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Obama: Iran Missiles Show Need For Talks

From DNC’s MSNBC and Chicago Tribune:

Obama: Iranian missile-test call for talks

July 9, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama, asked today about his response to Iran’s test-firing of a missile reportedly capable of reaching Israel, maintained that the demonstration calls out for stepped up, direct U.S. diplomacy with Iran.

"There is no doubt that we’re seeing rising tensions in the area,” Obama said in an interview from Capitol Hill with the NBC Today Show’s Matt Lauer. "It’s part of the reason why it’s so important for us to have a coherent policy with respect to Iran…. It has to combine much tougher threats of economic sanctions with direct diplomacy, opening up channels of communication, so that we avoid provocation but we give the Iranians strong incentives to change their behavior.”

Republican rival John McCain has criticized Obama’s support for direct negotiations with a regime that the Bush administration has labeled part of the "Axis of Evil,” maintaining that tough international sanctions will prevent Iran from posing a greater threat to the region. Others have criticized Obama’s call for diplomacy with intractable adversaries as naïve.

But the threat demonstrated by Iran today is nothing new, Obama maintained, asked what he would tell Israel in the aftermath of the newest Iranian test.

"They’ve had this kind of long-range capability for some time,” he told Lauer. "It’s part of the reason why we’ve got to proceed aggressively with diplomacy in the region as a whole… We’ve basically been farming out diplomatic activity to the Europeans… Part of what we have to do is get the Europeans, the Chinese, the Russians to recognize that it is in nobody’s interests, including Iran’s, I believe, to have a nuclear weapon that could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region. That’s something that I intend to make a No. 1 priority when I’m in the White House.” …

Funny how everything just proves to Obama how right he is.

One suspects psychologists have a term for that.

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