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Obama’s (Not So) ‘Humble’ Childhood Vacation

From an unquestioning ABC News:

Obama Recalls Humble Childhood Vacations

By Mary Bruce | Jul 6, 2012

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – With Mitt Romney spending the week at his multi-million-dollar Lake Winnipesaukee vacation manse, President Obama reminisced about his humbler family vacations as a child – part of his attempt to better relate to working-class voters during his two-day campaign swing through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

For the record Mr. Romney bought that “manse” with his own hard earned money.

“I remember my favorite vacation when I was a kid, traveling with my mom and my grandma and my sister, and we traveled the country on Greyhound buses, railroads. And once in a while we’d rent a car, not that often, and stay at Howard Johnsons,” Obama told supporters at Carnegie Mellon University.

“Didn’t matter how big the pool was; if there was a pool, I’d jump in. I was 11 years old, and I was excited just to go to the vending machine and get the ice bucket and get the ice,” he told the crowd.

See how differently Obama portrayed this vacation in his first autobiography, ‘Dreams From My Father,’ below.

Not exactly jet skis on Winnipesaukee. Hint, hint…

Jet skis are not the exclusive province of the rich.

The president continually said that his story embodies the American Dream.

Huh? Mr. Obama has spent his entire adult life either rabble rousing or working in government. How is that the embodiment of the American dream?

Whereas, Mitt Romney’s life pretty much is the embodiment of the American Dream, at least for most people.

“None of us came from privileged backgrounds,” Obama said of his and the First Lady’s families, in a not-so-subtle jab at his wealthy opponent.

“None of us had a lot of wealth or fame. But what we understood was that here in America, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what church you worship at, no matter what region of the country, if you are willing to work hard, if you are willing to take responsibility for your life, you could make it if you try here in the United States of America,” he said to applause.

This from a man who has never worked one day in his life and who have never taken responsibility for anything he has done. A man who, instead, attacks people for working hard. He wants to punish them. And worse, a man who wants to encourage more people to follow his path.

For the record, here is how Obama described this vacation in ‘Dreams From My Father,’ page 58:


I HAD BEEN TO CHICAGO once before. It was during the summer after my father’s visit to Hawaii, before my eleventh birthday, when Toot had decided it was time I saw the mainland of the United States. Perhaps the two things were connected, her decision and my father’s visit — his presence (once again) disturbing the world she and Gramps had made for themselves, triggering in her a desire to reclaim antecedents, her own memories, and pass them on to her grandchildren.

We traveled for over a month, Toot and my mother and Maya and I — Gramps had lost his taste for traveling by this time and chose to stay behind.

How many middle class people can take a month-long vacation? Or afford one? But, lest we forget, ‘Toot’ was the vice president of Hawaii’s second largest bank.

We flew to Seattle, then went down the coast to California and Disneyland, east to the Grand Canyon, across the Great Plains to Kansas City, then up to the Great Lakes before heading back west through Yellowstone Park. We took Greyhound buses, mostly, and stayed at Howard Johnson’s, and watched the Watergate hearings every night before going to bed.

When we were young, Howard Johnson’s were considered to be quite ritzy.

We were in Chicago for three days, in a motel in the South Loop. It must have been sometime in July, but for some reason I remember the days as cold and gray. The motel had an indoor swimming pool, which impressed me; there were no indoor pools in Hawaii

Again, hotels with indoor pools in Chicago were not that humble, at least not in 1973.

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6 Responses to “Obama’s (Not So) ‘Humble’ Childhood Vacation”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    After decades of thinking this through, I know the answer and no one will dissuade me otherwise.

    The Mainstream Media is our enemy

    If we had a media that honestly reported facts and did not spin, applied reasonable skepticism equally and did not take sides America wouldn’t even be close to looking the way we are.

    Let’s take one example –

    The Washington Post was founded in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins to, in his words, advance the ideals and views and power of the Democratic Party. By 1888 Hutchins supposedly cut ties with the Democratic Party and bought the paper’s only competitor, The Republican National. In 1889 he sold the remains of this publishing monopoly to the past Postmaster General Frank Hatton and Beriah Wilkins, a former Democrat Party member of Congress. Wilkins bought out Hatton’s shares from Hatton’s estate upon Hatton’s death. Other owners came and went until the paper officially withered by 1933. When ..

    … a member of the Federal Reserve Board bought the remains out of bankruptcy auction. It’s long been a standing principle among those who know how to grow rich that the best way to know when to buy is if you’re the one making the laws that cause blood to run in the streets. Eugene Meyer certainly was in a position with the Federal Reserve to know when the time was ripe to snatch up potentially great bargains when other men’s blood was running in that famous street. It’s all in the timing. The father of Katherine who became a Graham, a veritable icon in power politics and Tavistock engineered manipulation of information, learned his lessons well through Lazard Freres, The NYSE, Allied Signal, Honeywell and the War Finance Corporation. Yes, the WFC is exactly what it sounds like. The transition from industry and war to publishing the paper of record to again advance the Democratic Party was a small leap indeed. The position heading up the WFC put Eugene Meyer into the pockets of every business in America. An enviable position; deciding who gets lowest interest government loans and who doesn’t. Power like that had vast potential to be turned in one’s favor. But then Eugene went on to fry much bigger fish as the fifth Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the first President of the World Bank.

