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Obama May Replace Emanuel With Daley

From a discreet Reuters:

Obama considers J.P. Morgan’s Daley as senior aide

By Caren Bohan Tue Jan 4, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama is considering tapping J.P. Morgan Chase executive William Daley for a senior role in the White House, possibly chief of staff, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday.

Daley is also a former commerce secretary. If he were chosen, the move would help satisfy a clamor in the business community to have greater representation for private industry within the administration

Yes, when you think of William Daley the first things that spring to mind are that he is a Chase bank executive and a former commerce secretary.

You also immediately think how he represents private industry. Or, at least, a kind of private industry.

Longtime Obama aide Pete Rouse is currently serving as interim chief of staff. He replaced Rahm Emanuel, who left the administration in October to enter the race for mayor of Chicago…

Daley served at Commerce during former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Daley would bring a breadth of experience in business, not just in the financial sector. He serves on the board of Boeing Co. and has served in the past as director at Merck and Co. He is also a past president of SBC Communications.

Yes, Mr. Daley certainly has "a breadth of experience."

J.P. Morgan spokesman Joe Evangelisti declined to comment…

In addition to his business experience, Daley would bring a long resume of political experience and a connection to Obama’s hometown, Chicago shared by other close aides to the president. Daley is a brother of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Huh. Who knew? Funny how Reuters didn’t get around to mentioning this until the penultimate sentence of its article.

In 2000, Daley served as chairman of Democrat Al Gore’s presidential campaign…

Where he proved himself to be the penultimate Sore Loser.

Still, we have to wonder why Mr. Obama doesn’t just do a one for one swap of Rahm Emanuel for Richard Daley. Why kid around with these halfway measures?

And where is Rod Blagojevich? Surely there must be a job for him in the Obama White House.

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4 Responses to “Obama May Replace Emanuel With Daley”

  1. proreason says:

    Why not just move the White House to Chicago?

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “Where is Rod Blagojevich? Surely there must be a job for him in the Obama White House.”

    Baghdad Bob won’t relinquish his job as ‘Joe the Liar’.
    I’m sure there’s a job as towel boy or court sweat wiper in the WH gym.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    I’ve written extensively about the Opium drug lord families of the Northeastern “Establishment” blue bloods and their penchant for inter-marriage amongst themselves …. aline from some of that analysis rings true here …. Keep The Family’s Value In The Family.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    The never-ending, rotating door of politics.

    Like comic book villians, they never truly retire. They always come back in another episode, break out of jail etc.

    Chelsea Clinton will be in politics, you watch. Bill Clinton will get the Nobel Prize —100% on that one, and they he will be EVERYWHERE, more than his is now! Some Kennedy will win a Congressional seat again, bringing back old Camelot. Jeb Bush is dormant, but will come out of his hole like a secada looking for work.

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