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Obama Mandates Pill For Self-Insured Churches

From the New York Times:

U.S. Clarifies Policy on Birth Control for Religious Groups

March 16, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration took another step on Friday to enforce a federal mandate for health insurance coverage of contraceptives, announcing how the new requirement would apply to the many Roman Catholic hospitals, universities and social service agencies that insure themselves.

In such cases, the administration said, female employees and students will still have access to free coverage of contraceptives.

The coverage will be provided by the companies that review and pay claims — “third-party administrators” — or by “some other independent entity,” it said.

This is not even a fig leaf The coverage may be provided by "third party administrators," but it will be paid for by the religious groups.

Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, said the government would guarantee women access to contraceptives “while accommodating religious liberty interests.” …

And by "accommodating" she means forcing them to do things that are diametrically opposed to their religion.

President Obama had previously announced what he described as an “accommodation” for religiously affiliated organizations that buy commercial insurance but object, for religious reasons, to covering contraceptives and sterilization procedures. In these cases, the White House said, the insurer “will be required to provide contraception coverage to women free of charge.”

On Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services went a step further and said it would propose a similar requirement for group health plans sponsored by religious organizations that insure themselves.

The new proposal did not mollify Republicans in Congress

Really? How odd.

Administration officials said that final rules for “self-insured employers” would be issued after the November elections but before Aug. 1, 2013, when a transition period is scheduled to end.

A self-insured employer often hires a third-party administrator to handle claims for its employees, in return for fees paid by the employer. The new Obama policy leaves two big questions unanswered:

Who will provide the money to pay the claims for contraceptive drugs and devices? Who will pay the fees normally paid by the employer?

Secretary Sebelius said the money could come from pharmaceutical companies, which sometimes provide discounts to favored customers by paying rebates on drugs. These drug rebates could be used to help pay for contraceptive coverage if a religious organization objects to providing such coverage to employees, she said in a notice to be published next week in the Federal Register.

"Could"? That is a laughable fantasy.

Alternatively, Ms. Sebelius said, the federal Office of Personnel Management could encourage or require one or more private insurers to provide contraceptive coverage for people in a religious organization’s health plan. Under the 2010 health care law, the personnel office will sign contracts with at least two insurers to offer comprehensive coverage to individuals, families and small businesses in every state

More gobbledygook. The religious organizations will end up paying for this.

Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student at Georgetown University, created a stir last month when she spoke up in support of Mr. Obama’s birth control policy and lamented the fact that contraceptives were not covered under the student health plan there.

Ms. Fluke welcomed the new rule on Friday, but said she was disappointed that, under the Obama administration policy, “religiously affiliated schools and employers may delay a year before offering contraceptive coverage.” Ms. Fluke said colleges should not “delay what is now inevitable” and should provide contraceptive coverage as soon as possible.

And after all, Ms. Fluke is the expert. When she says ‘jump’ the religious colleges should just ask ‘how high’?

In a letter to the president of Georgetown University, John J. DeGioia, 66 members of the law school faculty said Friday that the university should address Ms. Fluke’s concerns and consider providing contraceptive coverage in the student health plan.

“The current policy puts student health at risk,” said M. Gregg Bloche, a professor at the law school, “and with our Jesuit tradition, we should be concerned about that."

What brazen liars these people are, even for law professors.

The vast majority of students, even including three year law students, are under the age of 26. So, thanks to Obama-Care, they can always be covered by their parents’ health insurance plans.

So nobody’ ‘health’ is at risk for not having insurance provided birth control pills or morning after (actually two months after) abortion pills.

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8 Responses to “Obama Mandates Pill For Self-Insured Churches”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Illustrating absurdity Liberalism with the absurd.

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”In a letter to the president of Georgetown University, John J. DeGioia, 66 members of the law school faculty said Friday that the university should address Ms. Fluke’s concerns………”

    I agree wholeheartedly. They should give this tool her money back and boot her sorry ass as far from their campus as is physically possible……..along with John J. DeGioia and the 66 members of the law school faculty who signed the letter. As an employer, I reserve the right to hire and fire anyone for cause, and/or to refuse service to anyone not meeting my standards.

    In my estimation, these idiots have painted HUGE targets on themselves, and are deserving of multiple self-inflicted wounds.

    P.S. tn. Liberalism and absurdity= a gold plated redundancy.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Events of late have reminded me that every outrageous outrage which the Left accuses Republicans/Conservatives/Capitalists/Religious of isn’t just kookish rambling demagoguery but also total psychological projection. It’s worth mocking and laughing at, but I can’t forget that the crazy thinking guides crazy behavior with serious consequences.

  3. P. Aaron says:

    So much for trying to honestly converse with the insane.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Again, not hearing peep 1 from the muslim corner of the religion world. Seems this diktat is only aimed at the Christian portion of the world and is ever more revealing about the power grabbing left.

    Also, though, it may be something that is in play for the supreme court argument about the mandate to purchase healthcare. The argument, spurious and dubious though it may be, would go something like this:

    “Well, we were involved with the Catholics getting birth control on their insurance plans..and “no one complained” so how can a health-insurance mandate be much/any different?”.

    And, although there are, of course, differences, the mechanics of making it happen by the de-facto dictator are really what’s at issue here.

    Thinking people know that. Reasonable people know that. But still, this whole thing will backfire on the national socialists.

  5. ezra says:

    Could anybody tell me:

    1. Which institutions are required (directly or indirectly) to provide coverage for prescription contraceptives?
    2. Does this coverage include the “morning after pill”?
    3. Are Muslims exempt from coverage that is mandated for Christians?

    Thank you.

  6. The Redneck says:

    What we need is for every Catholic in the country (and those of us who are not Catholic but understand what’s at stake) to make one simple statement:

    “President Obama has made his decision. Now let’s see him enforce it.”

  7. BillK says:

    The inability of women to stop having sex is what is “putting their health at risk.”

    If you’re not having sex, you don’t need contraception.

    But of course, we all know we’re just dumb animals and can’t help but fall into bed whenever the urge strikes.

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