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Obama: IN Planned Parenthood Ban Illegal

From Fox News:

Obama Administration Calls Indiana’s Ban of Planned Parenthood Illegal

Published June 01, 2011 | FoxNews.com

The Obama administration has declared Indiana’s new law that withholds some public funding for Planned Parenthood of Indiana illegal and is warning other states that some of their Medicaid funding will be in jeopardy too if they pass legislation barring any qualified health care provider.

What thugs these people are. But after all, those babies aren’t going to kill themselves.

In a letter sent to Indiana’s Medicaid director, Medicaid Administrator Donald M. Berwick said Indiana’s plan will improperly bar beneficiaries from receiving services. Federal law requires Medicaid beneficiaries to be able to obtain services from any qualified provider.

"Medicaid programs may not exclude qualified health care providers from providing services that are funded under the program because of a provider’s scope of practice," Berwick wrote in a letter to Patricia Cassanova, the director of Indiana’s office of Medicaid Policy and Planning. "Such a restriction would have a particular effect on beneficiaries’ ability to access family planning providers."

Indiana’s law bars Planned Parenthood offices in the state from receiving federal money because it provides abortions, among other services.

Lest we forget, we were told Obama-Care would never be used to force states into funding abortions, either.

Indiana should change its plan to conform with federal law, or the state could face penalties, the letter said, noting that Indiana has 60 days to appeal. In the past, state Medicaid plans that did not conform with federal law have been changed by states before HHS enforced any penalties.

Are ‘sanctuary’ cities and states punished by having any government (taxpayer) money withheld? If not, why not?

And is it too late to establish sanctuary cities and states for babies?

In addition to Berwick’s letter, the Department of Health and Human Services also posted a notice on Wednesday to other interested parties that sought to make clear that the department would take a dim view of similar efforts to ban specific providers from federal funds


The HHS notice, written by Cindy Mann, the director of the Center for Medicaid, CHIP and Survey & Certification, emphasizes that states may bar providers from participating in Medicaid in certain circumstances, such as if a provider is committing fraud or criminal acts

You see, by the administration’s lights, preventing illegal aliens from taking our jobs and abusing our social services would be a criminal act. Whereas killing the unborn is not.

Federal law prohibits using any federal funds, including Medicaid funding, to provide abortions. While Planned Parenthood provides abortion services, it also provides other services such as preventative care, cancer screenings, and family planning and is eligible to receive Medicaid funding for its other services

And that fools everybody. Government funding is not fungible. And never mind the obvious fact that people only go to Planned Parenthood to plan their un-parenthood.

In reality, Planned Parenthood has only two missions: 1) kill babies and 2) launder taxpayer dollars for the Democrat Party.

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23 Responses to “Obama: IN Planned Parenthood Ban Illegal”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    WHAT A JOKE of a country America is! Governments crushing citizens’ rights, then posture about whose turf it is to crush each others’ rights.

    Just a further reminder that, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Mithrandir – the 13th Amendment, amigo.

      Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

      More people today know the coined legalism “word of art” (or) “term of art”. But for those who don’t term of art is a legalistic legislative sleight of hand by which words in common usage are corrupted into ‘terms’ that can be imbued with any meaning the legislatures choose. Words have common usage. Terms have specialized meanings.

      Bob can mean kitten. Steak can mean river and savings can mean more spending. Abortion can mean freedom and “must” can mean “may”.

      It’s why Title 26 of the US Code (taxation and the IRS) is nearly uninterpretable. Many of the words in common usage in Title 26 have been altered into terms of art and are imbued legislatively with wholly contrary meanings to their common understanding. Must can mean if you choose to. May can mean mandatory and income can mean whatever the hell the Examiner chooses it to mean. There’re no goal posts and no solid ground. It’s all pudding and grey area. By design.

      So, taking up your refrain …YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS … not to play Teacher, but allow me to direct your attention to Amendment number thirteen to the US Constitution –

      “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude”

      Do you see the sleight of hand in that critically definitive phrase? It’s involuntary servitude.