    If you sought to put yourself in a position to really, truly know what was going on, those are damn fine credentials. Follow the money is the most honest maxim on Earth.

    All this while, from 1933 onward, 1933 being the very bottom of the worst financial collapse in modern history, Meyer poured his own millions into the failed and still failing Washington Post. A very very curious thing to do for a man who oversaw the thrift, efficiency, Profits and Losses and financial viability of a considerable percentage of the developed world’s business. Pouring his own money down a losing rat hole. It beggars the assumption that there was a profit being turned that did not involve mere money.

    Phil Graham married Katherine Meyer in 1940, during that period of his life when he was clerking for Supreme Court Justices Reed and Frankfurter. When Eugene Meyer was appointed to head the startup World Bank, Meyer in turn appointed Phil Graham to head the Washington Post. During the 1950s it was rumored the paper finally began showing a modest profit and was occasionally cited for responsible and timely articles. For a modestly successful local paper with pretentions of national greatness, the Post did well for itself shilling for the Democratic Party. Favors rolled in. Plum interviews were the norm. Access was a given for Post reporters where the other significant local paper The Washington Times-Herald had to slog uphill both ways to get access to Washington’s movers and shakers. Seeing the wall and it’s handwriting, the Times allowed itself to be folded into the Post and absorbed, disappearing from sight. The remaining local papers the Star and the Daily News were crushed under the wheels of the Democratic Party’s favorite organ and until 1982, the Post had it’s way with the news. Which is to say, they crafted it any way they chose.

    When Phil Graham passed away in 1963 and control of the family’s great asset was passed to Katherine Meyer Graham, she was frightened at the prospect of being the only woman in America to head a major newspaper. One can only imagine the help and steadying hand lent by the Party in her time of transition crisis and it paid off in spades.

    It was during her time at the paper that she gave full rein to Ben Bradlee, editor, to set the two reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward loose on the trail for what would become the Watergate scandal. Though careful research in hindsight nearly fifty years later is unraveling the myth of intrepid reporters doggedly pursuing the truth at the risk of their lives, at the time the stories broke the Post literally wrote history. The history they wanted. The history of illusion and craft in service to the Democratic Party. The bloodless overthrow of a Republican President. The near destruction of the Republican Party and the artful, skilled Bernays scripted scorn for the Republican Party the Post managed to instill in several generations of American citizens. For reasons most voters cannot articulate. They just know. Because they were told what they know.

    Katherine Graham and the Post created the myth, the legend and the packaged falderal that became The Mainstream Media. Lies, lies and more lies. And those lies have to be kept secret.

    We’re so far down the rabbit hole, there’s no way out of it except by ….

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    Frankly I don’t give a “toot” what the hell he lied about doing as a kid in that crappy book, nor do I give a rat’s ass about Romney’s Jetski (which is in fact a brand name, the generic term being personal watercraft). The president is a liar and Mitt made a bad call to feed the media machine by taking an interview from his lake house, fair or not those are the “optics”. I think we could probably find a myriad other things to point out the president’s faults than debating whether HoJo’s is ritzy. Not trying to find fault, picking these kinds of nits is fodder for the left wing types to prove we are all conspiracy theorist loonies who just hate the president no matter what he does.

    • untrainable says:

      Well said ARN. When a liberal whackjob says…”… ooooo Romney is so out of touch… he rides a jet ski.” with that snarkey lip curled expression, take a page from the book of Breitbart. Just look ’em in the eye and say, “SO?”

      I first heard this tactic on an episode of Redeye, and I have used it several times. It works surprisingly well. I remember one conversation about Eric Holder. It was right after the hearings started and Holder had demonstrated absolute contempt for Issa, and over the course of his testimony, refused to answer a single question. When I mentioned it, my liberal friend immediately went to “Well when Bush was in office… Alberto Gonzales…” that’s when my eyes started to glaze over and I began to hear only Charlie Brown’s mother. In one sentence, she had shifted the topic to BUSH! It was maddening! Not because she had a point, but because my first reflex was to shift to defense, then I thought Breitbart! I said, “SO? No matter what Gonzalez did, that has nothing to do with Holder or what we’re talking about. Are you saying that what Holder did is OK because Gonzales did whatever he did? I’m saying Holder is doing wrong, do you disagree? It took the wind out of whatever argument she was prepared to make. There was no honest defense. Just the ability to steer the conversation with “no I’m not, but you are…” arguments.

      Stop defending the party and start defending ideals. Stop attacking candidates, and start attacking policies. We all know Obama’s cool (gag), and Romney is stiff. But Obama is an economic, social, and foreign policy disaster on wheels. At least Romney can balance his checkbook. And as Glen says, “Romney… he’s not a communist!”.

  3. canary says:

    In his book Obama wrote his World travels attracted Michelle to him.

    He took her on her first trip to Africa, but I bet she paid for it. Then after the babies came, he did not like traveling with them, so Obama flew around the world without them before becoming president.

  4. canary says:

    Obama was on family vacation in Hawaii for years and years on the beautiful beaches which grandmpa and later his friends.

    • canary says:

      Starting at age10 Obama went to red light nudie clubs and beachs in Hawaii with his grandfather. Fond memories of sipping the bottle helping Marshall Frank make up X rated poems too.
      All 3 spewed their hate towards women.

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