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Obama’s Job Approval Is 80% In DC, 22% In WY

From CNS News:

Gallup: Obama’s Job Approval for 2013 in Washington, D.C. Was 80.8%

By Terence P. Jeffrey | January 27, 2014

(CNSNews.com) – If you want to live among people who approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, you should move to Washington, D.C.

That is the result of Gallup’s polling on Obama’s job approval in 2013, which showed that 80.8 percent of the residents of the District of Columbia approved of the job he was doing as president.

Obama’s next highest approval rating was in Hawaii, according to data released today by Gallup. In 2013, 61.3 percent of the people in that state–where Obama attended high school–approved of the job he was doing.

Obama’s third highest approval–57.0 percent–came in Maryland, which borders Washington, D.C., and encompasses many Washington suburbs.

Obama’s lowest approval was in Wyoming, where only 22.5 percent said they approved of the job he was doing.

His second lowest approval was in West Virginia–which borders Maryland and is not far from D.C. There, only 25.1 percent said they approved of the job Obama is doing.

Obama’ third lowest approval was in Utah, where 27.3 percent said they approved of the job he was doing.

Here, according to Gallup’s polling for 2013, are the twelve jurisdiction where Obama had the highest approval, and the twelve where he had the lowest approval.

Top 12 Jurisdictions for Obama’s Approval:

1. District of Columbia, 80.8%
2. Hawaii, 61.3%
3. Maryland, 57.0%
4. Rhode Island, 56.7%
5. New York, 56.7%
6. Vermont, 56.6%
7. Massachusetts, 56.5%
8. New Jersey, 56.4%
9. California, 55.8%
10. Connecticut, 55.1%
11. Delaware, 54.4%
12. Illinois, 53.7%

Bottom 12 Jurisdictions for Obama’s Approval:

1. Wyoming, 22.5%
2. West Virginia, 25.1%
3. Utah, 27.3%
4. South Dakota, 31.7%
5. Idaho, 32.1%
6. Oklahoma, 32.1%
7. Montana, 33.1%
8. Alaska, 33.5%
9. Arkansas, 34.9%
10. Kentucky, 35.1%
11. Kansas, 35.1%
12. North Dakota, 35.5%

This helps prove Mike Lee’s point about how out of touch the ruling elite in Washington. According to Gallup, the further you get from the DC Beltway, the low Obama’s approval rating. Figuratively speaking, anyway.

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5 Responses to “Obama’s Job Approval Is 80% In DC, 22% In WY”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    .. and that Statistic is all we need to know why Washington DC is the epicenter of all the evils of the world. And why we should encourage Vladimir Putin to perform a little urban renewal for us. The kind that begins with separating atoms ..

    • USSFreedom says:

      Don’t think Putin and the Chinese aren’t planning that for the D.C. area alone. Just waiting for our military to be decimated to nothing more than untested newbies led by pansy officers committed to the PC tactics now in place in Afs**Tastan and a larger reduction in our nuclear arsenal. Once the economy totally collaspes and the dollar is worthless, the Bear and the Dragon will become avid partners in the destruction of our nation.
      UNLESS, this administration is stopped, prior to 2016 from implimenting the means for the US to become an image of a third world dictatorship. Taking away the pen and shutting off the phone is priority #1 for Congress, if our Constitution is to be upheld.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Restore Constitutional Freedoms!

    • Right of the People says:


      Don’t you mean the sphincter of all the evils in the world?

  2. USSFreedom says:

    Federal Jobs may account for the majority approval in the sewer on the Potomac. With the job market in WVA, EPA killing the coal industry ,WVA like the freedom loving people in Wyoming and Utah’s 62% Mormon population, think maybe the polls may be a bit skewed by the pollsters, which Gallup has been known to do. Bettcha it’s less than 10% if you were able to ask 95% of the population of those states.

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