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Obama Loves ‘Constructive’ Critics, But Ignores ‘Haters’

From Breitbart:

Obama Dismisses ‘Haters’

By Charlie Spiering | July 21, 2014

During a town hall with young people, President Obama explained how he deals with people who criticize him.

“I just don’t watch TV,” Obama joked, after he was asked about his critics during a town hall promoting the White House "My Brother’s Keeper" initiative.

We know Obama must be joking. Because previously he and his spokesflacks have told us he has only learned about his various scandals and policy failures by seeing them reported on TV.

Obama advised young people to listen to critics who actually had their interests at heart.

“Who gives you constructive criticism because they’re invested in the same things you are but maybe can see the things you can’t, versus folks who are just — what’d someone say — hatin’? Somebody just hatin’, just haters?” Obama said…

In other words, Obama says he only listens to criticism from people who are trying to accomplish the same goals he is trying to accomplish. That is to say, his fellow socialists. — This is the stuff of dictators — and lunatics.

Obama said that people should only focus on “constructive criticism.”

“One thing you should learn is, if somebody is being constructive in their criticism, usually they are not criticizing you, they’re criticizing your actions and what you do and are giving you something specific,” Obama said.

Specifically, in Obama’s case, ‘the constructive criticism’ is that he isn’t using his executive actions enough to bring about the revolution sooner.

Obama used a basketball metaphor to explain himself, comparing a coach who has specific goals for players versus a coach that tells a player they’re no good. “If they can’t, if all they’re saying is, ‘You’re not worth nothin,’ then that’s probably not something that you want to pay a lot of attention to,” Obama said. “Does that make sense?”

It’s like having a ‘hater’ racist basketball coach who won’t let you play because you ‘play black’ and he coaches ‘white.’

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