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Obama Not Open To Fixing Obama-Care

From his unquestioning minions at the Associated Press:

Obama open to ‘tweak’ of health care, not repeal

January 28, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama ridiculed lingering opposition to his 10-month-old health care law Friday and vowed to oppose efforts to repeal it, underscoring his commitment to his signature legislative achievement despite the new reality of a divided Congress.

Days after delivering a State of the Union message in which he called on Democrats and Republicans to work together, Obama made clear in a speech to supporters that he’s open to compromise on the issue only on the margins — a "tweak" here or there, but not major changes.

So much for compromise and working together.

If Mr. Obama truly wants to be like President Reagan, he would help repeal his ‘healthcare reform.’ Lest we forget, Mr. Reagan’s catastrophic healthcare insurance program was repealed. (Thanks to a back-stabbing AARP.)

But of course his admiration of Mr. Reagan is no more honest than any of his other claims.

"I am not willing to just refight the battles of the last two years," said the president, who saw his popularity plummet and some in his own party distance themselves amid the scalding, partisan debates over the health care law. "I’m not open to efforts that will take this law apart without considering the lives and the livelihoods that hang in the balance." …

Good. Don’t help repeal it. And be out of a job come November 2012.

"You may have heard once or twice that this is a job-crushing, granny-threatening, budget-busting monstrosity. That’s about how it’s been portrayed by opponents. And that just doesn’t match up to the reality," said the president…

O course he can’t explain where the opponents are wrong.

He argued that since he signed the bill 10 months to extend coverage to 30 million uninsured, the economy has grown and small businesses are offering health care to employees, many for the first time, because of tax credits offered in the law…

What a liar this man is.

He said that repealing the law would add to the deficit — though if that happened it would be only because the many taxes, fees and Medicare cuts in the law would be lost…

What an admission from the AP. Though only made in passing. But it’s something that we have been saying for months.

And the president said the elderly are benefiting from a stronger Medicare, and those who fell into a gap in Medicare’s prescription drug program are receiving relief.

"I can report that Granny is safe," he said…

Obama reiterated his support for changing a small business tax reporting provision that both parties agree is onerous, and he said he’d also consider ideas dealing with medical malpractice reform.

This is the 1099 form nonsense. Which the lame duck Congress had several opportunities to do away with, but they voted to keep it. After all, this is just another way to squeeze more money from those rich small business types.

However, the president has never endorsed the caps on lawsuit payouts that would generate the biggest savings in the medical malpractice area, and are favored by Republicans…

Because like every other Democrat, Mr. Obama is owned by the trial lawyers.

"I believe that anything can be improved," he said…

The core principles of Obama-care are wrong. They are intended to destroy the private insurance industry and to take away more of our personal freedom. It’s entire purpose is to give the government more control over our lives. And it is also un-Constitutional.

Fixing the edges won’t change any of that.

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12 Responses to “Obama Not Open To Fixing Obama-Care”

  1. Melly says:

    That gimcrack isn’t open to “refight[ing] old battles?”
    What battles? He had a Democratic majority and with “Ram” Emmanuel, he (at a lightening speed) forced so much legislation down our throats, by hook or by crook (usually in the middle of the night or on Christmas Eve), our heads are still spinning.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      There was no debate. There was never even any real discussion on the floor, except by complicit socialists determined to push this thing through predominantly in secret. It is perhaps the most glaring example for all time as to how DC is broken and corrupt. Any ideas the republicans had were summarily dismissed as quickly as they were brought up. Any dissent by any republican was shouted down. They now expect civility? Unbelievable. Why do I get the sense that they sit there thumbing their noses at Americans while making the raspberry sound? Why do I feel like I’ve been sorely taken advantage of? I suppose my real frustration comes when I expect news pukes to ask these jerks the really hard questions. They don’t. And thus, they are to be dismissed entirely.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    If I recall the “old battles” ended with you and your generals losing, and then abandoning all sense of integrity, democracy, and constitutionality to get your way regardless. And that’s just the character of the process that brought us to this point.

  3. proreason says:

    Oh there will be a fight alright. And the more you lie cheat and steal, the worse the outcome is going to be for you.

    Be assured of that.

