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Obama’s Kenyan Family At White House

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Proud family: US President Barack Obama greets members of his British and African-based family at the White House following his inauguration, including half-brother Abongo, far left, and stepmother Kezia, in yellow. (Click to enlarge)

From Bracknell (and Kenya) to Washington: First picture of Obama and his British stepmother inside the White House

By Kiran Randhawa
2nd March 2009

These are the first pictures of Barack Obama inside the White House with his British stepmother.

Taken the day he was sworn in as President, they show him giving Kezia Obama and the rest of his extended family a tour of his new home.

Embraced by Mrs Obama, who travelled to Washington DC from her council house in Bracknell, the President proudly posed in an official reception for the family.

He is also surrounded by his half-brother Abongo, his sister-in-law, niece, nephew and other relatives, who all travelled from Kenya and were in the VIP enclosure for his inauguration in January…

Abongo Obama, who flew from the family’s ancestral home in Kogelo, western Kenya, just days before, said: ‘Barack gave us a grand tour of the White House. It was amazing to be in there with him. This is his new home. He has come a long way.’ …

The President’s 86-year-old paternal grandmother Sarah was also in Washington DC for his swearing-in ceremony, as well as his half-sister Auma, 49, and half-brothers Ben, 38, and Abo, 40.

Mr Obama said: ‘I am looking forward to going back and staying with Barack at the White House, but it won’t ever be the same.

‘We can’t just hang out like we used to and sit in a bar with a few drinks catching up. I will miss that and he will too but this was his dream, he knew he had to make certain sacrifices.’ …

As we have noted before, most of Mr. Obama’s “African family” seem to live in the United States or United Kingdom.

And most of them seem to live in public housing (council housing).

Also, as we have noted before, Mr. Obama’s real grandmother has disappeared off of the face of the map – and nobody in the media seems to have noticed.

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38 Responses to “Obama’s Kenyan Family At White House”

  1. Colonel1961 says:

    Nice to see that the kids got so dressed up for their big visit – I guess one represents the Bloods and the other, the Crips!

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    “Baby We Be Movin’ On Up!” as sung by Adolf HItler – appropriate I think!


  3. caligirl9 says:

    Did they overstay their visas?

    • jobeth says:

      I don’t see his public housing Aunt. Must be in the rose garden.

      Ain’t this country great? From an African shack or American public housing straight to the White Black House!

      As Reality Bytes said…We’s move’n on up!

      Sorry, that is ugly on my part but this strikes me as so ridiculous.

      ‘he knew he had to make certain sacrifices.’ …”
      Ahhh, what ‘the I won’ won’t do for his country. But we still have the White House hotter than H…! I mean there IS a limit to what HE is willing to sacrifice.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      Jobeth, I think the White House is now officially public housing.

  4. yellarcan says:

    Which one is the dope smoker? I would have to guess the “slightly” overweight on the left(pun intended) end. Where is mrs. h.o.? Turning down the sheets in the Lincoln Room perhaps? Damn, so much to comment about but so little time.

  5. jobeth says:

    “Also, as we have noted before, Mr. Obama’s real grandmother has disappeared off of the face of the map –”

    Wasn’t it one of his gramma’s that claimed to be at his birth in Kenya?

    Could be wrong…but if it’s this one…ummmm.

    But whatever the reason, I’m sure there is something that would have made her a persona non grata. Wonder what he’s hiding now.

    • catie says:

      I thought Sarah was the one who claimed to be at the manager when the Messiah was born, awaiting the visit of the shepherds and the 3 Wise Men? I may be mistaken though but I thought it was her. Luckily “Toot” passed away and wasn’t available for comment.
      It is telling the Belle and Auntie illegal are not in the picture. I ‘m sure Auntie illegal was there for the festivities.

    • jobeth says:

      Yep, I knew one of ’em claimed to be there. Couldn’t remember which one tho…but it still makes me wonder what this one did to be banished to the hinterland. ;D

  6. yellarcan says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help myself. Does it look like the cast from Roots or The Color Purple? What the hell is that lady wearing standing to mr. h.o.’s right? Is it a gold plated dress that should have gone to John “I wish my last name were obama” Kerry? Does it look like the two gents in suits on mr. h.o.’s left have a smile that says “I think we could get most this shit in the back of our taxpayer rented Oldsmobile. Surely we can get uncle dad to hep us”.

  7. Euryale says:

    I wonder if they’re afforded Secret Service protection since they’re at risk of being kidnapped and held for rans…. Oh, never mind.

  8. yellarcan says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ll be laughing all day about that.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Just trying to live up to the tag Reality Bytes.

      (I’ve been hummin’ that tune all morning..)

  9. jobeth says:

    Ye Gads! I just noticed the flaming horns out of at least 2 of their heads!

    And does anyone have a caption for the statesman in the portrait in the back ground? I can just imagine! LOL

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    From left to right, there’s George, Weezy, Florence, Michael, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito…..

    And….who’s the guy with the wedding cake on his head?

    • toxicbrainpoison says:

      and moe larry and curly… way to point out famous black people….

