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Obama Includes Iraq On His Apology Tour

From a tight-lipped Associated Press:

President Obama was greeted by Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, as he arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday.

Obama makes unannounced visit to Iraq

By Jennifer Loven, AP White House Correspondent

BAGHDAD – On a trip shrouded in secrecy, President Barack Obama flew into Iraq on Tuesday for a brief look at a war he opposed as a candidate and now vows to end as commander in chief…

Tuesday’s trip was Obama’s third to Iraq, and his first since taking office. He met with U.S. commanders and troops last summer while seeking the presidency.

Because of security concerns, the White House made no advance announcement of the visit, and released no details for his activities on the ground.

It was the last stop of an eight-day trip to Europe and Turkey during which Obama sought to place his stamp on U.S. foreign policy after eight years of the Bush administration…

Another day, another photo op in another foreign country.

Yes, we realize the security in Iraq has improved.

But is it safe enough to be visited by the casual tourist?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

26 Responses to “Obama Includes Iraq On His Apology Tour”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Good! Maybe he should stop by some voting centers and see what a democracy looks like.

  2. Odie44 says:

    Here is the original article that was posted at 9:38AM

    Note what has been scrubbed:

    The president flew into Baghdad, and was spending his day at Camp Victory, where he arranged to speak to some of the 140,000 U.S. troops stationed in the country. He was awarding medals to several.

    Plans to travel to the Green Zone — the heavily fortified U.S. nerve center in Baghdad — were scrapped because of bad weather.

    Instead, officials said the president would speak by phone with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and President Jalal Talibani.

    I checked the Baghdad weather forcast – 82 degrees, 4-5 MPH winds, hazy, 20% chance of rain.

    Mistake by Reuters? Or – did the BS “excuse” reek of silliness?

    I am guessing he needed his telepromter/crib notes fed by Axelrod and the Iraqi leaders would have laughed him off, hence the need for a “phone call” and failure to travel to the Green Zone.

    Weather my ass…

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    I’d like to apologize to the Iraqis BEFORE Obama throws them under the bus.

    • A Mad Pole says:

      Poles are next to be thrown under the bus, given “that one’s” back-pedaling on the missile shield.

  4. catie says:

    Hmmh, it is interesting isn’t it that he actually went. I will refrain from saying what my husband said but I’m sure you all can guess.
    He’s only really interested in ever meeting with those Blue Stars for Obummer group when he does go to military posts, the linebacker included. I really hate condescending CICs but that is my own opinion.

  5. Consilience says:

    This from weather.com—weather looks pretty normal. The guy is afraid.


  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Sally Fields & Obama: Separated at Birth?! Here’s a vid of Ms Fields – strikingly similar don’t you think?


  7. Liberals Demise says:

    You would think that the way this faker loves the word “green”, he would have made a beeline for it; damn the IEDs!!
    Hell, according to him green is safe, green is the color of money, green is the color of envie for his love of Stalin and all things communistic, last but not least ………. yellow is the color that runs the middle of the back of this traitor / bastard of a muslim!!

  8. Howard Roark says:

    One of his advisers no doubt steered him to visit Iraq. He doesn’t have any love for our heroes over there.

    Remember last year’s European Tour ’08? When he was even less of a security risk as a mere senator, he still found a reason to snub the men who bleed and die for him and us. He avoided visiting our Army hospital in Germany for yet another flimsy reason such as he did today. He, along with the rest of the left, “abhor the military.”

    He is so thin-skinned that he no doubt “feels” the resentment from combat arms soldiers. They would have been the ones in the green zone to “greet” him had he gone.

    • I must give credit to our heroes in Iraq.. this time for their obvious self control and discipline.

    • catie says:

      Jason, I hate the way this is going to sound but did you notice he surrounded himself with majority of troops (at least in the photo ops I saw) with minority Soldiers? There’s been some talk where my husband works of it being a photo op especially after his comments last week regarding Iraq. There are a number of younger Soldiers my husband is in contact with through work who think he’s great, the older ones think he’s in idiot.