  4. canary says:

    here is a companies time-line on the health care bill. It is a lose lose situation. Some Businesses will be subsidized with taxes, some businesses will find it cheaper to pay the penalty, and the “cadillac” insurance companies will pay so much in taxes that won’t survive. It will end up government health insurance only.


    • Liberals Demise says:

      This cram down POS started with 200 exemptions and
      is now at 700 exemptions and counting. This is major corporations
      telling the Fed that it cannot comply or they will fail.

      America is too big to fail.
      Destroy this monster POS or die!

  5. Mae says:

    Defund, Baby, Defund! Defund it NOW! Before companies go under, before all insurance companies get obliterated, before the cows come in for their morning milking. D.E.F.U.N.D!!

  6. proreason says:

    60 to 70% of the country polls as self-declared conservatives, pro-capitalism, and against big government. 60% want Obamycare repealed. Under the Moron, we have had nothing but big-governent crammed down the country’s throat. Call it what you will: socialism, statism, marxism…it’s diametrically opposed to what the dominant majority of the country wants.

    Why isn’t this the primary message of Republican leadership?

    Why isn’t this the very first sentence out of every Republican’s mouth, no matter what the question or topic is?

  7. wardmama4 says:

    Don’t know about you all – but it is starting here – just got a stupid snail mail letter from my Medical Group (why exactly did I sign up at their website?!?) – to inform me that we must pay $100/family fee to and get this, it is so rich in duplicitous irony:
    -‘…such services include completion of medical forms, advocating on a patient’s behalf to their insurance company, prior authorizations for medications and tests, after hours call coverage, physician phone consultations, physician consultations with patient families, assistance arranging private home care, billing assistance, writing and refilling of prescriptions when an appointment is not indicated, writing and faxing of prescriptions for mail order pharmacies and providing patients with evidenced-based education materials. . .’-

    And in addition they will be putting our medical records onto their website –

    So now we are going to have to travel an hour and a half to get our medical care at the nearest Military Treatment Facility. . . Because I don’t want a Medical Group who is so stupid & wasteful to not even use the damn website they set up – to charge even more for stuff that is/should be part of the process of running a medical office – not to mention risking ‘losing’ my medical records to some 15 year old hacker.

    I guess they have to start padding the books for the onslaught of cuts that are buried in Obamacare.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      This used to be a great country. (sad)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And there you have it. Obama’s plan all along was to stick it to anyone who was middle class and had a medical plan. Perhaps the same medical plan for decades. He wants us to “feel the pain” that he imagines all us racists have burdened the poor and undisciplined with for….well….as long as he can remember (or was told). Although the new healthcare law is primarily about power, it is especially pleasing to the man-child president that his “enemies” will suffer because of it. It’s a special twist of the knife to middle America and it pleases him no end.

      He’s a sick-minded, angry petulant child. If a liberal could only ask themself the simple question, “What has he done that is now BETTER than it was before?” and answer honestly, they would see the light. Liberal socialism is a mental disorder, but I repeat myself.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Yes my hubby worked and put his life on the line (which is why he is a disabled veteran) for 23 years. We pay now for us (his family) to continue the Tricare. In the past year – what we’ve had to pay (out-of-pocket) continues to go up and up as do the denials – for purely idiotic reasons (you know all those undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s) – so in the end – despite the drive – it will be a better proposition for us. I hope.

      Feel the pain – no, I won’t feel the pain until we are employed and having to pay Obama’s taxes – if I could figure out how to survive for 2 more years – I’d say to heck with it – it isn’t worth it.

      Which is more to the point of what this hate-filled man is about – to have all the people who have worked hard, kept their noses clean, obeyed the laws – say to heck with it. And give up and give in.

      Not happening here – I will just avoid what I can until this juvenile man-child is out of office – and the adults take back over and do a real house cleaning – and re-instill some real ethics.

      I am beginning to understand the hermits, homeless and survivalist mentality – when the system comes after you again and again – why bother playing along?

      If I had the money – I’d be funding the Tea Party – to fight back for all this insane destruction of the American Way. As it is now – I can’t even afford to attend the local meetings. All because The Won is out to topple our economy – it seems to me that someone around him just might have enough firing brain cells to say – even once – if the economy tanks – everyone will be without, not just the poor. But alas – since they all have their money overseas and tied up in trusts – they just don’t seem to have a clue about economic reality anymore at all.

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