      Next time you sign your Federal Income tax forms, please notice the thoughtful note appended to your signature. “Thank you for voluntarily complying” etc etc


      The 13th Amendment did not disallow Voluntary Servitude.

      As our currency became a product of private creation & distribution, and the banks that own those rights by the owning the Federal Reserve needed a way to guarantee repayment of the debts incurred for printing our currency for us, and lending it to us, the Internal Revenue Service has the unique roll of enforcing the CONTRACT LAW appurtenant to entering into usage of the product offered by these banks. It’s their money, so it’s their contract for using their money. Using their money means you tacitly agree to the terms of Contract for that usage. Their money, their rules.

      When it was our money, printed without cost of interest by our Treasury, none of this mattered.

      Use their money you will abide by their Contact for use. Their money, their rules. And the Constitution recognizes and protects Contract possibly more than any other enumerated freedom. because only free men can voluntarily enter into Contracts.

      Thus, your voluntary servitude is duly noted, and completely legal under the 13th Amendment.

      (which is ultimately a total load of bovine scatology, but this is the way Law thinks, and the way Law acts)

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Obama and Thug Monkeys really loathe us.
    Infringing on a States’ sovereign rights.
    Here is where things will boil over if Obamao continues to run “RAMROD”
    over individual State’s.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    I hope Steve doesn’t mind, but I’m stealing this …

    “Planned Parenthood has only two missions: 1) kill babies and 2) launder taxpayer dollars for the Democrat Party.”

    ,,, and going to see if Cafe Press will let me start up an account for coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.

    (Of course they won’t)

  4. untrainable says:

    I thought the word “illegal” had been outlawed by the regime. If they’re going to continue to use it, they need to tell us what the new meaning is. Us poor schlubs out here in the real world are having trouble confusing “new speak” with the english definitions of words.

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    ” their Medicaid funding will be in jeopardy”

    Last time I checked extortion was still illegal, but then again so was violating the War Powers Act. But if they withhold government payouts, the state should block the federal government from levying federal taxes on individuals and businesses in that state. If you stop receiving a service you should stop paying for it. Too bad nobody in state government has the balls to take on King Obama.

  6. BillK says:

    The federal funding “ban” is a complete joke.

    Remember that federal cash can be used to build, maintain, buy equipment for and generally completely subsidize abortion facilities as long as it doesn’t pay the doctor for the procedure itself.

  7. tranquil.night says:

    We all know McDonald’s has Statist crosshairs targetting them lately, so I’m thinking they should join the Pro-Choice movement and start building restaurants inside every PP, because everybody knows how bad those wait times are and how hungry you get after unloading your stomach like that. There can be novelty T-Shirts for sale that say “Today’s to-do list: 1. Kill a baby. 2. Eat a burger. My Choice. McDonalds-Planned Parenthood; South Bend, IN.”


    (Edit: supposed to be a reply to GBJ as I clearly lifted his joke premise).

  8. artboyusa says:

    Men admire him, women desire him, everyone thinks he’s totally great, especially if they don’t live in America! Its BARACK OBAMA, starring in “A Rose by Any Other…”!

    “You want me to change my NAME?”

    “That would be correct, Mr President. As your Head of Marketing it’s my duty to report that our current polling indicates widespread dissatisfaction and, um, disappointment with Brand Obama among persons of voting age who are likely to vote. We feel a complete rebranding, including a new hairstyle, wardrobe, back story and change of name, is urgently required in the lead up to 2012.”

    “Uh huh. Well, let me make this crystal clear, Brad: I’m a proud Indonesio-Hawaiinian-Chicaga-Kenya-merican. And, apparently, I’m Irish too. It would take some pretty low poll numbers to make me even consider tampering with my, um, complicated, obscure and curiously hard-to-get-specific-details-about-family heritage”.

    “These are the latest numbers here, sir”.

    “Oh…I see. Oh. Okay. Well, I’ve never been immune to positive change. What name did you have in mind?”

    “We offered our focus groups a range of possible alternative monikers, sir: Rock Strongo, Clint Hardwood, Leader B. Awesome, Abraham Washington Kennedy, Napoleon Dynamite Superfly…”

    “I like that one”.

