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Obama Medicare/Medicaid Cuts Total $820B

From a misleading Associated Press:

Obama’s health care cuts spread the pain

September 20, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Health care savings in President Barack Obama’s deficit-reduction plan would squeeze future Medicare recipients, cut payments to drug companies and hospitals, and shift costs to states.

Obama’s health care plan "spreads the pain" among a quarter of those receiving Medicare benefits. Who, we know, will be thrilled to learn that they are now considered to be ‘rich.’

Still, some advocates say the president’s approach is less painful than other major ideas being debated this year, from privatizing Medicare to letting the states run Medicaid without a federal guarantee that the poor would get needed care.

"This is a question of ‘compared to what?’" said John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, a research and advocacy group. "I would describe this as an attempt to spread the pain pretty broadly. While it does hit Medicare beneficiaries, it’s better than most of the alternatives we’ve seen thus far, which would involve bigger hits."

What a surprise. The radical leftwing National Coalition on Health Care, which is a Democrat and union front group that pushed hard for Obama-Care, approves Obama’s plan to increase Medicare taxes on ‘the rich’ – while at the same time cutting their benefits.

(For the record, NCHC’s coalition members include: the AFSCME, the American Federation of Teachers, the Children’s Defense Fund, the NAACP, the National Council of Churches, the National Education Association, and the National Council of La Raza.

One NCHC board member is John Sweeney, the former President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and former President of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). He is also a current member of the Democratic Socialists of America.)

Under the president’s plan, starting in 2017:

Upper-income beneficiaries would pay higher monthly premiums for outpatient and prescription coverage. Eventually about a quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries would be hit with the higher income-related premiums that only a small share of seniors now pay.

Note that now "a quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries" are considered to be "upper income" – that is, ‘rich.’

Newly signed-up beneficiaries would pay a penalty if they also purchase private insurance that covers all or most of Medicare’s copayments and deductibles. Administration officials say such insurance encourages over-treatment.

Why punish people who buy private supplement health insurance? Except to try to make everyone dependent on the government? Which is always job one for Mr. Obama and the Democrats.

New beneficiaries would pay a $100 copayment for home health services, unless they have just been discharged from a hospital or nursing home.

New beneficiaries would pay a higher annual deductible for outpatient services. The so-called Part B deductible, currently $162, is indexed for inflation. It would go up by $25 for new enrollees in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Again, these people will now be penalized for being responsible enough to have bought a private health insurance plan that would over such fees and deductibles.

"You can’t reduce the deficit without making some people pay more or get less," said Paul Van de Water, a senior analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which advocates for the poor. "If you think there should be no cuts in Medicare, anywhere, then this obviously goes too far. If, at the end of the day, you recognize that they have to make some further reductions, then these are about the best you can do."

What a shock. Another radical left wing front group approves of Mr. Obama’s Medicare cuts on ‘the rich.’ But notice how far down you have to read in this article before you hear any objections to Mr. Obama’s brilliant plan:

Try telling that to the pharmaceutical industry. Obama’s plan would cut their payments by $135 billion over 10 years, accounting for more than one-third of his total health care savings. The president wants drug makers to pay rebates to Medicare, along the lines of what they now pay Medicaid. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America says it would lead to the loss of thousands of jobs in the industry.

Mr. Obama probably hasn’t noticed that (non-meth) drug makers are going out of business all over the country. Or maybe he has noticed that, and he wants to speed up the process.

But this will of course drive up the costs of medicine for all of us.

Hospitals and nursing homes, slated for a mix of cuts and efficiency measures, are also complaining. The American Hospital Association says if Obama’s plan becomes law, hospitals and related businesses would lose 200,000 jobs by 2021.

What’s all this talk about jobs being lost? This is all part of Mr. Obama’s historic jobs bill. It’s not possible that it could cause any jobs to be lost.

And speaking of burying the bad news, notice what is put in the second to the last paragraph of this long AP article:

All told, Obama’s plan would cut Medicare by $248 billion over 10 years and squeeze another $72 billion from Medicaid

And this is on top of the $500 billion that Obama is already slashing from Medicare to pay for Obama-Care. So we are talking about a grand total of $820 billion dollars in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Does anybody remember the grief that Paul Ryan’s reform plan got for his extremely modest and sensible plan to reform Medicare? But the left and the news media love Mr. Obama’s plan, since it is aimed at the so-called rich who just happen to be one quarter of all Medicare recipients.

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8 Responses to “Obama Medicare/Medicaid Cuts Total $820B”

  1. River0 says:

    It’s time we come to grips with the truth: Obama and his Dem/crypto-Marxist minions have one mission: to sow chaos,collapse, racial strife, misery, and dissension worldwide. Everything he touches goes to hell.

    If only we could persuade him to promote China, Russia, and our other adversaries.

    • Right of the People says:

      That’s been the boy king’s goal from day one. Barry the Bastard hates every good thing America stands for and wants to see us on the dame level as the third world sh*thole the sperm donor who impregnated the female who bore him came from. I’m sure if you shaved his head you’d find 666 on his noggin!

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Reducing costs?

    Let’s start with the simple unassailable, Constitutional fact that We The People reserved unto ourselves the right to print and coin our own National currency without cost of interest.

