot by someone in my town. We are so suppose to be looking for suspects with no description given to us what so ever. All we need is the address to know yep, the apartments that the illegals have been having violence incidents for decades.

    It’s time for the illegals to thank America for their free educations in school and work, and go home to and wave their own flags and make their country better, even if it means fighting a civil war in Mexico.

    By God, when the media reports 40% want an Independent
    candidate; scary, then it’s time for the Republicans to hear the voices of the American people. If the Republicans don’t’ fight for the laws in the U.S.A. they will not cease to exist in this country. There will not be another chance.

  7. xdannyh says:

    Here is my wonderment: as political savvy as bho is: did he plan for a hispanic to focal pointed in his “gutsy call” episode? did something happen to derail the tie in to the great texas amnesty ballyhoo?

  8. canary says:

    Obama just lied through his teeth that the fence was built and more boots on the ground than ever.
    The republicans want alligators in the moat, and even that won’t satisfy them.

    Herman Cain is on Glenn Beck (Beck’s in Israel and has a gust) and Herman Cain not only pointed out that Obama was totally out of touch, and more hard knocks.

    DHS Napilitano was on Greta awhile back, and spoke at length, that the fence would never be finished because it was a bad and costly idea.

    Herman Cain said it means more guarding our borders than that’s what we have to do or we will end up having the same problems Mexico has.

    And Cain said it was outrageous for the government to sue Arizona. And we need to get the illegals out.

    Another weak guest brought up the economy and we need the Mexicans and impossible to make them leave our country.

    Get the illegals out of the country and cut the unemployment, and you can bet people will farm and cut The Mexicans nod their heads “si si” no matter what you say, and they can’t even measure and cut lumber right. They harming the quality of workmanship being done in the U.S. And they are doing work on houses like foundation work, and screwing it all up. And that’s the least of the problems.

  9. canary says:

    Lefty, I have no idea what city you live in, what planet you live on, what neighborhood you live in, what job you do, but you are nuts if you don’t see the illegal’s ongoing economical & gang damage during the last few years, that the people of America have begged to stop as Obama not only refuses to do, but punishes anyone that tries to control the problem. If you don’t think out children’s education suffer, when extra aid- teachers are required to teach children English and school work, or the costs of feeding them,
    giving medical care, the cost to law enforcement, the prisons more dangerous than ever because of the Mexican gangs growing in them, all a cost to the taxpayer.
    Forget border states. The illegals are moving to Utah where marriage at young age is more acceptable and law enforcement turns a blind eye to the illegal Mexican men seducing 13 year old girls, getting them pregnant, having some of the Mormon church pull religion and pressuring them into marriage, so the child is not stigmatized without a legal father. I am no exaggerating what the illegal will do to get green cards, and the police in other states would arrest any man who impregnated a 13 year old girl. And who pays for these families.

    Can you give any insight as to why you see no problem in the economy from these factors, yet alone gang danger.
    Focus on today’s problem. We shouldn’t ignore today’s problems nor continue nothing under a guise we deserve it.
    Nip it in the bud now.

    Lefty, if you rode into the U.S. on a donkey, don’t feel hurt. The U.S. needs to crack down on the camel jocks coming and going like ants. The U.S.A. needs to get off this b.s. phase in educating American to others’ cultures, traditions, dress, art, etc. If someone wants to study that on their own time, fine, but all this propaganda to learn other countries out of date backwards traditions and use of outhouses is a waste of money in our school, museums, communities, government, religion. Forget playtime, siesta & fiesta, it’s time to tighten our belts, and tighten our borders. You idiot Hezbollah is coming into the U.S. from Mexico. Secret tunnels.
    Nothing, nothing, will satisfy the likes of you. Nothing is enough. You’ve gotten enough.

  10. canary says:

    Lefty? “Osama DID.” ? Osama did what?

  11. Liberals Demise says:

    I’ll be your ‘Huckleberry’, Lefty!
    I cringe at the fact that not once in your diatribe did you call Latin Immigrants
    what they truly are; ILLEGAL BORDER JUMPERS!!
    Leeches on American society and unwanted parasites.
    Plain and simple without all the hubbub you care to toss in.

  12. DW says:

    To answer your question, Lefty, no one is afraid to let your voice be heard. Those provisions are in place to allow YOU to edit your comment or request it be deleted.
    These are useful in the case of correcting spelling mistakes or editing a comment for clarity or to get rid of a post in the event you inadvertently posted it twice or wrote something so ridiculous that you later on decide you just want it to go away.

    Did you really need this to be explained to you?

    (EDIT: Just used it myself, in fact!)

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I guess “Pancho” wasn’t there to fill him in on the details.

  14. proreason says:

    some of these nuts really believe this stuff.

    This one must have a really big problem with drooling.

  15. proreason says:

    lefty isn’t the sharpest tack in the box

  16. BigOil says:

    Stuck on stupid.

    Note that despite DW’s generous tutorial, Lefty has not managed to remove his post. Some people just can’t be helped.

  17. gipper says:

    “They [Latin immigrants] did not foul nature, pollute the air and water…”

    Really? Just take a look at the damage done by the immigrants from a U.S. Government website:


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