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Obama: Iran Is ‘A Year Or So’ Away From Nukes

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Obama says Iran a year away from nuclear weapon

By ARON HELLER | March 15, 2013

ERUSALEM (AP) — Iran is about a year away from developing a nuclear weapon and the United States remains committed to doing everything in its power to prevent that from happening, President Barack Obama said in an exclusive interview aired Thursday on Israeli TV.

Is this supposed to be reassuring? By the way, how come he speaks this way on Israeli TV, but not in the US media.

Just days before he is to arrive in Israel for his first presidential visit, Obama told Israel’s Channel 2 TV that while he still prefers diplomacy over force, but that a nuclear Iran is a "red line" and all options remain on the table to stop it.

"Right now, we think it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously we don’t want to cut it too close," he said. "So when I’m consulting with Bibi (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) as I have over the last several years on this issue, my message to him will be the same as before: ‘If we can resolve it diplomatically that is a more lasting solution. But if not I continue to keep all options on the table.’" …

Such as getting the UN to pass additional resolutions. And, of course, he might also write a blistering letter to the New York Times.

Obama’s forecast gives more time than that of Netanyahu, who has signaled that the coming months present a point of no return in dealing with Iran.

The American president nonetheless took a stern tone toward Iran in the half-hour long interview.

"What I have also said is that there is a window, not an infinite period of time, but a window of time where we can resolve this diplomatically and it is in all of our interests" to do this, he said. "They (Iran) are not yet at the point, I think, where they have made a fundamental decision to get right with the international community … I do think they are recognizing that there is a severe cost to continue on the path they are on and that there is another door open." …

Don’t worry, a year from now, Obama will still have done nothing.

If Israel still exists, it will be no fault of his.

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4 Responses to “Obama: Iran Is ‘A Year Or So’ Away From Nukes”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Dinglebarry and his sense of diplomacy. …. oh my sides!
    There is still time to buy your “World is coming to an end” lawn set.

  2. untrainable says:

    Didn’t Obama give Iran an ultimatum… “Stop your nuclear enrichment program, or else!” ?
    Oh, yeah, but that was back in 2009. So what has been done since that December 2009 deadline? Absolutely nothing. Containment? Please. Sanctions? Yeah, that’s working. Obama has turned whatever global clout the US had into a joke, and our enemies all get it.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      It’s a small country. ….. don’t worry!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      What one has to understand is that the preezy says one thing…which appeals to the masses, while he engages in behavior that is 180 degrees out.

      As Rush has said, giving the appearance of fighting all the bad things, while simultaneously administering same is some kind of masterful sham that few seem to catch on to.

      However, it’s still and always has been my fervent belief that Obama wants this nation DESTROYED. Not to lead it…not to eventually “govern” in the last two years of his policies but to walk away from the rubble that he caused. He has, at his disposal, so many useful idiots to help him accomplish this. If it costs money, so much the better. If it weakens the nation…huzzah..a two-fer.

      What no one, not even Rush has said is that he’s playing EVERYBODY. So…if Obama is anything, he’s the master manipulator. I know the type…had them work for me in the USAF. Playing both sides against the middle, lying, conflating, half-truths and fabrications. Pulling emotional strings, pitting one entity against another; The kind of person that, in the past, EVERYONE would shun and ignore.

      Now, though, we live in a society where such people as him somehow are given the time to express their bullsh*t ideas and all that does is further undermine the nation. The national socialists think he’s a talented useful part of their agenda, the greenies think he’s fighting for them, as do the hispanics. So…his modus operandi is….Do anything so long as people THINK I’m doing it for them

      He is the great destroyer. His tantrum is self-gratification on the grandest of scales. He wants to be the man who laid waste to the United States because of what he believes the world did to him and his family and his daddy…the drunk womanizer liar.

      He is so incredibly damaged that no one can help him.

      And here’s the thing. The so-called mental health experts. I have never heard a peep from ANY of them about this guy’s personality. I would think that they would be all over the place discussing his derangement, narcissism, petty childishness, etc. But no. Nothing.

      David Limbaugh did a great job with “The Root Of Obama’s Rage” and it’s as true today as it was when it first came out. The guy is a walking emotional disaster area. His whole thing in life is escapism, vacation, getting away, unless he can have the uncontested bully pulpit to have yet another tantrum. His straw-man arguments, his constant bitching and moaning about the “bad guys” and his name-calling, derision and incredibly poor syntax and word usage tell me he is nothing if not stupid and arrogant.

      He is loving the destruction he is wreaking on our society. We may recover but the nation needs to wake up and recognize crap for what it is.

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