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Obama Lies About Katrina On WH Website

From the Politico:

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New White House site slams Bush

By ANDY BARR | 1/20/09

The new White House website unveiled by President Barack Obama’s team Tuesday includes a shot at former President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

Under the “agenda” portion of the site regarding Katrina, it reads: “President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He and Vice President Biden will take steps to ensure that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.”

President Obama swiftly responded to Hurricane Katrina,” the statement on the site continues. “Citing the Bush Administration’s ‘unconscionable ineptitude’ in responding to Hurricane Katrina, then-Senator Obama introduced legislation requiring disaster planners to take into account the specific needs of low-income hurricane victims.”

The site also points out that Obama “visited thousands of Hurricane survivors in the Houston Convention Center and later took three more trips to the region” and worked with the Congressional Black Caucus to help rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina

So much for Mr. Obama’s “post-partisan politics.” The man is such a “unifier.”

Of course this entry, like most of the agenda items on the White House site, has just been copied and pasted from the Obama campaign site.

(By the way, Mr. Obama is still promising to hold direct negotiations with Iran “without preconditions.”)

Still, what a crass thing to do. Not to mention that it also has the benefit of being completely mendacious.

But what else can one expect from a Chicago machine politician thug? Lies are mother’s milk to him.

(We have posted the screen capture from the White House site, in case the Obama people decide to disappear it, as they have done it the past.)


The new administration is wasting no time in reworking the White House website to reflect Mr. Obama’s pomposity and overweening sense of self-importance:

(Click to enlarge)

WhiteHouse.gov will be a central part of President Obama’s pledge to make his the most transparent and accountable administration in American history.

They are transparent all right.

(Thanks to BillK for the update.)

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

33 Responses to “Obama Lies About Katrina On WH Website”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    My short-term memory may not be so great today (been zapping job applications all over the place—anyone need a decent writer?), but I seem to recall some pretty bad flooding in the Midwest last year and those people weren’t whining and crying and waiting for the federal government to save them …

    Could it have been the majority of the population in that area wasn’t/isn’t sucking on the teat of government, waiting for the check that is no doubt in the mail?

    Perhaps the whole New Orleans/Katrina stuff is God’s way of saying not to build on a flood plain or low ground?

    • jobeth says:

      Your right. I was living and working in a hospital in Charleston SC when Hugo came thru. We had massive damages. I even lost my barings when going home in the morning after the storm. So many lost their homes and water flooded the entire lower peninsular. The entire shore line was flooded and towns were underwater.

      People helped each other get back on their feet and hardly any help came. Red Cross was one long line and piles of paper work to get help. Salvation Army was wonderful People just pitched in.
      We all got thru it by pulling together. Black and white. No one had the “gimme”, “you have to fix it for me” attitude.

      The LOCAL government told us to “get out” and people did. Only emergency and hospital workers stayed.

      Odd how one community can survive and another has to be “taken care of”.

    • jobeth says:

      Sorry – tried to correct my spelling and hit it twice.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Sorry you’re looking for a job, it’s literally every day I hear of someone else I know joining the unemployed. I remember the flooding last summer also, which got hardly any mention in the news. Also, why isn’t Obama citing these bills he “introduced.” Of course a quick search at thomas.loc.gov shows he sponsored I think two bills in the 109th Congress out of 368 that in some way referred to Katrina, and none in the 110th. Everything else he was a co-sponsor on.

      In the 110th he sponsored one bill that became a law, about prohibiting the sale of mercury(?) and in 109th another about the relief of the people in the Congo. The only Katrina related bill I could find he cosponsored that passed either the House or Senate was S.RES.233, “A resolution expressing the condolences of the Nation to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, sponsored by Frist with 99 cosponsors.

      In other words I can’t find any of his Katrina/Hurricane legislation going somewhere, but I reserve the right to be wrong.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Jo…..you keep looking for that job! I was unemployed from March until last Wednesday when Fate smiled on me and now I know the enjoyment of work once again. I took a pay cut but what the hell……its a job!! Good Luck my FRIEND!!

    • jobeth says:

      @ Annonmoose

      The mercury comment caught my eye. Was that passed? Interesting that the “new” “green approved” curly lightbulb has mercury in it.

      Always thought that was interesting. “Green” mercury. If you drop one do you have to call in hazmat?

      Oh and by the way…those things are slow to warm up and so you tend to leave them on all the time instead of on/off as you enter and leave a room. And you can’t use a dimmer on them so get used to bright light dinners.

