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Obama Made World Leaders Play Nuke War Game

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Merkel miffed at Barack Obama and David Cameron ‘nuclear war game’

By Bruno Waterfield, Peter Dominiczak and Nick Squires | 25 March 2014

David Cameron joined Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping and other world leaders to play a "nukes on the loose" war game to see how they would cope with a terrorist nuclear attack.

The German chancellor grumbled at being asked to play games and take tests with the Prime Minister, US and Chinese presidents around a table with dozens of heads of state at a nuclear summit in The Hague. Her complaints were overruled because Mr Obama was keen on the idea and in on the surprise.

Is he twelve?

In the war game, played out by actors in a series of short films, a terrorist attack with an atomic "dirty bomb" takes place in the financial heart of an unnamed but Western metropolis. "It could be the City of London, or Wall Street, Milan or anywhere", summit leaders were told.

Clearly, Obama thought they were talking about Manhattan. And this is why he said that a bomb in Manhattan was his number once concern.

He was convinced by a video game. Not from any uncovered terrorist attempts. No, a video game. — That is the kind of seasoned and deep-thinking leadership we have today.

As the scenario unfolded, it emerged that the terrorists are from an unidentified global terror network and they have stolen nuclear material from an unidentified country that had poorly secured its radiological and nuclear stockpiles.

The bomb is being built in a clandestine laboratory with stolen uranium. It is an improvised explosive device but deadly and the clock is ticking, the leaders were told. Hundreds of thousands of people could be about to die.

"They had to give an answer on their own, in real time. It was like a test. It put them on the spot. Should they inform the public or keep them in the dark," said a diplomatic source.

"Should they work with other countries or stand alone to try to thwart or minimise the attack? How should they make the cold calculation of how to get a more sustainable human cost in terms of deaths?"

Each world leader had a computer tablet with a touch screen options to make one of four responses to a series of four scenario films played by actors and mimicking the famous 1983 Cold War Hollywood thriller "War Games", where a computer hacker triggers a nuclear missile scare.

In a competitive environment, with a ticking clock, the leaders had to make rapid choices before the results were presented to the group, anonymously stripped of their identities and followed by discussion. Perhaps predictably at a world summit on nuclear security, the war game found that shared, collective international decisions were able to stop the terrorist network before they could actually build the dirty bomb.

Whew. We feel much safer now.

US officials said that the unconventional approach had been designed to give a "scare you to death" shock to make leaders seriously think about the security of nuclear materials.

But not everyone was happy about playing the war game with the grumbling led by Mrs Merkel who was unimpressed with role-playing at such a high-powered gathering.

She seems to have been the only grown-up in the room.

Mr Obama, who helped plan the game, overrode the moaning. He had Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, his lead national security adviser on the issue, helpfully by his side.

"Leaders had their doubts about participation on their own without their expert civil servants. It was about discussion and problem solving without leaders relying on written statements to read out. At the end the leaders were more enthusiastic," said a spokesman for the summit.

Yes, we are so reassured that our leaders are learning what to do in the case of a dirty bomb attack — from a video game.

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3 Responses to “Obama Made World Leaders Play Nuke War Game”

  1. heykev says:

    I believe that the only thing this President does well is spend my money. Here we are told that “the war game, played out by actors in a series of short films,” this is not free. I’m sure it was quite costly.

    Here’s some information for The Daily Mail in the UK about the cost of his trip:
    President Obama’s 24-hour stay in Brussels is costing Belgium $10.4 million in extra security…Usually those summits cost Brussels $690,000, ‘But this time round, you can multiply that figure by 20,’ said Brussels mayor, Yvan Mayeur.
    He has arrived with a 900-strong entourage and 45 vehicles transported in three cargo
    Presidential trips set the taxpayer back enormously. The Washington Post reported in June 2013, that the Obama family trip to Africa cost the government anywhere between $60 and $100 million.


    Why would anyone ever need 900 person entourage and 45 vehicles? Seeing as he’s the most technologically savvy President, why not have a teleconference and save the taxpayers. kidding

    Congress should cut all travel expenses for the President. Make him stay in town and work.

  2. canary says:

    So, what did Obama score? This isn’t quite the same as playing the bracket game.

    “They had to give an answer on their own, in real time.”
    “It was like a test.”
    “It put them on the spot.”

    No teleprompter?

    “Should they inform the public or keep them in the dark,” ?

    I’m sure Obama would choose to keep the public in the dark as they are hearded like cattle by the military.
    Eventually, he would tell the public “a criminal act occured”

  3. canary says:

    My mistake. Obama was the only one with help and from his new Defense Security advisor even though he made the game up..

    What the heck does this game question mean?

    “How should they make the cold calculation of how to get a more sustainable human cost in terms of deaths?”

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