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Obama Helps McCain Become Natural Born

From the Washington Post:

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) hand wrote her legislative fix on a yellow legal pad, which she delivered to the Senate clerk, to ensure that any persons born to U.S. citizens serving in the Armed Services while stationed abroad qualify to become president of the United States.

Obama Backs Law Helping McCain

By Shailagh Murray

FT. WORTH, Texas — Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign announced he would co-sponsor legislation introduced yesterday by his political ally Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill to ensure that John McCain can become president, even though he was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

The issue of McCain’s eligibility was raised in a New York Times article noting the constitutional requirement that a U.S. president be a “natural-born citizen” had never been fully defined.

The McCaskill bill, submitted immediately after she scrawled it onto a notepad on the Senate floor in response to the Times story, would establish the eligibility of anyone born to a U.S. citizen who is serving overseas as an active or reserve members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Arizona senator’s father was a Navy officer serving in the Canal Zone when McCain was born there in 1936.

“Senator McCain has earned the right to be his party’s nominee, and no loophole should prevent him from competing in this campaign,” said Obama.

Legislative wizards Barack Obama and Claire MCaskill

May Allah preserve us from such preposterous pig ignorance.

Mind you, St. Obama pretends to be a Constitutional scholar.

Of course we have debunked this errant nonsense already. As anyone with an internet connection or a library card can do in a few minutes.

But, still, they has better pass this law through quickly, so as to legitimatize these gentlemen:


Who, alas, were all born on British soil, and we now know, were thereby unqualified to hold the office of the Presidency.

Heck, they weren’t even born to US citizens.

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