    • Howard Roark says:

      That’s the way it always is, Catie. Young E-1’s through E-4 are for sure heroes, but the NCO’s are the ones who run the Army. And they are generally 10 years (on average) older than the privates. With that age comes wisdom.

      I remember being on the DMZ in ’88, and discussing G Gordon Liddy’s Will with my platoon sergeant, a combat veteran in Vietnam, then Grenada. We agreed on how praiseworthy Liddy was in Watergate. But we disagreed on voting that year by absentee ballot for either Bush I or Dukakis. I didn’t like Bush I (thought he was an opportunist for labeling Reagan’s economic philosophy “voodoo economics” in their 1980 primary season, then joining his ticket when asked.), and was too young to appreciate my platoon sgt’s sentiment that Republicans were more supportive of us in the military.

      I was swayed by the fact that Dukakis was the only presidential candidate ever who was an enlisted soldier in the Army, not an officer. It meant something to me then, because I was young, and didn’t have the many years of experience to know better as I do, now.

      The youthful volunteers in our Armed Forces today are no different, of course. I send care packages to my 82nd Airborne Division platoon, and carry on conversations with their West Point graduate platoon leader. He recognizes the American political landscape and its relation to them, there in Baghdad, but his troops are not as “tuned in”. These are combat arms men aged 18-22, and no one should expect them to be as deep and mindful of what communism vs free market means. But we should always give them credit for knowing that we needed them to volunteer to die for us.

    • CATIE wow.. Women and minorities were the Majority of the population when they showed him.. you are absolutely correct. a “staged” show to demonstrate support from the military.. I saw it, and thought.. “Nah.. couldn’t be..” forgot it.. until I saw your comment.

    • catie says:

      Howard, I was just watching Fox & Friends and there were 3 female minority Soldiers who were excited he was there and one who mentioned she never would have met the president had she not joined the Army. I thought it was an interesting comment because it almost seemed to me at least that her joy was that the president was there and not necessarily that he was the president, if that makes sense?
      Jason, it was an interesting set up for pictures wasn’t it? The Obama’s have a habit of only meeting with those “Blue Stars for Obummer” groups when they do deign to go to military bases (this was the case at Fort Bragg and at Camp LeJune according to two other groups I belong to) and bypass the general families and don’t meet with gold star families who are invited as well unless they are affiliated with that obummer group. I think even though she claims military families are her pet project there is a method to their madness. I know this sounds a bit kooky and conspiracy theory wacko ideas but there are many families who feel they were trying to divide and conquer the families. The Bush’s met with everyone and did not divide and during the elections Cindy McCain (as a former military wife) did not meet with individual groups as the Belle did (who were organized for her benefit and spouses felt pressured to attend if their husbands or wives were low on the proverbial totem pole) by their superiors.

    • Barbie says:

      If it’s Obama, it’s a photo op. This fake has not one sincere bone in his body unless it has to do with his and Michelle Lola’s (la la la la LOLA)(think Kinks) personal aggrandizement.

    • proreason says:

      Catie: “I know this sounds a bit kooky”.

      I wouldn’t be shy about thinking it. The Obamy’s don’t take a breath that isn’t calculated to divide the country.

      If they had the slightest intention of representing the entire country, websites like this one and the millions of people who listen to talk radio wouldn’t be in a permanent state of high alert, and the over/under on the polls (which are manipulated to downplay the problem wouldn’t show that they are more polarizing than any presidency at this point in the, i guess you would have to call it, regime.

      Michelle is more extreme than The Moron, and that is saying a LOT. She knows damn well what would happen if she let a couple of normal American wives who could give each other support into one of her propaganda photo-ops. She may let one at a time in because she’s a bully and feels she could beat a single woman down, but multiples….never.

  9. GL0120 says:

    Is he apologizing to the Iraqi’s for not thinking that they were worth bothering with?

  10. pdsand says:

    “Because of security concerns, the White House made no advance announcement of the visit, and released no details for his activities on the ground.”

