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Obama Hijacked Tech Meeting To Pitch O-Care

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Obama ‘hijacks’ tech executive meeting to make ‘PR pitch’ on Obamacare website fix instead of dealing with NSA surveillance

By David Martosko | 17 December 2013

During a White House meeting called to brief America’s largest tech companies today about government overreach in electronic surveillance, President Barack Obama changed the subject – angering some meeting participants by shifting gears to address the failed launch of healthcare.gov.

‘That wasn’t what we came for,’ a vice-president of a company whose CEO attended told MailOnline. ‘We really didn’t care for a PR pitch about how the administration is trying to salvage its internal health care tech nightmare.’

It could have been worse. Obama could have made these tech execs watch one of the crappy videos from his OFA propaganda team. And he could have made them promise they would bring up Obama-Care with their relatives over Christmas.

One executive said that meeting participants were dead-set against straying from the principal focus of the meeting – the uncomfortable and legally untenable position they are in when the National Security Agency demands access to their digital records.

The White House said in advance that the meeting would include a discussion of healthcare.gov, but the company executive said the only subject that mattered to the participants was the NSA.

‘He basically hijacked the meeting,’ the executive said. ‘We all told the White House that we were only there to talk about what the NSA was up to and how it affects us.’

Yet Obama, according to insiders, repeatedly peppered the discussion with reassuring words about how the Affordable Care Act’s marquee website was well on its way to becoming functional.

The change was so noticeable that an AFP/Getty photographer assigned to cover the event noted in a photo caption only that Obama was there to ‘meet with executives from leading tech companies to discuss progress with healthcare.gov.’

One executive of a company represented at the meeting told The Guardian that a change of focus ‘is not going to happen. We are there to talk about the NSA.’

Well, to be fair, the Guardian probably knows more about what’s going on at NSA than Obama does.

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One Response to “Obama Hijacked Tech Meeting To Pitch O-Care”

  1. canary says:

    I think he was informing the NSA surveillance they will spy on American citizens through the Obama Care surveillance system. They will need to hire the likes of felons and ACORN to pick up the slack of job creations for their company.

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