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Obama May Be Most Transformative President Ever

From Powerline:

Obama on the verge of becoming one of America’s most successful presidents ever

By Paul Mirengoff | May 23, 2013

With so many scandals in the picture or looming, it’s easy to miss the fact that President Obama may soon become one of the most successful presidents in American history. I’m defining success as fulfilling Obama’s mission of substantially transforming America.

The Obama administration scandals matter because, to one degree or another, they involve scandalous conduct. But step back for moment. In 20 years, very few people will remember any of them.

By contrast, in 20 years — assuming that Obamacare sticks and Schumer-Rubio style immigration reform is enacted — Americans will constantly experience the impact of the Obama presidency.

Obamacare is an enormous deal. It directly affects about one-sixth of the U.S. economy. It directly affects not just our well-being, but also life and death. Arguably, it provides the most significant entitlement in American history, and certainly one of the top three. No entitlement enacted since 1964 comes close to matching it.

Enacting Schumer-Rubio style immigration reform would be just as impactful. It would radically transform America by ultimately leading to citizenship for (an estimated) 30 million or more Mexicans, nearly all of whom will be low-skilled individuals, and many of whom violated American law as their very first act in this country.

In reality, amnesty is far more transformative than Obama-Care. There is really no comparison. In fact, if Obama-Care were repealed tomorrow, once the Democrats have 30 million more voters, they will bring it back with a vengeance.

It is highly unlikely that these new citizens will assimilate successfully. Thus, America will be a far less unified country than it is today.

It is overwhelmingly likely that the vast majority of the new citizens will vote consistently for Democrats. It is virtually certain that they will not vote for conservative Republicans, as that designation is currently understood. Thus, America will not be anything close to a “center-right” country. If we are a “center” country, it will only be because the center moved significantly to the left.

Our country will be a government of ‘one party rule’ for generations. Every aspect of the radical left’s agenda will be rammed through Congress. Which is exactly the ‘transformation’ of America that Obama promised.

The economic impact of Schumer-Rubio is subject to legitimate debate, so I’m not going to include it in my analysis. But quite apart from immigration policy, the U.S. almost surely will either have an enormous debt problem or will have taxed the relatively well-to-do to the breaking point.

Either state of affairs will reflect another Obama administration “success” — its ability to fend off Republican efforts to reform entitlements and to bring about substantial cuts in government. And, with so many new underclass voters, it will be nearly impossible to reverse the rot.

In fact, it will be impossible to stop it from expanding, constantly. Until we are Greece, on steroids.

Name a U.S. president since Lincoln who has had more of an impact on America than that which I have just described. You could make a case for Reagan, but FDR is the only one I would agree on.

None come close. And we can only dream what the country would be like today if Reagan had been even one tenth this ‘successful.’

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2 Responses to “Obama May Be Most Transformative President Ever”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    For some reason I am reminded of this: http://www.ww2incolor.com/dramatic/weeping-frenchman.jpg.html

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Paul Mirengoff, sir … Obama’s days of bath houses are over. And he has Reggie Love. So, your tongue bath will not be reciprocated any time soon …

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