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Obama Joker Artist Is A Pali Democrat

Some actual reportage from the Los Angeles Times:

Obama Joker artist unmasked: A fellow Chicagoan

When cryptic posters portraying President Obama as the Joker from "Batman" began popping up around Los Angeles and other cities, the question many asked was, Who is behind the image?

Was it an ultra-conservative grassroots group or a disgruntled street artist going against the grain?

Nope, it turns out, just a 20-year-old college student from Chicago.

Bored during his winter school break, Firas Alkhateeb, a senior history major at the University of Illinois, crafted the picture of Obama with the recognizable clown makeup using Adobe’s Photoshop software.

Alkhateeb had been tinkering with the program to improve the looks of photos he had taken on his clunky Kodak camera. The Joker project was his grandest undertaking yet. Using a tutorial he’d found online about how to "Jokerize" portraits, he downloaded the October 23 Time Magazine cover of Obama and began digitally painting over it.

Four or five hours later, he happily had his product.

On Jan. 18, Alkhateeb uploaded the image to photo-sharing site Flickr. Over the next two months, he amassed just a couple thousand hits, he said.

Then the counter exploded after a still-anonymous rogue famously found his image, digitally removed the references to Time Magazine, captioned the picture with the word "socialism" and hung printed copies around L.A., making headlines.

Alkhateeb’s original Flickr page surpassed 20,000 views. The Times found his Flickr site last week thanks to a tip left by a loyal reader of The Ticket. By Friday, the page had been taken down.

On Alkhateeb’s page, a manipulated image condemning fellow Chicagoan and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (captioned "epic fail") was mixed in with parodies of the "Guitar Hero" game franchises — dubbed Quran Hero — and of Napoleon riding a motorcycle (pictured after the jump).

Flickr had removed the Joker image due to copyright-infringement concerns, Alkhateeb says the company told him in an e-mail. A Flickr spokeswoman declined to comment due to a company policy that bars discussing inquiries about individual users.

Alkhateeb says he wasn’t actively trying to cover his tracks, but he did want to lay low. He initially had concerns about … connecting his name with anything critical of the president — especially living in Chicago, where people are "very, very liberal," he said.

"After Obama was elected, you had all of these people who basically saw him as the second coming of Christ," Alkhateeb said. "From my perspective, there wasn’t much substance to him."

"I abstained from voting in November," he wrote in an e-mail. "Living in Illinois, my vote means close to nothing as there was no chance Obama would not win the state." If he had to choose a politician to support, Alkhateeb said, it would be Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Although Alkhateeb claims he was making no political statement with the artwork, he’s plugged into the Washington debate. Though born in the United States, his Palestinian family closely follows Middle Eastern politics.

"I think he’s definitely doing better than Bush was," Alkhateeb said of Obama. Alkhateeb’s views on foreign relations align with the Democrats, he said, while he prefers Republican ideals on domestic issues.

Alkhateeb’s assessment of Obama: "In terms of domestic policy, I don’t think he’s really doing much good for the country right now," he said. "We don’t have to ‘hero worship’ the guy." …


What a crushing disappointment this must be for our watchdog media.

Flickr had removed the Joker image due to copyright-infringement concerns…

Oddly enough any number of high profile Democrats, including President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have Flickr pages that are chock full of copyright images.

But somehow they have not been taken down.

Why is that?

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3 Responses to “Obama Joker Artist Is A Pali Democrat”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Wow …….. what a lead balloon this has to be for the libtards.
    He is now my favorite ar-tist from Chi-town but being from Barrys’ backyard…..he has to know that he is being vetted faster than “Joe the Plumber.”
    He better have his affairs straight in the event that ……….. oh ….. say maybe a “accident” should befall him.
    I just saying………………………

  2. proreason says:

    What a pack of lies.

    Mr. Alkhateeb obviously has something against The Moron. Anti-Obamy artwork is about as rare as an honest Obamy comment, so when you see one like this….there can be no doubt about its purpose.

    Since “his Palestinian family closely follows Middle Eastern politics”, I’m guessing it isn’t the Death Care “crisis”.

    Now, you might think a flagrantly anti-Israeli pawn of the left, such as The Moron, might satisfy a Palestinian sympathizer.

    But we know that nothing short of immediate annihilation of every Jew on earth really satisfies them…..so I’m making a wild guess the Mr.Alkhateeb isn’t happy that The Moron hasn’t pulled the trigger on the next Holocaust yet.

    Of course, since there is a 1/1000 of 1% chance the Mr. Alkhateeb is not a virulent Jew-hater, he can have my apologies in advance if it turns out I’m wrong about him.

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