    “Um, that one only did well in certain inner city demographics, sir. Did much less well elsewhere; even worse than ‘Willy Horton’”.

    “Okay, let’s cut to the chase. According to your research my new name should be…?”

    “Kevin Scott”.

    “WHAT? ‘Kevin Scott’ – that’s terrible! What will my wife Michelle and our daughters Diptheria and Malaria say?”

    “That would be your wife Betty Lou and daughters Caroline and John John, sir. According to our latest polling”.

    “Good grief. ‘Kevin Scott’ –where’d you get that one from?”

    “It’s actually the name John Belushi said he was going to use when he went to Hollywood, sir. Humorous, apparently, in intention but it polled surprisingly well, especially with the vital SUJO demographic”.


    “Smug Urban Jerk Offs, sir. Your key fans and supporters. Them and the watchdog media”.

    “Oh. Them. And they all think I should be, um, President Kevin Scott, huh?”

    “Slam dunk, sir. No brainer. If you want to be President for life, it’s what you need to do”.

    “Uh huh. I prefer ‘President Forever’. And would this name change qualify as a ‘gutsy call’, do you think?”

    “Yes sir, sir! It would be a bold step away from the tired old Brand Obama to the sexy, action packed, exciting and voter friendly Brand Kevin”.

    “You really think so?”

    “Definitely…President Scott”.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Art, baby – that’s beeyutiful

    • artboyusa says:

      Uh oh! It’s BARACK OBAMA, returning for Part Two of “A Rose by Any Other…”! includes the punchline accidentally left off yesterday’s post*

      “…And would this name change qualify as a ‘gutsy call’, do you think?”

      “Yes sir, sir! It would be a bold step away from the tired old Brand Obama to the sexy, action packed, exciting and voter friendly Brand Kevin”.

      “You really think so?”

      “Definitely…President Scott”.

      “Hey, call me Kevin” smiled President Obama*.

      “Very good, sir. Hahaha. I’ll set the machinations in motion”.

      “You do that, Brad” said Obama. “I’m just gonna catch up on the news and go for a run before my meeting.”

      “Meeting, sir?”

      “Yeah. Some Middle Eastern thing – I couldn’t get out of it. Anyway, thanks Brad”.

      “It’s an honor to serve in your administration, sir”.

      “I know. Later, Brad”.

      President Scott, I mean Obama – clicked on the enormous TV and the gleaming face of Fox News anchor Kymmie Blonde filled the screen.

      “Sarah Palin’s Rolling Ego tour rolled into Concord, Massachusetts today” trilled Kymmie. “The former Alaska governor and Fox News contributor, who gave up her governorship halfway through her term to take up a new career in show business, is on a nationwide bus tour of American historical sites to raise national awareness of the status of her chest and about her extensive collection of shoes.

      “Palin first visited the site of the original Charleston Chew factory outside Boston before continuing to Concord where she spoke before a media throng hundreds strong –hey, that rhymes – and a couple of locals who were out walking their dogs. Here’s some of what she had to say…”

      President Scott’s eyes narrowed and his ears swelled to even greater size. Here was his rival and she had his full attention.

      “…And so it was” barked Palin “that on a hot July day in 1976 two armies, one in blue and one in grey, stood shoulder to shoulder and face to face here at the tiny Pennsylvania hamlet of Lexington and Concord and fired the shot heard ‘round the world and so brought forth a new nation, with liberty and justice and amber waves of grain for all. That great nation, which I’m so proud to call home and so proud, so very proud, to serve in my capacity as the star of my own reality TV show, best selling ‘author’ and the mom of a runner up on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, was…the Ignited States of America!”

      I’m feeling better already, thought President Scott. Maybe I won’t need that stupid name change after all…

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      So, you’re saying Sarah Palin is stupid?

    • artboyusa says:

      Not so much stupid, Rusty, as ignorant and uninformed and content to stay that way. Ignorance can be fixed by education but she shows no capacity or desire to learn. She thought “What books and newspapers do you read?” was a trick question, for heavens sake! Most conservatives have gone on a philosophical journey away from liberalism. I did, maybe you did too. Palin’s not aware that conservativism even is a philosophy; she just uncritically recycles a lot of dumb clichés and received information.