    • canary says:

      The Jackson 5 were pretty talented until they got all the plastic surgery and started the style of grabbing their crutches and grinding. The muslims hate American’s that do such sexual moves in front of the world. Micheals wearing gloves just doesn’t cut it for the muslims. Oh and his sisters, like the one at the Superbowl, that exposed her breast. They are fortunate to be in America. Dang Iran would have hung Michael for sleeping with little boys. He’d have never been a trail. Just the suspicion of a woman looking at a man in most of the middle eastern countries they gather in stadiums and make the woman’s mom, shoot her own duaghter. Sexual mutilation of woman.

      and gosh darnet. I realise a couple of monthes ago, Obama didn’t even know
      his aunt was here illegally. I heard an injured American soldier had been waiting to get in that housing to recover and Obama and all her gold, has left the soldier on the streets. Shame shame. Especially after Obama telling afro-
      Americans their lives would be better, and then turned around in the Black Union Address of the state, they were going to have it really bad under his presidency. White people deserve to have a state of the union too, since they are minorities in this country. You have know idea how demeaning to on school
      enrollments to have to mark that you are white. It’s hard to be honest. I’d like to mark the Pacific Asian for my whitey child (not sure what that new label is) just to see if he’d be treated different.

      Only minorities in my town can get school transfers in highschools if they play a sport. As long as they don’t take bribes. I’m talking high school. You do not have to even have a C average. This is bigotry


  11. canary says:

    Many of Obama’s relatives are wearing muslim attire. Even the step mom from UK. The man that wrote the Quaran is evil. Where is the compromise in leaving some of the face uncovered, and covering, if women who chose to wear the covering, is a symbol of wanting to be known for their brains and not their looks. It’s like so many muslims that wear veils, will wear make-up. I guess it’s progressive muslims.
    With the political battle and murders in Africa, I would think Obama would follow his father’s dreams and go there and be the prince warrior like in his autobiography.

  12. toxicbrainpoison says:

    Don’t you wear your garments?

    • canary says:

      toxicbrainpoison/heck no I don’t where garments that make me look like I’m in a religious cult, that throws acid in women’s faces, acid in girls attending school in Afganistan. And it’s pretty hot in Africa. Now maybe if that the American muslims that started that Bridges cable to show how they are not like the terrorists, well, maybe if the founder’s wife had worn a face covering, her husband wouldn’t have cut her head off. I have a neck problem, and can’t wear anything like these muslims, so I guess I’d have my neck cut off on top of that.

    • jobeth says:

      You got him canary! You go!

  13. russ51 says:

    Oh damn Rusty Shackleford but that was funny!!

    Thanks for the chuckle…:-)

  14. Albertafriend says:

    I think it’s kind of interesting that the two dark guys look like Obama Sr. but none of them look like Jr.

  15. 1sttofight says:

    Abongo Obama, who flew from the family’s ancestral home in Kogelo, western Kenya

    Ancestrial Home???

    Was DuhOnes daddynon white sperm donor a KING???


  16. Grzegorz says:

    Where is Aunti Zeituni Onyango???

  17. Reality Bytes says:

    Let’s not forget Uncle George…YUM YUM EAT EM UP!


    • TwilightZoned says:

      OMG! That was too funny!!! Thank goodness for all this humor because my very first reaction to the picture was, “Ugh.” I needed some help getting out of the funk. Thanks all!

    • Squito says:

      That is absolutely hilarious! My brother is hollering across the hall, asking what’s so funny.

      “That’s your uncle? He looks like a gorilla-ape to me.” Hahahahaha!

  18. xdannyh says:

    Is this pic a joke or prank?. You folks make mirthful comments but I have to tell you that I am in SHOCK, Is a visit to the president in the whitehouse not worthy of respectful attire? Jeans on the left and rap style sweat shirt on the youngster, but president “screw up” taking no notice and evidently not caring, with a sh– eating grin on his mug, and yet he calls for respect. I hate to say this but I am under the impression if the camera did a pull away I’d expect to see a dog lifting a leg on WH furniture. WOW this is unbelievable. This pic absolutely takes my breath a way!

    • jobeth says:

      You would think that “the one who won” would have parted with a dollar or two so his family could dress appropriately. I’ll bet as soon as the photo shoot was over he split and his “family” never saw him again.

      Thinking about it, this is about the only family he has isn’t it? Mommy, Daddy, and grandma are gone…Bet his extended white family won’t own him. He had to dip to his shack residing African family just to have family there. After this he won’t be bothered with them.

      And sad to say, but why would he require “respect” for the White House from his family?

      When you consider his lack of respect for this country in general and the way he is systematically dismantling and destroying everything that has made America great….that is only a tiny indicator of his true attitude.

  19. Reality Bytes says:

    Hitler Sings “Give Peace a Chance” Riviting!


    Behold the Obama/Emanual/Pelosi Revolution

  20. Reality Bytes says:

    Post Script:

    In the turbulent year of 1934, the National Socialist Party of Germany decided to hold a peace rally in the streets of Nuremberg. The difference between that and today’s peace marches lies definitely in the organization…except that is unitl the Obama Presidency & those who drove it to power.

  21. MinnesotaRush says:

    I think the fellow on the far left works at White Castle ..

  22. proreason says:

    Does Obamy wear lipstick? Check out the picture.

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