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Obama Not Comfortable Regulating Fat

First, we take note of this government report by way of the amanuenses at Reuters:

Obesity costs US $211b

July 28, 2009

CHICAGO – OBESITY-RELATED diseases account for nearly 10 per cent of all medical spending in the United States or an estimated US$147 billion (S$211 billion) a year, US researchers said on Monday.

They said obese people spend 40 per cent more – or US$1,429 more per year – in healthcare costs than people of normal weight.

‘It is critical that we take effective steps to contain and reduce the enormous burden of obesity on our nation,’ Dr Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, told a news conference at a CDC obesity meeting where the study was presented.

‘Reversing obesity is not going to be done successfully with individual effort,’ Dr Frieden said. ‘It will be done successfully as a society.’

The CDC outlined 24 new recommendations on how communities can combat obesity in their neighbourhoods and schools by encouraging healthier eating and more exercise.

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labour and Pensions committee and chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, said the report underscores why prevention and wellness efforts must be part of any plan to reform the US health system.

‘Report after report shows that if we fail to take meaningful steps now on prevention of chronic disease like obesity, healthcare costs will continue to spiral out of control,’ Sen Harkin said in a statement.

And yet we also have to note that even Mr. Obama himself wrote in his second autobiography, The Audacity Of Hope, page 36:

Sometimes finding the right balance is relatively easy. We all agree, for instance, that society has a right to constrain individual freedom when it threatens to do harm to others. The First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater; your right to practice your religion does not encompass human sacrifice. Likewise, we all agree that there must be limits to the state’s power to control our behavior, even if it’s for our own good.

Not many Americans would feel comfortable with the government monitoring what we eat, no matter how many deaths and how much of our medical spending may be due to rising rates of obesity.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama did speak about everyone having skin in the game.

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12 Responses to “Obama Not Comfortable Regulating Fat”

  1. Well, perhaps our Dear Leader will have revised thoughts on this subject in his budget numbers delayed third book, “A Paucity of Good Ideas”.

  2. Yarddog1 says:

    I believe technically (and most certainly intellectually) he has no business trying to regulate anything. But I keep forgetting that the Constitution is not significant anymore.

    But, if they are going to regulate, why not regulate being sorry and being leeches on society? Certainly those who won’t produce (work) are detrimental to the society as a whole. While we are talking about the cost, why not figure out how much irresponsible people cost us and eliminate them, if not from society, from the dole? I never hear anything about this. Of course if the Dems addressed the real problems of society, they would lose their voter base.

  3. Petronius says:

    According to Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reversing obesity will not be done with individual effort. Rather, “It will be done successfully as a society.”

    Dr. Tom Frieden is, of course, America’s foremost advocate on behalf of the soybean and social healing. Noting the soybean’s potential as an instrument for a more just and equitable society, he advised attendees at the CDC obesity conference that, “The soybean is a much more sturdy, nutritious, and economical plant than all the extravagant foods which our wasteful, self-indulgent, and corpulent citizens have come to expect in their diet. Soybeans make an excellent substitute for bread, cereals, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, nuts, potatoes, jello, peanut butter, pizza, refried beans, mayonnaise, moon pies, Twinkies, Kalamari, and corn chips, and if we were compelled to adopt soybeans as our staple diet, it would solve the national health care crisis and the obesity crisis at a single stroke.”

    Vice President Joe Biden earnestly applauded Dr. Frieden’s remarks. Biden added his own impassioned plea: “It’s time to be patriotic. Time to be part of the deal. Time for everyone to have skin in the game. Time to get involved with the soybean diet, and help get America out of the obesity rut.”

    In a thoughtful conclusion, Dr. Tom observed that, “The inhabitants of the People’s Republic of China have thrived on the soybean for centuries. There is a great deal that we Americans can learn from the peoples of the Orient.”

    • Right of the People says:

      I’ve heard they taste like chicken or was that liberals?

    • Petronius says:

      For chicken-Liberal flavor please see Liberals Demise’s priceless comment at 1:16 pm below.

      Dr Tom’s own line of soybean products are marketed in a wide variety of flavors such as bubble gum, coconut squash, beef jerky, and pepperoni pizza. He recently introduced “Mrs. Robinson’s Summertime Soy Patty,” a delightful blend of barbecue chicken, baked beans, potato salad, Bud Light, and watermelon flavors. Health-conscious food shoppers can find it in the garden supplies aisle at Home Depot.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Obama Not Comfortable Regulating Fat”

    Hell .. seen his wife .. my bad.

    Finally .. we found something that doesn’t have to be regulated TODAY.

  5. proreason says:

    I can’t help but wonder.

    What is the % of obesity in the population of say, conservative voters, vs the % of obesity in say, Obamy’s Acorn voting masses?

    Not to suggest that Mr. Obamy sould consider politics in any way, shape or manner with any of his plans to scientifcally improve our national health, while at the same time saving megatons of money..

    Because, of course, obese Acorn organizers would be more than happy to lose weight to support their hero and receive free medical attention. No chance that their votes would be affected by the lifelong smoker and genitically pre-determined lean body-type POTUS imposing weight-related penalties on them. On no. They are certainly LOOKING FORWARD to slimming up to support their hero..

  6. catie says:

    Will they be providing automatic gastric bypass or lap band surgery? Although, honestly I saw Heart last year (the day before Sarah Palin was announced ironically) and I can honestly say Ann Wilson’s lap band was a failure. I had seen them in the Fall of 1982 & she looked exactly the same as she did then. I saw her on “60 Minutes” and she was discussing the surgery. Perhaps though, it is her pent up hatred of conservative women that is making her hold on to that weight.

    • jobeth says:

      “Will they be providing automatic gastric bypass or lap band surgery?”

      I was thinking along the same lines…LOL.

      Seriously though…do we want to mess up our bodies the way Obalmy is messing up our government and lives?

      I certainly need to lose a few..(well…maybe more than a few…shhhhh…) but the last thing I need is to mess up my body….Obalmy is trying to find ways of getting rid of me now…! He won’t want to fix THAT mess if it goes bad…and they do…often! Naw…I just need to push away from the table and put a pad lock on the frige LOL

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