    Current tab we’re running at the Bank that loans us THEIR currency (instead of minting our own) –

    August $21,613,820,400.21
    July $26,645,554,967.44
    June $110,536,850,221.63
    May $30,858,726,707.77
    April $28,895,123,159.28
    March $24,460,282,823.69
    February $21,759,253,957.26
    January $21,122,729,715.18
    December $104,700,174,845.03
    November $19,396,316,137.56
    October $24,142,491,931.22
    Fiscal Year Total $434,131,324,866.27

    Now, let’s add in the projected annual Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement numbers projected for 2011

    Projected – $180 billion (boy is that a fake number right there)

    Then let’s look at the annualized numbers projected for station-keeping missions We The People are funding for American military presence in 157 nations, as the world’s Global Police and Meals on Wheels –

    Authorized by Congress – $1.28 trillion (if you think that’s real amount spent … )

    Next, let’s look at projected FY 2011 Foreign Aid

    $60 billion (above the surface)

    Black Budgets?

    Don’t ask

    So, really, if we resumed circulation of our own Constitutional currency, free of interest, managed our affairs like a responsible business and came down on fraud, waste and abuse of the company’s budget like good shareholders, got the hell out of being the world’s policemen, nation builders and Government-Overthrowers, and stopped looting the American citizen to send billions to tyrants and despots under the rubric of “foreign aid” …. well, sir …

    Mr. Obama, we’d have a surplus of $2.5 trillion.

    (insert your impotent outrage here)

    IMPOTENT??? How dare you?

    Because you know what it’s going to take to rid ourselves of this evil.

    You just don’t want to take that final step, yet.

    Until then, you’re impotent. And they keep bending us over.

  3. bousquem says:

    These new ideas for cuts are just going to be more bad medicine. While I’m sick of hearing the medicare beneficiaries whine about “being on a fixed income” with their prescriptions but have money to hit the casinos the next state over every week or so, increasing premiums and then charging a penalty for people who want to get extra coverage because “it will encourage over treatment?” How about they take a hard look at how medicaid operates in screwing over the providers for alot of things. There is no incentive to go and wait for your PCP (primary care provider) but instead just head down to the local ER for every sniffle and cough. If they want some tylenol for their kids, well lets run up a huge bill for ER visits for the whole posse of family and kids to get a couple tylenol scripts so medicaid will pay for it all. Even better is the state I work in as a pharmacist is changing the rules in a month so that we can’t deny people their prescriptions if they are on medicaid and can’t and/or don’t want to pay their copays which have gone from $0.50 to now about $3 a script if the “patient” is 19 years old or younger. I give it a couple of months before everyone is denying they have the money for their prescriptions and now the pharmacy has to eat the cost of all those scripts which sadly for a couple of stores in my district constitutes probably 40-50% of the business which medicaid already pays pennys on the dollar. I can just imagine the doctor’s offices also get screwed over with reimbursment rates on this. I knew a couple of years ago it was almost impossible to find a specialist like a dermatologist in VT that took state insurance because they didn’t pay anything. One of the large hospitals in the state also stopped taking elective surgery patients with NY medicaid as they were not being payed anything for the surgeries by medicaid.

    Also on the idea of drug rebates, the medicaid program in my state only pays for certain brands of vitamins, aspirin, tylenol because the state recieves a “rebate” from the manufacture, which to me seems more like a kick back to only use that brand. I also love all the people who come in and get angry because medicaid doesn’t want to pay for brand name X when you can get the generic or use something similar at a fraction of the cost but the patient only wants Brand X because that is what all their friends or that is what is on TV so that must be the only thing that works, regardless that it costs $400 a month where you can get a similar medication for say a cost of $50 a month.

  4. proreason says:

    How much does it cost to preserve a life? My guess is that, from the perspective of Medicare, probably a life is cut short for every $100,000 not spent. Of course, this could be wildly off in either direction. But at least it’s a number.

    So if you think that is in the ballpark, ObamyScare will kill 8,200,000 people before their time. Some of those people are reading this.

    Now you know what it is all about.

    That’s 820 billions available to redistribute to people who will vote for Obamy and other marxists for decades, because if you are reading this, you won’t be.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Interesting observation, pro.
      Kinda like killing the ‘Golden Goose’ because after the fact that these deaths are among those who do (or did) pay their taxes.
      So to speak…….

    • GetBackJack says:

      Pro – read this – http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/17918/

      American hospitals have devised a scheme to guarantee they never get stuck with an unpaid bill. It’s called guardianship.

      Thinking of checking into a hospital? Think again. You may never see home again.

      Ginger Franklin, Hendersonville, Tennessee, fell down the stairs in her condo and suffered a bump on her head. She was declared “temporarily mentally incapacitated” and a guardian was appointed through the courts. Within six weeks, the guardian had sold Franklin’s home, car, furniture, and drained her bank account. Today,Franklin has her freedom back, but she is having to start all over.

      Michael Kidd, 72, of Richardson, Texas, fell in his yard and broke a hip. Now, he is living in Countryside Nursing Home with his wife. Both were removed from their home when the state of Texas petitioned the courts claiming that the Kidds were mentally incompetent. Their house sits vacant and neglected, with rotting food still remaining in the refrigerator. The Kidds have been confined to a single room in the nursing home, while the state appointed guardian burns through their money an gives them a mere $60 a month spending allowance which they have been using to buy “real” food.

      Read the whole thing.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Aren’t these the same foxtrotters that swore the GOP was gonna kill grandma and grandpa with Medicare cuts?
    I guess it’s okay to kill the old folks if dingleBarry gives them the kiss of death…….himself.

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