    Whatever happened to transparency? This sounds like the same sort of excuse Bush used to illegal wiretap American citizen’s phone calls, or to illegally detain philosophers and poets in Guantanamo. I hope the next President makes a point of making these details of Obama’s trip public.

  11. AmericanIPA says:

    He praised the troops on getting rid of Saddam and for bringing democracy and security to Iraq, which is of course fantastic, and what even haters of the military HAVE to say when faced with the military itself. If he were being sincere, wouldn’t he also have to praise the Commander In Chief who sent them on the mission? How about the brilliant general (Patreus) who put the country on the right track after politicians had it going in the wrong direction? The same general and President whom his supporters mocked and insulted, and continue to mock and insult?

    • Howard Roark says:

      Great point, IPA. We both know that giving thanks and being grateful takes class, though. Since when has the left ever demonstrated class in those regards?

      Barry is a no class POS who tries to have it both ways by talking out of both sides of his mouth. But that’s the m.o. of the left, anyway: witness how they love to say, “We support the troops, not the mission.” Only a coward could understand that reasoning during this past war.

      People who can’t admit they’re wrong in life are usually the same types who will always have some kind of justification for doing what their cowardice tells them to do. Remember Barry’s explanation for why he never joined the military? It was because, “we weren’t in war when I turned 18.” Since when does that mean anything?

      I’m not saying that to avoid enlistment is an automatic translation that you’re a coward, but that kind of glib answer doesn’t fly with those of us who have been there, done it. Where would this nation be if every man in it enlisted only when we were at war?

      These punk cowards from the left have NEVER understood the great philosopher Emmanuel Kant’s moral imperative, though.

  12. canary says:

    Obomi Hussien smiled as he worhsipped the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque
    on a stop at Blue mosque, during his visit.


    Taking off his shoes as tradition requires, Obama stepped into the 17th-century Sultanahmet Mosque in the ancient heart of Istanbul, accompanied by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    Two Muslim preachers guided Obama inside the grandiose edifice — better known as the Blue Mosque for its blue tileworks — and the president smiled when they showed him a dome scripture mentioning the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Hussein, Obama’s middle name, Anatolia news agency reported.

  13. Weasel says:

    Photo caption:
    General, “Look sir, a UFO! Hehehehe…”
    Telepromter-in-Chief, “Uh, ah, um, wa, where?”

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Honestly the first thought I had when I saw that picture on the news today was how small and weak Barry looks next to the General. Either that or the General is pointing out where one of the sniper teams is stationed and Barry’s kinda nervous!

  14. Barbie says:

    so what have our brave troops ever done to be ‘punished with an Obama’?

    BTW, the above phote shows Obama STANDING. That’s surprising, he’s been groveling on his knees so much for the past two weeks I’m shocked he can still remember how to stand up (I mean, muscles DO atrophy after awhile)!!!

  15. proreason says:

    Ralph Peters summarizes The Moron’s World Photo-op Tour.

    “After those overpriced tour T-shirts have shrunk in the wash (trust me — they will), what will we have gained from Obama’s superstar act?

    He told the Europeans that the global economic crisis is all our fault. No mention of European greed, overleveraged governments, destructive Euro-loans or Chinese currency manipulation. We did it. Whip us, please.
    In return, the Europeans gave him . . . nothing.

    Even though Obama was right when he said that Europe faces a greater terror threat than we do, the entire continent only ponied up 2,500 short-term non-combat troops for Afghanistan. The Europeans know we’ll do the heavy lifting.
    He gave the Russians yet another blank check, too. (Meanwhile, in Moscow, Putin’s thugs beat an aging pro-democracy dissident to a pulp.) In return, the Russians promised to . . . well, actually, they didn’t promise anything.

    Then Obama went to Turkey, undercut secular political parties, infuriated the Europeans — and disclaimed our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage. (Did Turkey’s leaders respond by denying Islam’s importance to them? Naw.)
    In Turkey, Obama got . . . nothing we didn’t already have.

    Then he went to Iraq and told its prime minister that Iraq would get nothing. ”


    Of course, the summary doesn’t include the N. Korean fiasco, and the zoo south of our border, or the clown act in Cuba.


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