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Obama Now Has A ‘Plan B’ For Obama-Care

From a reassuring Associated Press:

AP sources: Administration mulls pared health law

June 18, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Covering all the bases ahead of a momentous Supreme Court ruling, the Obama administration plans to move ahead with major parts of the president’s health care law if its most controversial provision does not survive, according to veteran Democrats closely involved with the legislation.

Heck, Obama is probably planning to issue an executive order re-implementing Obama-Care, anyway. Why should he have any more respect for the Supreme Court than what he has for Congress.

In fact, we have already seen him blatantly ignore the rulings of federal judges. Such as the one striking down his illegal oil drilling moratorium.

Even if the requirement that nearly every U.S. resident have health insurance is declared unconstitutional, the remaining parts of the law would have far-reaching impact, putting coverage within reach of millions of uninsured people, laying new obligations on insurers and employers, and improving Medicare benefits even as payments to many service providers get scaled back…

The AP continues to pretend that Obama-Care can still stand after its primary funding mechanism is stripped away. They also pretend that this will not destroy the insurance industry, which of course, would actually please Obama and the Democrats.

Administration officials have not wanted to discuss contingency plans to avoid creating the impression that the president is preparing for a high court rebuke.

That, and the fact that they have no other plan, as even Debbie Wasserman Schultz has admitted.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration will move ahead to implement major elements of the law if the individual coverage requirement is struck down, two senior Democrats told The Associated Press. One is a leading Democrat familiar with the administration’s thinking, the other a high-level Capitol Hill staffer. The two Democrats spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid appearing to be out of step with the administration’s public stance.

In other words they are pretending that this is a leak, instead of another one of Obama’s subtle messages to the Court. In reality, this is intended to warn the Court that Obama is going to steamroll them just like he steamrolled Congress on the Dream Act, if they dare to stand in his way.

Because the law’s main coverage expansion does not begin until 2014, there would be time to try to fix serious problems that losing the individual coverage requirement may cause for the health insurance industry…

Really? Just a little more than a week a week ago, this same reporter from the AP warned us that if the law was struck down it would be nigh unto impossible to carry on with our healthcare system. Which is it?

Surviving parts of the law would "absolutely" move ahead, said the congressional official. A Congress mired in partisan trench warfare would be unable to repeal or amend what’s left of the law, allowing the administration to advance. Much of the money for covering the uninsured was already provided in the law itself.

"Legislatively we can’t do a thing, and we are going to move full speed ahead (with implementation)," the official said.

There it is. Obama is telling us through his surrogates that he is going to defy both the Supreme Court and the Congress to get his way.

Overturning the mandate would have harmful consequences for the private insurance market. Under the law, insurers would still have to accept all applicants regardless of health problems, and they would be limited in what they can charge older, sicker customers…

To forestall such a problem, the administration asked the court – if it declares the mandate unconstitutional – to also strike down certain consumer protections, including the requirement on insurers to cover people with pre-existing health problems. That would mitigate a damaging spike in premiums.

This is news to us. When have we ever heard about this before?

On the contrary, When have we ever heard about this before? On the contrary, we have been told that this is one of the most popular parts of the plan that would undoubtedly survive, because everyone loves it.

Besides, why would Obama try to protect Big Insurance? We already know that he actually wants to destroy the private insurance industry, and drive everyone into Obama-Care. He’s told us as much.

Whether or not the court goes along with that request, more work would be needed to find alternatives to a federal mandate. That could provide an opening for state officials, as well as major insurance companies, to join in finding workable substitutes for the mandate. Congressional approval would likely be needed

Not under emperor Obama.

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One Response to “Obama Now Has A ‘Plan B’ For Obama-Care”

  1. AcornsRNutz says:

    “laying new obligations on insurers and employers, and improving Medicare benefits even as payments to many service providers get scaled back…”

    So basically all of these people will have to comply with the edicts of the government only under the threat of force. That sounds sustainable.

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