      Palin could have grown into a serious person but she hasn’t She’s happy to just exploit her celebrity and hog the conservative limeelight make her fortune, dragging out her 15 minutes as a sideshow and a distraction. Why not? Maybe she’s pretty smart after all. Just don’t ever ask me to ever vote for her.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      OK, I’ll concede “ignorant”. And though I’m not a raving Sarah fan, I do like her plain-spoken style. Right now, I really don’t think she has any intention of running for president, and that’s fine with me. And what I do like is that she’s running the MBM ragged by not playing their little game. In that sense, “What books and newspapers do you read?” in the context of politics is a trick question as they will dissect it to make her look bad, no matter what she says. I know you know that. The perfect answer would’ve been, “I read those things that offer a clear, balanced and fair analysis and sometimes, the New York Times.” Let the MBM chew on that.

      Old cliches are tiresome. I work with a guy who’s a walking cliche’. Everything out of his mouth is one and he always thinks he’s being some sage “cowboy” (He’s from Massachusetts, complete with thick MA accent) yet wears double-knit polyester pants, western boots and snap-button shirts. Last time he saw a horse was on “Bonanza”. But although Sarah’s cliches may be worn, at least she’s not a caricature of herself and she has bills to pay. She has not said she’s going to run for president and may very well be taking advantage of the groundswell of conservatism. You don’t necessarily have to know what that is to be one, a conservative.

      I do like her down home manner, I read her book and it was upbeat and positive, whereas Hambone’s is droll, angry and pedantic. Sarah comes across as genuine while Hambone, in light of who I think really wrote his book, comes off as phony.

      Ignorance is repairable. However, you are absolutely correct in that failure to recognize and correct ignorance is bad. And, to be honest, I don’t think she particularly cares anymore. She got the giant raspberry from the GOP as well as the socialists and she’s doing what anyone might do. Fighting back in a way that annoys them no end….and worries them. They fear her running for president simply because she is so popular…so she might just be yanking their chain. I say that’s fine. Yank away.

      I do take your point though. I don’t want her for president. But there are too many RINO’s and uber-flawed others in the current field. Romney? Please. He was for universal healthcare before he was against it.

      I suppose what bugs me the most is that largely, all that’s available are people who never once got their hands dirty, that went to summer camp and played polo and had private tutors and music teachers and went to garden parties and boarding school, etc etc. None of them really understand the mindset of the 90% of the working people who live modestly, are proud of their accomplishments, small though they may seem to the elites and who feel they belong to a great nation that is intentionally letting them down and, in fact, making them the enemy. No quicker way to lose a group than to talk down to them, the way Hambone does…and the way Boner does and many other RINO’s.

      They live in that insular world where, because they have money, they can assume they are better than others, and more intelligent. The middle class knows better. We know a lot of stupid people at the top. Lack of an ivy-league education doesn’t mean they think poorly. I went to the most expensive aviation college in the nation and was often surrounded by incredibly ignorant people. Like the second year engineering student who told me he could feel the cold “radiating” off the brick wall.

      Sarah admits to ignorance in her book. She also says that she’s more than happy to have someone spell it out for her in order to meet a goal. A president need not be the most intelligent person but must be able to utilize resources to get the best results. Reagan was labeled a “lovable dunce” but he could manage people and I’m sure his sessions with staffers had genuine give-and-take vs. the diktats that Hambone gives to his kommissars. I think Sarah is capable of the same but one of the reasons I don’t want her to be president, and it seems a little weird, is because the media will spend every waking hour doing dissection on everything she does, from whether or not she wears socks one day to which perfume she chose, how her hair looked, to what her husband said, to handwriting analysis, to inflection in her voice….etc etc. We in the conservative world do it to Hambone but it is very closely tied into his narcissism and very flawed character. The MBM would do it to simply work to destroying her on a personal level.

