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Obama Leads By 9% In Poll Of 9% More Dems

From Fox News:

Fox News poll: Obama’s lead grows as Romney’s support slips

By Dana Blanton | Thursday August 09, 2012

Mitt Romney has had a tough couple of weeks on the campaign trail — and it shows in the latest Fox News poll. After a barrage of campaign ads, negative news coverage of his overseas trip and ongoing talk about his tax returns, Romney’s favorable rating and standing in the trial ballot have declined. As a result, President Obama has opened his biggest lead since Romney became the presumptive Republican nominee.

If this poll is accurate, then Obama has benefitted from a barrage of lies and smears that is unprecedented in modern US politics. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

But don’t worry, this poll is laughable. Americans must have more sense than this.

The president would take 49 percent of the vote compared to Romney’s 40 percent in a head-to-head matchup if the election were held today, the poll found.

It turns out that this Fox poll over-sampled Democrats by a whopping 9%. And, weirdly enough, Obama is said to be ahead by 9 points. What a coincidence, huh?

Last month, Obama had a four percentage-point edge of 45 percent to 41 percent…

Last month, Fox only oversampled Democrats by 4%. What another coincidence.

Obama’s advantage comes largely from increased support among independents, who now pick him over Romney by 11 percentage points. Some 30 percent of independents are undecided. Last month, Obama had a four-point edge among independents, while Romney had the advantage from April through early June

So calling Romney a tax cheat, a felon, a poisoner of children, and a murderer has not turned off the precious Independents? In fact, it has caused them to flock to the Obama campaign? Who says crime doesn’t pay?

But does this mean that the campaign experts have been wrong? And maybe it’s time for Romney to take the gloves off. Or, at least, finally put on the gloves and start to fight back.

Four voters in 10 say they are “extremely” interested in the race. Among just those voters, the candidates are tied at 48 percent each.

In other words, Obama is only pulling ahead (if at all) among ‘low information’ voters. That is to say, among ‘the stupids.’

The Obama campaign has spent heavily on advertising attacking Romney’s time at Bain Capital and his tax returns. And it appears to be working. Romney’s favorable rating dropped six percentage points since last month and now sits at 46 percent, down from 52 percent in mid-July. At the same time his unfavorable rating went up five points. Romney’s favorable rating has held steady among his party faithful, but it’s down eight percentage points among independents and seven points among Democrats

While Democrats typically hold a slight edge over Republicans nationally in party identification, this attitude shifts based on events and changing sentiment. These days, voters seem to be even more likely to consider themselves Democrats than Republicans. There has been a five percentage-point Democratic advantage, on average, in Fox News polls this year. In this poll, the Democratic edge is nine points. That may or may not be on the high side, although it is similar to other recent national polls conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, which puts Democrats up 11 percentage points and the Pew Research Center, with Democrats up by 13 percent.

This simply nonsense. During the 2008 election, the electoral breakdown was Democrat 39% Republican 32%. And Obama only beat McCain by 6%. In 2010 party identification was 35% for both Republican and Democrat.

But now we are supposed to believe that there are suddenly 9% more Democrats in the country than there were two years ago. After two years of the worst economic recovery in the nation’s history?

For the record, the latest Rasmussen poll has Romney up by 4%, and Gallup has Obama up by 2%. So where are the rest of these 9% hiding?

“The events of the past two weeks appear to have energized Democratic voters a bit," says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democratic pollster Chris Anderson

What events? The unprecedented smear campaign against Romney?

“But perhaps more critically, Romney’s support among independents has declined. The Obama campaign has — at least in the short-term — succeeded in raising questions about Romney’s fitness to govern and in making this less of a referendum and more of a choice election." …

The top reasons voters give for being uncomfortable with Romney include his positions on the issues, that he’s “phony,” he’s “out of touch,” he’s a Republican and he’s “for the rich.”

All of which are the points that Obama has been hammering in his attempt to suppress the blue collar white vote.

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4 Responses to “Obama Leads By 9% In Poll Of 9% More Dems”

  1. untrainable says:

    These polls mean nothing. The fact is that a steaming pile of dog s**t would have been a better president than Obama has been, and that with a steaming pile of cat s**t in the VP spot, it would be a s**t landslide. Romney just needs to bring himslef up to the popularity level of a steaming pile.

    Perspective is all important. Take a step back. I don’t particularly like Romney. He is kind robotic. He is removed from Joe Lunchbox’s world. He isn’t a particularly sympathetic character, at least on the surface.

    BUT SO WHAT?!! He is a successful business man with a true grasp of how the real world works. He has a proven record of success in his endeavors, business and political. He has a background that gives him the ability to lead, instead of “leading from behind”. He knows how to make decisions, and he knows there are consequences. There isn’t a better resume for what we need right now than Romney’s. If nothing else, the sheer terror I feel over even the possibility of a second term of Obama is enough for me to vote Romney.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Polls are sticking a finger in the air to see which way the winds are blowing

    Democrat polls stick their fingers somewhere else

    • JohnMG says:

      You’re right, GBJ. They have this habit of sticking their finger in their mouth, then sticking it in the air, then sticking it somewhere else, then repeating the process as often as deemed necessary. The results are as predictable as the methodology…….and just about as palatable.

      The reason they can’t see the truth is they keep poking themselves in the eye in the process.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Who cares what people from Poland think anyway?

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