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Obama Near Record Low Approval Rating

From the Washington Times:

EDITORIAL: Barack’s in the basement

Obama is less popular than Nixon and Carter

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES | Tuesday, April 28, 2009

President Obama’s media cheerleaders are hailing how loved he is. But at the 100-day mark of his presidency, Mr. Obama is the second-least-popular president in 40 years.

According to Gallup’s April survey, Americans have a lower approval of Mr. Obama at this point than all but one president since Gallup began tracking this in 1969. The only new president less popular was Bill Clinton, who got off to a notoriously bad start after trying to force homosexuals on the military and a federal raid in Waco, Texas, that killed 86. Mr. Obama’s current approval rating of 56 percent is only one tick higher than the 55-percent approval Mr. Clinton had during those crises.

As the attached chart shows [sic], five presidents rated higher than Mr. Obama after 100 days in office. Ronald Reagan topped the charts in April 1981 with 67 percent approval. Following the Gipper, in order of popularity, were: Jimmy Carter with 63 percent in 1977; George W. Bush with 62 percent in 2001; Richard Nixon with 61 percent in 1969; and George H.W. Bush with 58 percent in 1989.

It’s no surprise the liberal media aren’t anxious to point out that their darling is less popular than George W. Bush. But given the Gallup numbers, their hurrahs could be more subdued. USA Today’s front page touted the April poll results as positive, with the headline: "Public thinks highly of Obama." The current cover of Newsweek magazine ponders "The Secret of His [Mr. Obama’s] Success." The comparison with previous presidents is useful because they are usually popular during their first few months in office – and most presidents have been more popular than Mr. Obama.

The explanation for Mr. Obama’s low approval is that he ran as a moderate but has governed from the far left. The fawning and self-deceiving press won’t go there. On Sunday’s "Meet the Press," host David Gregory asked a panel about critics who "would say one of the things that he’s done in 100 days already is expand the role of government, the size of government." Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin claimed, "That’s what he ran for the presidency in the first place for."

Perplexed about complaints over Mr. Obama’s expansion of government, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham asked: "does no one listen during campaigns?"

It was these pundits who weren’t paying attention during last year’s campaign. In all three presidential debates, Mr. Obama promised to cut government spending and reduce the size of the deficit. He blamed the economic crisis on excessive deficits. At no time did candidate Barack Obama say that more deficit-spending was the solution.

Mr. Obama’s popularity after 100 days is the second-lowest for a simple reason: He is more partisan and divisive than his predecessors – including Richard Nixon.

This is really more of a legitimate news report than an editorial.

But isn’t it funny how conservative news outlets put actual news in their editorials, and how the other side pass off their editorials as news?

(Thanks to Franco for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “Obama Near Record Low Approval Rating”

  1. catie says:

    Didn’t Doris Kearns Goodwin get in some trouble for plagiarism a few years back? And as for Jon Meacham, O’Reilly had him on last night and he would not denounce the editorial the NYT ran this past Sunday showing the Statue of Liberty with a whip so there is obviously a void there that he cannot overcome but I digress. . .
    When I read this this morning in the Washington Times, I was a bit surprised it wasn’t on the front or at least the third page. I think it it is quite interesting that his approval letters are so low. He did run a debate pretending to be a conservative and frankly that’s all many people paid attention to. Most of us have jobs to do and weren’t able to go to his campaign rallys. I don’t know what debate those two were watching but it wasn’t the same one most Americans watched. The MSM did a great job of hiding what his real agenda was during the campaign focusing on the hope and change mantra and how mean conservatives were.
    OT: my father will soon be 80 and we’re having a party for him. I just received an RSVP from my cousin who told me he didn’t mind having his taxes increased to help the poor and down trodden. He got mad at me because I told him that he should give his money to charity instead. Of course he didn’t like that and told me that kids like my daughter and Sarah Palin’s son really need to be euthanized as they were such a drain on the government. Of course his son his a loser, drug addict, and has been in and out of jail a number of times and cannot get a decent job or a job with benefits. He feels the government should take care of loser 30 year old son with children out of wedlock. If I live to be 100, I will never figure out liberals.

    • proreason says:

      catie: “euthanized”? wow.

      You know, I always say that the whole “debate” about torture is really about power, because liberals would gladly pull your finngernails out if that would help gain control over your life.

      Your cousin proves my point.

      Your cousin also proves my point that liberals are criminals voting for like kind.

      The whole anti-war thing is a charade as well. What they mean is they are anti YOUR war.

    • catie says:

      Pro, this guy is the ultimate in scum. My folks took him, his two sisters and mother in for three years a month before I was born but he did make a point to say “euthanized” instead of gunned down.

