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Obama Leads By 6% In Poll With 11% More Dems

From the Wall Street Journal:

Obama Keeps Lead as Voter Anxiety Rises

By NEIL KING JR. And DANIEL LIPPMAN | Tuesday, July 24, 2012

American voters are growing more polarized and locked in their views as they witness a presidential campaign that is boosting negative feelings about both candidates, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Tuesday shows.

The poll also finds a resurgence of anxiety about the economy as job growth has slowed, though President Barack Obama maintains his edge on several fronts despite that. Half of registered voters feel less optimistic about the direction of the economy, with just 27% predicting the economy would improve over the next year—a sharp drop in optimism from recent months.

And yet we are supposed to believe that Obama is pulling ahead by 6 points?

Still, coming in the wake of several weeks of intense TV campaign advertising, much of it negative, the poll of 1,000 registered voters found Mr. Obama leading his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, 49% to 43%, a gap mirrored precisely in four other Journal/NBC polls over the last year

When were these previous polls taken? Before Romney was even the presumptive nominee?

The surge in negative sentiment toward the candidates is likely a byproduct of a summer campaign that has bombarded voters with an unprecedented volume of attack ads

The ‘bombardment’ has come mostly from one side. But this article makes it sound mutual.

The survey offers a vivid snapshot of both candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. Nearly seven in 10 voters, for instance, say they like Mr. Obama personally, compared with just 47% who say that of Mr. Romney.

Gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with Obama’s campaign ads, would it??

Half say Mr. Obama has the background and set of values they identify with, while 42% say that of his challenger.

Which is just ludicrous. How many people come from a background like Obama’s?

Obama had a communist bigamist absentee father from Kenya, a gadabout absentee mother. Obama was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. He never set foot on the US mainland until he was in college.

Obama is a student of the radical left. His ‘mentors’ were Frank Marshall, Saul Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright. But we are supposed to believe that most people identify with his background and set of values, while they find Romney’s white bread upbringing bizarre.

Mr. Obama also leads by double-digits on who voters think would be the better commander in chief, protector of the middle class, and who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the presidency…

So this really is just a laugh of a poll. Unless the American people really have taken leave of their senses.

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6 Responses to “Obama Leads By 6% In Poll With 11% More Dems”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    Does growing up in families with higher income levels really mean you are different from the average middle class person growing up in America? Didn’t the Skakel brothers grow up in an upper crust neighborhood bu one of the brotherst still managed to commit a murder over the jealousy of the other brother? I mean how normal is that? I didn’t grow up with a ton of money in the bank but we managed to do what I would think most human beings did at the age of growing up in America, playing baseball, soccer, going to parties, fartin’ around teenage hangouts, playing weekend golf, going fishing, so are we to imagine that Mit Romney was sooooo sheltered and soooo rich that he didn’t participate in any of the above mentioned activities? Just because he may have had certain privileges like a house servants, or didn’t have to really worry about getting money for some things he wanted doesn’t change who the person actually turns out to become, meaning he can’t relate to everyday problems the middle class encounters. If anything his growing up in a normal family allows him an appreciation for the American way of life.

  2. Petronius says:

    “Half say Mr. Obama has the background and set of values they identify with….”

    As regards the American public’s alleged identification with Nerobama’s background, that of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is if anything more peculiar and alien than that of his Kenyan alcoholic Muslim communist father.

    Ann Dunham was certainly the anti-American renegade par excellence, having devoted most of her adult life to living with nonwhite Muslim men and in Third World countries.

    Thus Nerobama writes in “Dreams From My Father,” that after Ann’s marriage to Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian employee of Union Oil, the young Nerobama would overhear her arguing with Lolo “about her refusal to attend his company dinner parties, where American businessmen from Texas and Louisiana would slap Lolo’s back and boast about the palms they had greased to obtain the new offshore drilling rights, while their wives complained to my mother about the quality of Indonesian help. He would ask her how it would look for him to go alone, and remind her that these were her own people, and my mother’s voice would rise to almost a shout.

    “They are NOT my people.”

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Dead Voters and Illegal Aliens! Now With 11% More Dems!

  4. Tater Salad says:

    First the President, Barack Obama makes a statement at a forum that “You didn’t build that” and then receives negative press and attack adds and rightfully so. A couple days later he then tells us “WE” took it out of context………..again! How condescending is this President. “We heard you loud and clear Mr. President and you will hear all of us loud and clear in November.”

    1. “You didn’t build that”! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjOzSOK3yRI

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=192oEC5TX_Q&feature=related

    3. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/07/24/new-obama-ad-i-did-not-say-you-didnt-build-that-even-though-i-really-did/

    4. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/07/25/obama-says-he-has-no-patience-for-attacks-on-his-you-didnt-build-that-comment/

    • untrainable says:

      I like what Charles Krauthammer said about the “You didn’t build that” comment. He said, “The comment itself is bad, but if you take it within the context of the rest of the speech it is even more damning.”

      If you just listen to this guy, you’ll understand what he’s about, and it ain’t good for anyone but himself and his cronies. Every time he goes off prompter, you can almost smell the evil wafting from his pie hole. There are some who will never wake up. But more often than not, those that would rather collect a govt check than work for themselves are from the shallowest end of the gene pool. Let’s bring back natural selection. If you don’t take care of yourself… you starve. I’m OK with that. Too harsh? I don’t think so.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”If you don’t take care of yourself… you starve…….”

      And if you try to take mine from me, you won’t need to worry about starving………you’ll succumb to lead poisoning.

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