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Obama-Motors Volt Catches Fire – Again

From Connecticut’s Hartford Courant:

Firefighters, GM Engineers Return As Chevrolet Volt Smolders In Garage Destroyed Last Week In Fire

April 18, 2011

Engineers from General Motors Corp. and insurance representatives investigating whether a Chevrolet Volt or its charging station caused a fire last week that destroyed a garage in Barkhamsted were surprised Monday when the unplugged hybrid electric car began smoldering, four days after the early morning blaze.

Well, they can’t blame lightning, since it never strikes twice in the same spot.

Firefighters returned to the garage about 6 a.m. Monday after smoke emerged from underneath the Volt. The car had not been moved since last Thursday’s fire, which also destroyed a second vehicle, a 1987 Suzuki Samurai that the Volt’s owner had converted to electric power, fire officials said. GM engineers were back in Barkhamsted Monday night to reinspect the vehicle.

"The rekindle this morning really adds to the mystery," Barkhamsted Fire Marshal Bill Baldwin said Monday.

So the Chevy Volt runs out of juice after 50 miles and it burns down your house? — No wonder it isn’t selling like hot cakes.

The owner, identified as Storm Connors, is a volunteer firefighter who lists his occupations as a training consultant at Teracom Training Institute and a magician and clown.

Perhaps Mr. Connors should just break down and buy a real clown car.

A YouTube video and other information online describe his interest in electric vehicles and how he converted the Suzuki Samurai to run on electricity.

Perhaps he is just a volunteer fireman around the house.

In an online electric-vehicle album, Connors says his wife calls it "Sparky."

We can think of some other names for these cars. In fact, doesn’t GM already have the Blazer?

The Volt and the Suzuki had been plugged in for recharging last Thursday when a fire broke out in the homeowner’s attached garage on Center Hill Road. Connors could not be reached for comment Monday.

"We still remain pretty confident that the blaze was not started by the Volt," Rob Peterson, a GM spokesman, said Monday. He said that GM has not had any similar problems with Volts

"The vehicles had been left in the garage for investigators and insurers to review when a second incident occurred [Monday]," Doug Parks, GM’s global electric vehicle executive, said in a statement Monday. "Smoke was seen coming from the damaged Volt and the fire department responded quickly."

Parks said the automaker’s engineers have inspected the Volt, and their findings indicate that the vehicle was damaged by the fire, but was not the cause.

"While the Volt’s battery pack sustained damage, it was not extensive enough or of the type that would suggest that it caused the fire," Parks said. "In addition, there is clear evidence based on moderate damage to the cord set and charging system that neither component caused the fire." …

And why wouldn’t we just take the word of "GM’s global electric vehicle executive"?

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10 Responses to “Obama-Motors Volt Catches Fire – Again”

  1. Right of the People says:

    So both were “Acts of God”? Maybe our lord and savior is trying to tell clowns like this guy something, electric cars aren’t safe nor practical.

    Anything that comes from Government Motors has to be suspect.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Gaia’s having fun at the expense of her faithful again.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is perhaps the best thing to support the gay agenda. I mean, think of it, driving around in a pink Chevy Volt that actually has flame coming from it. The possibilities are endless!

  4. JohnMG says:

    Just think how much money this guy is saving by going “electric”, once you deduct the cost of a new home with a (hopefully detached) garage. Not to mention that all that electricity comes out of those little thingy-s in the wall.

    And the claims adjuster, and the contractor who gets to build the new home, and the salvage yard operator that gets the flash-fried autos(?)……they become one of the legions of workers whose jobs have been created or saved by Obama’s administration. No wonder they want everyone to drive a new Volts-wagen.

  5. oldpuppydixie says:

    Hussein never lies, so obviously his stolen corporation wouldn’t either.

  6. canary says:

    Did Doug Parks, GM’s global electric vehicle executive forget about the news last month?

    “While the Volt’s battery pack sustained damage, it was not extensive enough or of the type that would suggest that it caused the fire,” Parks said

    There is much information specifically the Volt’s battery problem, along with all electric cars. Nice they are working with chemicals to solve the already poisonous lithium battery problem.

    USA Today: GM CEO calls Toyota Prius ‘geek-mobile,’ wants to pay execs more
    Dec 10 2010
    by James R. Healey

    EV1 was GM’s first modern electric, leased through Saturn dealers in the late 1990s. GM found it had a problem, not quickly or easily fixable, that gave it the potential to catch fire during recharging.

    Critics accused GM of deliberately killing the electric car. GM says EV1 was a valuable test bed that contributed ideas and technology to the Chevy Volt.

    Also, the car wouldn’t have been able to meet tightening government safety standards.


    Lots more info out there on Volts and other electric autos.

    I’d be telling any GM, CZAR, Exec, to get the heck off my property. They are there for only bad reasons and not experts or insurers.

  7. Chase says:

    Seems to me Chairman O ought to be plugging these Volts by riding around nearly flat downtown D.C. in one.

    Up-armored, it ought to get him to at least the Old Post Offfice Bldg….

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