      Candles cause global warming remember

    • Anonymoose says:

      Title: A bill to prohibit the sale, distribution, transfer, and export of elemental mercury, and for other purposes.
      Sponsor: Sen Obama, Barack [IL] (introduced 3/15/2007) Cosponsors (5)
      Related Bills: H.R.1534
      Latest Major Action: Became Public Law No: 110-414 [GPO: Text, PDF]
      Senate Reports: 110-477

    • jobeth says:

      @ anonnymoose

      Umm. Wonder what all that really means. I will have to look at that bill. Thanks for the heads up.

      But I am wondering right now just how this will work in ref to the light bulbs. I hate those new things. They are dangerous. We plan on stocking up on the old ones. :-D

    • jobeth says:

      @ Annonymoose

      You can’t believe the clean up on these things. Too long for this forum and off topic.

      I read the summary of the bill and it speaks of elemental mercury but you still have to have it however small to make these things work.

      I understand that these bulbs will be manditory in a few years but so is the mercury bill…By 2013.

      Oh boy…just our government at work…I’m sure Obama will fix it all…NOT!

    • wardmama4 says:

      The whole (and left out of all stories Katrina) point is that those who have nothing, lost nothing and don’t get any rebuilt homes and/or if you are a renter or welfare queen (or king) – whose going to replace your WHAT (it ain’t yours buddy)?!? It amazes me that anyone is not asking how someone who had nothing is suing for a gazillion dollars – at all. And of course here is the other dirty little secret that I’ve only seen once – it wasn’t the hurricane that killed the Big Easy – it was the flooding – and if you don’t have flood insurance (and I can only imagine how freakin expensive it is in below sea level beach front area) so they aren’t getting any financial help at all –

      I guess this is The One’s ™ first backdoor attempt at reparations.

      I also guess The One’s inability and/or un-willingness to sponsor any bills – is the main reason that the Obamamedia didn’t ask and/or report on his 143 days in the Senate. Maybe then American’s would know exactly how inexperienced the man is.

  2. TickTock says:

    I began to send an email to the “White House” and take them to task for their denigration of President Bush, but then I stopped.

    A wise man once told me, “Don’t bring attention to yourself or they’ll come after you.”

    This is the first time in 57 years that I actually believe such a thing could happen in my America… Now I realize this isn’t the America I’ve loved for a lifetime. That America exists only in my mind…

    If I tell my wife what I saw on the White House site she’d just start crying again…

    • 1sttofight says:

      Another wise man said”don’t argue with Idiots”.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Ya know TickTock…this present government and mercury light bulbs have a lot in common! They are not necessary , they cant be adjusted, they are trying to replace something that worked a whole lot better, they are supported by ignorant liberals, they are dangerous, poisonous to humans, and they are impossible to clean up once they are broken. Yeah, the only difference is at least the mercury bulbs shine light….our photon challenged democrat government is the harbinger of the “new order”…each according to his ability, each according to his need.

    • jobeth says:


      Your comment may have been directed at me.

      Great analogy!

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Anyone remember Mayor Nagen declaring God wanted N.O. to be “Chocolate Town”?
    Now really…….this isn’t how you pull a nation together. This is the “Great Divide” and there is gonna be alot of this soon!!
    Correct me if I’m wrong but building below sealevel makes “NO SENSE” and doing so again only invites stupidity to rule. As the great and wonderful Bill Cosby said in one of his early comedy routines, “How long can you tread water?”

    • Steve says:

      “Anyone remember Mayor Nagen declaring God wanted N.O. to be “Chocolate Town”?”

      Nagin: New Orleans Must Remain “Chocolate” | Sweetness & Light

      But, alas, he didn’t stop there:

      Mayor Nagin: “We Need To Be The Ex-Lax” | Sweetness & Light

    • Confucius says:

      Nagin is an idiot. Everyone (else) knows chocolate and water don’t mix.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Just returned yesterday from the Crescent City and the people I spoke with are sick and tired of Chocolate Nagin – he will be out soon according to most. And the same folks said Bobby J. is doing good, honest work, as well!

      And, for what it’s worth, they have really cleaned up the Vieux Carre – it’s almost too nice! (lol) I’m serious, though – they sweep and deodorize the place each night – in the morning, you can still see the bubbles in the gutters. Nice.

      p.s. just saw the link to the above article on Yahoo! and they called the bios ‘candid’. Candid? Indeed. And seditious…

  4. Odie44 says:

    Obama acted so swiftly… he pushed through gov. legislation.

    Based on my calculations, Obama has admitted to being a week behind Bush.

    Very interesting indeed.

    I suggest next Wed all the “displaced” dole benefitters regroup at the Super Dome and try Katrina 2.0. Whether or not people are “rescued” within 12 hours or 78 hours will still have zero effct on the filth, gang violence and recouped so-called “wealth” that exists today.