    • Howard Roark says:

      I’ll tell ya’, Catie, I’d volunteer to “help” your cousin down a flight of stairs if I lived near you.

    • jobeth says:

      Catie, I’m going through much the same thing with my cousin, who accused me of racism for not voting for Obalmy and I get screamed at by a church “friend” because of “torture”.

      I think I had a real break down today with all that is happening (politically) today….and every day. I just sat and cried. This stuff isn’t the only thing that is bothering me but this is by far the worse.

      Everything else I can work on and have power over if I just apply it.

      What is going on right now in Washington is something I have no control over at all. (Other than my one little vote and my one small voice)

      These libs drive me crazy they are so stupid and blind. If it wasn’t so serious and all this happening so fast, I wouldn’t be so “crazy”.

      I’m beginning to feel a LOT like Beck now… :-)

      Talk about ridding the world of the “wrong” kind of people….I have a button that says…”Stupid people shouldn’t breed!” That includes your cousin, my cousin and my “friend” at church. They are losers by choice,

      You, Gov. Palin and I as well as many others who have children in their families who have what the world views as mental or emotional or physical deficits know how much these children bless us. How much WE get from THEM. How much we LEARN from them.

      My own husband contracted polio as a baby in England in the late 40s. If Hitler had won the war in England, he would have been euthanized. A more kind, hard working man cannot be found. Yet in some eyes HE should have been killed and losers like you mentioned are to be spared. Nuts…just plain nuts.

      Pro…The other day you told me that you didn’t get into get into what constituted torture much. I had some problem understanding your answer because I am by nature a problem solver. That means I tackle what I perceive is the base of the problem…ie what constitutes torture.

      Reading your answer today and coupling that with all that has been going on with me today and my crying jag from frustration…your answer makes perfect sense to me now.. That’s at least the second time I’ve read your comments, and had to ponder them for a while, then understood. Keep up with your wisdom kiddo, we need you.

      Sorry Steve if my comments were slightly off target, but I really need to share this stuff today….Its been a hard day for me.

    • proreason says:

      jobeth, first, thanks for that wonderful complement. I always find your posts interesting as well. This site is blessed to have a lot of female posters who bring in the better side of conservatism.

      I noticed your comment about your husband’s polio. Mrs. Reason was read last rights in an iron lung when she was eleven years old. She beat that one but has had to struggle with the aftermath of polio for her entire life. It destroys the muscles as you know, and the survivors all learned to use muscles designed for different purposes. Late in life, THAT coping mechanism fails and brings back all the pain and agony again. In June, she will have another operation that we hope will give her some relief from the pain. Whether it does or not, she will never give up. Never.

      She cannot be defeated. I’ll bet your husband is the same way. Having survived a horror like that, polio survivors become unstoppable. They are amazing people, and testaments to the power of determination.

      (ps: she loathes Obamy. Saw where he was coming from the first minute.)

  2. BatK says:

    The truth at last

  3. U NO HOO says:

    Good morning, Joe the Plumber, what did BHO say to you?

    “Spread the wealth?”

    Do dat meen big guvmint massa?

  4. proreason says:

    When Obama’s popularity ratings are in the 30’s, the MSM will be comparing the ratings to some point when Bush’s were lower, and they will be emphasizing the rock-solid commitment of his voters fans.

  5. Confucius says:

    Terrific news. And such good timing. Right before Obama’s pep rally Wednesday night.

  6. madmax says:

    This president is so arrogant, he makes Clinton look humble. All he needs is a leather fedora with a large feather and some gold chains. Pride comes before the fall, elections happen in the Fall, and maybe at the rate obomber is pimping, Americans will find some real leaders next year.

    Hitler was a comunity organizer, too.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Wait for the, “Even Jesus was unpopular.” defense.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Does the Pimp Daddy know his numbas be dat low?
    What this man(?) needs is another crisis to put those #s up!!
    Lets’ see……….
    Banks? Noooooo
    Businesses? Nooooo
    Swine Flu? Nooooo
    Global Warming? Nooooooo
    Tarp $$? Nooooo
    Illegals? Noooo
    Homosexuals? Noooooo
    Afganistan? Nope
    Jay Walkers? Hey…..we may just have our next crisis!

    That is if we don’t implode first.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      LD, you missed some:

      DED: Department of Extinguishing of Defense

      FLIM FLAM : Federal Liberation Initiative Movement For Large Ass Mammies

      TWIRPPP: Typical White Independent Republican Persons Penalty Program

  9. TwilightZoned says:

    “President Obama’s media cheerleaders are hailing how loved he is. But at the 100-day mark of his presidency, Mr. Obama is the second-least-popular president in 40 years.”

    Finally, some sanity in an insane press.

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