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Obama Met Sebelius Once Before O-Care Launch

From Breitbart:

One Private Meeting Between President, Sebelius in 3.5 Years Leading Up to Obamacare Launch

By Wynton Hall | December 4, 2013

A stunning new study unveiled on Fox News’ Hannity finds that President Barack Obama’s White House calendar records just one face-to-face meeting between Obama and his Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the more than three-and-a-half years leading up to the disastrous Obamacare launch.

The startling statistic comes from a new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) analysis of Obama’s own official White House calendar, as well as the Politico presidential calendar, and raises new questions about Obama’s executive leadership and management throughout the implementation of his singular legislative achievement.

More alarming still, the president’s schedule lists 277 private meetings with 16 other Cabinet secretaries in the same time span from Obamacare’s March 23, 2010 signing to November 30, 2013…

According to the GAI report, technically, the official White House calendar contains zero meetings with Sebelius, as it only reaches back to July 12, 2010. GAI researchers then used the Politico presidential calendar to assess listings between Obamacare’s signing (March 23, 2010) and the first date listed on the White House’s calendar (July 12, 2010). The study also analyzed the entirety of the Politico calendar from March 23, 2010 to November 30, 2013 and found a single mention of an April 21, 2010 joint meeting between Obama, then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Sebelius.

In a November 14th press conference, Obama claimed he “was not informed directly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to.” …

Gee, how did that happen?  In any case, it looks like Obama was trying to establish plausible deniability: ‘I wasn’t told about that.’ No wonder. He’s not responsible.

But, lest we forget, we learned via the Washington Post back in September 2010 that Obama had skipped out on more than half of his daily Presidential briefings. So it’s pretty clear that Obama doesn’t want to do the job of being President. He just wants to fund and glamour of playing at President.

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3 Responses to “Obama Met Sebelius Once Before O-Care Launch”

  1. Petronius says:

    He was probably too busy meeting with the guy from SEIU or meeting with the illegal aliens.

    But would it have really made any difference if Nerobama had met with Sebelius?

    After all, he sat in a pew in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church every Sunday for twenty years and never heard a thing.

    He met with Bill Ayers any number of times, but denies he ever knew the man.

    He taught a course on Constitutional law but doesn’t know anything about the Constitution or the law.

    For that matter he doesn’t know anything about American history, American exceptionalism, capitalist economics, or how jobs are created.

    In fact, he doesn’t seem to know anything at all about what’s been happening in his regime––didn’t know about Fast & Furious, about Benghazi, about punishing whistleblowers, about the IRS targeting his “enemies,” about NSA spying on foreign leaders and ordinary Americans, about the Senate not being in recess when he made his recess appointments, about Solyndra or Light Squared, about the shakedown of BP, about avowed communists and child predators working in the White House, and he always seems to forget which foreign countries are America’s allies and which ones are enemies.

    In fact, the list of stuff this man doesn’t know would choke a horse.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Eh-eh-eh … hold on there. We’re told Sebelius only met once. Where’s the Evidence? Oh, Official White House logs? Who will swear in a Court of Law upon pain of perjury those Logs are accurate and authentic?

    Point being .. we don’t know anything, and there’s no way to get at the Facts.

  3. The Redneck says:

    Sebelius earned her liberal stripes by destroying evidence to help Planned Parenthood cover up child-rapes.

    When you’ve got credentials like that, there’s no need to meet you.

    For a liberal, that’s like asking Michaelangelo to paint something for you. You’ve seen his work, you know his work is exactly what you want–why bother with a drawn-out interview process?

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