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Obama Is Poised To Control The Internet

From a crowing New York Times:

F.C.C. Poised to Pass Net Neutrality Order

December 20, 2010

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission appears to have the votes he needs to pass new rules for net neutrality.

Net neutrality — which broadly speaking is an effort to ensure open access to Web sites and online services — is on the agenda of an F.C.C. meeting Tuesday in Washington.

The F.C.C.’s chairman, Julius Genachowski, outlined a framework for net neutrality earlier this month, touching off a debate about the role of the government in regulating Internet access.

Mr. Genachowski outlined this framework at the Huffington Post, which should tell you all you need to know about him.

As it stands now, the order would prohibit the blocking of any Web sites, applications or devices by fixed-line broadband Internet providers like Comcast and EarthLink, essentially forbidding the providers from picking winners and losers on behalf of consumers, F.C.C. officials said Monday.

Instead, the FCC – the government – will pick the "winners and losers." And we know that the government will do a much better job than companies who have to answer to their customers or go out of business.

The F.C.C. officials also said that the order would broaden the government’s enforcement powers over  broadband

Naturally. And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Critics have condemned Mr. Genachowski’s proposal as “fake net neutrality.” One of those critics, Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, said over the weekend that the F.C.C. was effectively allowing discrimination on the Internet by adopting weak rules for wireless Internet access

Yes we can’t let wireless access escape having the FCC’s boot on its neck. Who knows what might happen? 

“If corporations are allowed to prioritize content on the Internet, or they are allowed to block applications you access on your iPhone, there is nothing to prevent those same corporations from censoring political speech.”

What a despicable liar this man is. Competition will prevent these companies from ‘censoring’ the internet. But there is nothing to prevent a faceless bureaucrat at the FCC from censoring free speech on the internet. Which, of course, will be done in the name of protecting us.

But of course Mr. Franken wants the government to censor political speech that opposes his radical socialist agenda. He thinks the Democrats or their minions in the bureaucracy will always be in power. And, alas, he is probably right about that.

And speaking of agendas, notice that the only specific opposition to this Trojan horse The Times presents is from this buffoon whose literally stole his Senate seat. And that his only complaint is that the government does not go far enough — yet.

You see, there are no other real objections to this outrageous power grab, at least according to the New York Times. It’s not like they would ever champion free speech or a free press.

The Times see both as their own personal enemies, since they are have moved away from the news business and into the propaganda business full time.

On Monday afternoon, two Democratic commissioners, Michael Copps and Mignon [sic] Clyburn, the other Democratic commissioners, signaled that the order was not as strong as they would have liked, but that they would not oppose it. Their votes along with Mr. Genachowski’s would be enough to approve the order

[Mr. Copps] said he wanted to ensure that the Internet “doesn’t travel down the same road of special interest consolidation and gate-keeper control that other media and telecommunications industries—radio, television, film and cable—have traveled.”

“What an historic tragedy it would be,” he said, “to let that fate befall the dynamism of the Internet.” …

The Democratic commissioners received sharp rebukes from public interest groups that favor stricter steps toward fair Internet access. Craig Aaron, the managing director of one such group, Free Press, said “these rules appear to be flush with giant loopholes, and the FCC chairman seems far more concerned with winning the endorsement of AT&T and the cable lobbyists than with listening to the millions of Americans who have pleaded with him to fix his proposal.”

Nobody has pleaded with anyone to fix anything. Again, there is no problem whatsoever with the internet the way it is right now. This is a manufactured crisis.

The rabid haters of free speech at the Free Press are shedding crocodile tears. They are trying to fool us into thinking they oppose these regulations when they practically wrote them.

They know full well that the important thing is for the FCC to get their foot in the door. Then they can — and for damn sure will — tighten up the regulations down the road when nobody is looking.

And no one will notice any difference until one day you can’t access a website that the government has decided is not worthy of precious bandwidth – like this site.

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7 Responses to “Obama Is Poised To Control The Internet”

  1. proreason says:

    While you sleep, they are busy subverting the country. While you eat, they grab more power. While you take a breath, the destroy another freedom.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Bush is a Nazi! Wait, what year is it, man?

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    Another one, of many, frontal assaults on the Freedom of Speech.

    If there is any doubt in any American that our freedoms and liberties are under attack .. they simply aren’t paying attention or have minimal, to no, ability of perception.

    Article 1, Section 1 .. these putzes don’t have any Constitutional authority to play their game in reality.

    Oh yeah .. I forgot .. we don’t use that old parchment oft referred to as the Constitution.

  4. BigOil says:

    This bunch of fascists thinks it is no longer necessary to hide the theft of our liberties. They are in our face every day, giving us the finger and proclaiming “just what are you going to do about it?”

    After watching the lame-duck session fiasco, I am becoming very pessimistic about our ability to even gridlock this march to socialism. The Marxists toss out a crumb of a temporary tax rate extension – while the Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief and patting each other on the back – another five pos bills are crammed down our throats.

    Watch for this Cloward-Piven approach to continue after January 5. Republicans will battle against one over-reaching Executive Order while another five roll on through.

    Makes one wonder if the founders remedy for ensuring our freedoms are protected against tyranny, elections, is enough?

    • proreason says:

      You could be right.

      Fortunately, there are over 200 million firearms in private hands and the military and police have no allegiance to the usurper.

      Over 300 West Point graduates fought for the South in the Civil War. The percentage will be higher if it comes to that today.

      imho, the risk is less if they continue the mad rush to marxism than if they slow the pace.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Politically speaking the agenda is dead. These zombie efforts to finish the job of destroying the country by EO and bureaucratic dictate can be stopped in their tracks by congressional opposition with a backbone.

      Even mopping up the domestic damage of the idiots can be accomplished relatively easily if we seize Washington. One of the real challenges I see going forward comes back to foreign policy and issues like this and how they relate to Domestic Security.

      It’s going to take a genuine leader from our side who understands a post-Obama world dynamic (not to mention the best team of Constitutional Lawyers available.. not to forget Heritage either), which is setup a lot like when Reagan took the reins.

      Morrisey had great commentary yesterday on Sarah’s editorial on Iran. NerObama’s Gulf oil spill response to those 2009 protests still stings my memory. I digress..

      Much to do!

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Focused like a laser on everything but what would be best to keep America
    strong and running properly. Two years later and nothing to show for it but a torn and tattered Republic.
    Strike up the Jr. High school band.

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