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Obama Heckled By Blacks At Florida Rally

From YouTube and the Palm Beach Post:

What about the black community, Obama?

By Michael C. Bender | Friday, August 1, 2008

Three young men — who received special seating in the camera-friendly area directly behind Barack Obama (and just a few rows behind former gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis — just disrupted the candidate’s opening stump speech by holding up a banner reading, “What about the black community, Obama?” and chanting something inaudible.

The banner included a Web site for UhuruNews.com, which calls itself the “online voice of the international African revolution.”

The disruption caused Obama to stop his speech and the rest of the audience to shout down the three by responding with their own chant, “Yes we can.”

After about two minutes, Obama restored order, telling the men they’d get a chance to ask a question in the Q&A portion of the townhall meeting.

“You’re feisty here in St. Pete,” Obama said.

Such questioning of the Anointed One cannot be allowed.

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