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Obama: I’m Eye Candy, Attacks Were Terrorism

From the Politico:

Obama: I’m ‘eye candy’ for women of ‘The View’

By JOSH GERSTEIN | Monday Sept 24, 2012

NEW YORK—President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bantered playfully and held hands Monday during a taping of the female-oriented talk show, "The View," giving no indication of second thoughts about the appearance despite criticism that the president was blowing off international diplomacy in order to take part in the often-fluffy daytime gabfest.

"I told folks I’m just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys," President Obama said during a back-and-forth about him being the only man on the program…

So Obama went on ‘The View’ and bantered playfully and held hands with Michelle. In other words they did and said all of the things that the focus groups told them they needed to say to appeal to the show’s brain dead female viewers.

Except Obama probably wasn’t supposed to say that he is only "eye candy." That was probably meant to be more like a stage direction. But Obama read the line out loud, anyway.

Of course the sad fact of the matter is that Mr. Obama is just ‘eye candy’ as President, too.

The first lady played along by letting the audience in—just a tad—on their relationship and even some of their marital spats.

"He’s very loving, he’s very giving. He’s very open. He’s funny; I’m funnier," Mrs. Obama said when asked to describe her husband’s personality.

We don’t know Obama’s personality by now? Maybe it’s time we hear about something besides his personality.

Asked whether her husband ever gets angry, she replied: "Yeah, yeah, he does. I can make him mad — any number of ways." "By being thoroughly unreasonable," the president jumped in, smiling, according to a pool report…

Gosh they are so cute together! We must have another four years of this.

"The View" program the Obamas taped Monday is set to air Tuesday, taking the first couple in front of a politically-coveted heavily-female audience six weeks before the November election.

God help our country.

Meanwhile, we have a few more details from Obama’s historic appearance, from The Hill:

Obama: ‘No doubt’ attack on US Consulate in Libya was terrorism

By Amie Parnes | Monday Sept 24, 2012

NEW YORK – President Obama said Monday “there’s no doubt” that the attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya earlier this month “wasn’t just a mob action.”

In an interview with ABC’s "The View," Obama — who is in New York to address the United Nations General Assembly — was asked if the Benghazi assault was indeed terrorism.

"There’s no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault, that it wasn’t just a mob action,” Obama said…

Notice that Obama picked ‘The View’ as the best venue to finally admit that the attack on the US consulate in Libya was terrorism. Apparently, David Letterman or Pimp With A Limp were not serious enough forums for this announcement. Or maybe this fact just became ‘self-evident’ to him.

In the sit-down, sitting beside first lady Michelle Obama, the president explained that while there are “extremist strains” in the the Muslim world, the majority of Muslims “want the same things that families here want.

“They want opportunity, kids want an education, they want jobs, they want peace,” he said.

That is obvious. Just look at any Muslim country. All you see are people striving to live in peace.

He also suggested that the best response to an inflammatory anti-Islam video posted online originally blamed for the attacks [sic] was to simply ignore it.

Note how now it’s the video "originally blamed for the attacks." So even The Hill has finally gotten up to speed.

"The best way to marginalize that kind of speech is to ignore it. You don’t make yourself bigger by putting other people down," Obama said…

Except Obama has done everything but ignore it. He has blamed it at every turn. But it’s not the first time Obama has ‘shot first and aimed later.’

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5 Responses to “Obama: I’m Eye Candy, Attacks Were Terrorism”

  1. geronl says:

    Now it’s terrorism, he’s almost 2 weeks behind on this issue.

    He’ll still blame the video though, cretin


  2. Reality Bytes says:

    I would have gone man whore but that’s me; semantics I guess.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    I agree you remind me of something Hershey colored …

  4. untrainable says:

    …the majority of Muslims “want the same things that families here want.
    I’m not clear which American families want to wipe Israel off the map and kill all non-muslims until the entire world operates under sharia law. Must be a west coast thing.

  5. ilzito guacamolito says:

    A lot of estrogen on that stage.

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