      I was so annoyed with it when they did it to W, that I sent letters telling the alphabet media I would be watching them no more, and I haven’t. Nor do I read the local or national papers.

      But that’s all beside the point. Sarah may be ignorant. I’m not too sure about the lack of willingness to fix that, as you said. But then, she’s probably not going to run and is just having fun raising money, making the socialists panic and that’s what I would call fair. Her message is positive and I support it. Better to have her running around saying positive things about the US than the countless Code-pinkers and Jesse’s and Al’s that do otherwise.

    • untrainable says:

      Nicely said Rusty. But when you say “…because the media will spend every waking hour doing dissection on everything she does”, that seems to limit that behavior to a Palin presidency. No matter which republican candidate finally wins, that constant drumbeat bashing every aspect of that person and his/her policies will be S.O.P. for the entire term. And as each Obammy policy is hopefully stricken from history, the media’s hate for the republican president will become louder and louder until nothing else can be heard. These days, that is the only way they know to behave. Badly.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “No matter which republican candidate finally wins, that constant drumbeat bashing every aspect of that person and his/her policies will be S.O.P. for the entire term.”

      Yes, I assumed that much to be understood. But they so villified her in round one, it would be round two complete with fabrication to the level of utter fantasy. Regardless of who the republican candidate is, they are going to be flayed unfairly and probably illegally as well. You’re right, the media behaves very badly when it comes to anyone trying to usurp their 1960’s utopian dreams. What will be fun is when the kids coming up now get the opportunity to practice these policies and laws and really kill off grandma because there will be no money. Pelosi is going to be a senior citizen as will Reid. The generation coming up may find them to be non-essential to the welfare of this great nation right along with redistributing their no-longer-needed wealth to the immigrants who have nothing.

      That–would be such poetic justice.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Okay, now ya’ll done done it.

      Sarah Palin is vastly more intelligence, and possessed of razor sharp street smarts to an extent I’m frankly at a loss which woman in politics to use as a similar model except perhaps Madame Iron Pants, Maggie Thatcher.

      That you cannot hear it, nor see it is not relevant. She’s got killer instincts and honing them with every minute.

      Let me give you an example –

      People say Barack Obama is an ignorant bozo … that analysis is what’s ignorant.

      In 1937, to remove any doubt as to persons in Senator McCain’s circumstances in the Canal Zone, Congress enacted 8 U.S.C. 1403(a), which declared that persons in Senator McCain’s circumstances are citizens by virtue of their birth, thereby retroactively rendering Senator McCain a natural born citizen,


      It clearly says that natural born citizens are those who are “citizens at birth” and that natural born citizenship may be attained retroactively through statute.

      (Legislative finagling)

      Senate Resolution 511 110th Congress. Introduced 4/10/2008 by Claire McCaskill, (D-MO)

      Barack Obama is a co-sponsor. Obama co-sponsored a Resolution recognizing McCain as a natural born citizen. And better yet, that the Senate may act by fiat to retroactively confer natural born status via legislation.

      Think outside the box. Why would a proven knucklehead like Claire, a stooge and replacement senator from the other side of the aisle, introduce a Resolution in the midst of the Presidential election cycle that provided cover for Party’s main election competitor? On the unlikely and head scratching concept that John McCain is legally a natural born US citizen?

      Think hard for about ten seconds and you’ll get it.

      It’s a given among the Posters on S&L that Obama is a stupid stupid cretin unfit to manage even a Convenience store, but you’re wrong. He co-sponsored a Resolution that via Precedence (uncontested) provides him cover for when his “natural born citizen” credentials are finally sizzling like fat in the fire. He co-sponsored his own Get Out Jail Free card. He’s waaaaaay ahead of how you’re thinking.

      So is Sarah Palin.

      Other candidates are writing books, following the current election model.

      Sarah had a whole GD movie made. In secret.

      She’s touring right into the heart of OTHER candidates’ glory moments, draining the press of off them. When she speaks she speaks of libertarian and fiscal issues that cut straight to the heart of ridding us of Big Government, even when the MSM try to trap her. Jueez, people … this girl is smart smart smart.