    NO is nothing more than a stinky frat house, even the Ritz reeked…

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Having gone through Hurricane Andrew many years ago it amazes me how different the response was to each disaster. While there was a bit of grumbling here and there regarding the governments slow response, most people who crawled out of the rubble in south Florida didn’t sit on their hands and wait for Uncle Sam to bail them out. They immediately set to work in salvaging what they could from their homes and shooting at the occasional groups of looters. And when the national guard did arrive on scene (and they were there just a few hours after the hurricane had passed) they weren’t going door to door forcibly removing occupants from their homes, nor confiscating their weapons as mayor Ray Nagin and his corrupt bastards did in New Orleans. It’s a classic case of those who survive and get on with their lives and prosper because of their self-sufficiency as opposed to those who wail and moan and don’t do a thing to pick themselves up.

    • onapalehorse says:

      12Ga. – Have family in Key West that went through the storm. It was brutal by all accounts and YES – they picked themselves right up and started rebuilding. Matter of fact – they had nice things to say about FEMA’s help and all .

      But the fact of the matter is that they started cleaning up right away, getting their stuff in order, rebuilding , etc. It is those make or break moments that define people. Key West succeeded with flying colors ( no pun intended ) and N.O. just failed miserably.

  6. bill says:

    It’s going to be four years of jive talk, get used to it.

  7. BillK says:

    Gotta love the WH propaganda site.

    There of course is no truth, only what the MSM and Obama want you to know.

  8. Flession says:

    My memory is recalling about when Obama and Biden both voted for the Bridge to Nowhere…especially the second time when they were trying to defer the funds to help fix some bridges down in New Orleans.

    Glad to see he’s still keeping a objective mind about things.

  9. oldswimcoach says:

    I was stationed at Camp Shelby, MS. and one of our duties was disaster response and military support to FEMA (transportation assets etc. – federal military operations are limited by law). Planning times are as follows: 24-48 hours is local government response. Sometime between 24-48 hours up to 72 hours the state government has response requirements. 72 hours and after FEMA takes over the disaster response.

    Guess what – the federal government met that response timeline. It was the utter failure of the state and local governments response that was criminally negligient. They have responsibilty for little things like evacuation planning and execution, police and fire support, national guard mobilization (if the Feds mobilize the guard then they are Federal troops and pick up the same limitations we have on active status) etc. etc.

    Also, the levies were funded by federal grants that the state of LA would divert to the general fund in state budgets. I have no idea where the money was spent, but it didn’t go into levy upgrades and maintenance.

    The only thing the Feds truely did wrong was firing the FEMA chief for LA state and local government failures.

  10. BillK says:


    Check out the new White House home page.


    • 1sttofight says:

      All that is missing is the “Donate Here” button.

    • Barbie says:

      Life is funny. One day there’s a real President and Vice President in the White House, and the next day they’ve been replaced by a thug and a dullard… (p.s. Sorry, I didn’t mean to post my comment here. I was responding to the article on the new Whitehouse.gov website. Don’t know what happened..)

  11. Media_man says:

    Katrina was never anything more than the liberals playing the race card to gin up phony MSM outrage for a scandel that was almost completely the fault of New Orleans & Louisiana governmental incompetence, both of which were controlled by the Democrats at the time.

    It’s telling that the Obama administration will continue with this race-baiting.

    So much for the post-racial President.

  12. hawksrule says:

    Umm, I know the Inauguration was a big deal yesterday, but isn’t it odd to feature a pic of Capitol Hill as the main image on the WhiteHouse.Gov Web site?

    As to the Katrina stuff – hey, that’s not so bad. He’s still pushing for us to sign a SoFA with Iraq. Which of course is already done. Guess they mothballed the Obama site in November and never bothered to update it when they turned the WhiteHouse site into his personal fantasyland.

    Say, has anyone found any solicitations for funds on the site yet?

  13. VMAN says:

    Let’s see if I can add something constructive to the discussion. This guy is scum! No wait, he would have to stand on a step ladder to reach the slimy under belly of scum! No wait, calling him scum is an insult to scum! Thank you for your kind attention.

  14. geaux607 says:

    The Mississippi Gulf Coast was hit by a natural disaster called Katrina. New Orleans was hit by a man made disaster. There is nothing natural about the levys, they keep nature out. If the core of engineers had done the proper upkeep NO would not have had the major promblems it had. The people of the Gulf Coast picked themselves up and started rebuilding immediately, they did not wait for the calvary. The government was the extra help not the primary.

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