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Obama Still Demands We Have A Recession

From his idolaters at the Associated Press:

Obama slams Bush, McCain on economy

AUSTIN, Texas – Democrat Barack Obama rejected President Bush’s claim that the country isn’t headed for a recession, and slammed the economic policies followed by both Bush and Republican contender John McCain.

Things are getting worse, not better, and the country stands “on the brink of a recession,” the Illinois senator and front-runner for the Democratic nomination said Thursday.

Obama blamed a “failure of leadership” in Washington, implying McCain was part of that failed leadership.

Yes, Mr. Obama is trying to ‘keep hope alive.’ That is, the hope he can talk our economy into a recession.

But unfortunately for our hero it looks like the “let’s have a recession” ship may have already sailed.

Indeed, it would appear that even the Democrat’s lickspittle slaveys in the media are giving up on trying to talk us into a recession.

From Google Trends:



But what a sad state of affairs it is that our Democrat candidates would rather have our country’s economy tank and see people thrown out of work, than not get elected President.

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