    • tranquil.night says:

      I agree with Jack obviously. There’s a deeper divide here than policy, it goes straight down to the fundamentals – how this country is going to continue to be organized and governed. You have to examine the effectiveness of the results of her actions with respect to that battle. Somehow her ‘unsophisticated’ term for IPAB as ‘Death Panels’ turned out to be political dynamite. And she’s still the only national politician I’ve seen intellectually address the Fed’s monetary policy follies. It was a pretty informed analysis she delivered quite well actually.

      Do I wish she would articulate policy (especially the Ryan Plan) in the Old Media as well as she does in the New, and do I think the ability to do so is going to be key for her to win the presidency? Yes; but I can’t put myself in the state of mind right now of having to answer complex policy questions to a hostile media just waiting for a gotcha – and how anything I say might end up hurting the cause I’m looking to help. She’s not even a declared candidate yet with a full team of real experts and advisors behind her, but don’t think for a second that she won’t get in the race formally if the Republican front-runners aren’t embracing the Tea Party platform. But she is already in it now, it can’t be denied, just unofficially.

      Does her being less-knowledgeable on some matters make her ignorant? Depends on your definition, I suppose. Through the prism of Liberalism versus Americanism, she’s our biggest hero for still walking tall while not just enduring literally everything they can throw at her, but fighting back against it.

      Just keep in mind that the Smartest Guy in the Room can’t put a coherent sentence together on policy without consulting TOTUS.

      A good one from Ed: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/06/03/palins-gambit-builds-her-strength-exposes-media-hypocrisy/

      And of course the Big Voice: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_060311/content/01125111.guest.html

      Edit: Oh, and Jack, it’s not exactly conventional wisdom here that Spike is stupid. What he does is :)

    • artboyusa says:

      Maybe you guys are right, I don’t know. I defended Palin back in the day and I respect how she’s stood up top everything that’s been thrown at her but it still bugs me that she bailed on her Alaska job, putting her show biz career before the job she was elected to do. I don’t like how she dresses like she’s going to some fetish club and I really wish she’s read a book or two (as opposed to ‘writing’ some). She’ll never be president and I wish she would get out of the way so someone who could be, like Huntsman, can get some attention. The longer she hangs around the more likely it gets that we’ll be stuck with another four years of President Kevin Scott.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I’ll trust the judgment of a life lived by a deep understanding of the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution (throw in Wealth of Nations to round it out) than one which masks its true intentions – no matter if they’ve read every book ever.

      Knowledge is power, but the pursuit of knowledge alone is not necessarily a virtue. It emboldens the wicked as much as the virtuous, maybe even more so because its the wicked who have an unquenchable thirst for power over others.

      I don’t want to wear you down with preaching. I have empathy to your perspective except on her resignation, which was clearly not just an effort to destroy her personally but her administtation’s agenda. It’ll always come with a touch of irony and particular parallels to me that the most selfless choice of her career is perceived as her weakest. But it falls on Sarah to change your opinion ultimately. Indulge me with a quote if you will though:

      “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – President Coolridge

      Obama is your average spoiled Left-wing ideologue completely devoid of any real world understanding/wisdom. But the Liberals had a plan, and they’ve had terrible success for sticking to it, Truth be Damned.

      Palin, for her strengths and weaknesses, recognizes the unique opportunites she has to help carry the banner of an organic movement genuine to those founding ideals, and she’s taking them to great success – Liberals be Damned!

  9. beautyofreason says:

    “The Obama administration has declared Indiana’s new law that withholds some public funding for Planned Parenthood of Indiana illegal ”

    Not giving public money to a specific private program or cause is NOT censorship or a ban.

    This is an idea that the left has trouble grasping.

    Another one they have a hard time with is states’ rights. Although they seem to regain their equilibrium when state laws allows medical marijuana or amnesty cities in violation of federal law. I wonder why.

    • The Redneck says:

      The truly irritating part is that California can violate federal law in letting criminal aliens across the border–but Arizona can’t enforce it in kicking them back out.

    • tranquil.night says:

      How else are they gonna turn the South blue?

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