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Obama Now Plans To Hide Behind ‘Romney-Care’

From an irony proof Reuters:

In Boston speech, Obama seeks to reset ideas about his health law

By Roberta Rampton | October 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After four rocky weeks while his landmark health insurance law has been disparaged as poorly managed, expensive and disappointing, President Barack Obama will travel to Boston on Wednesday to try to reset expectations about Obamacare.

That is, he will try to (in his words) tell us "a better story."

Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech in 271-year-old Faneuil Hall, where some of the seeds of the American revolution took root – and where on April 12, 2006, the start of another historic shift began.

Against the backdrop of a huge painting of a famous debate on preserving the union at a time when the nation verged on civil war, then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney signed a law mandating health insurance for most of the state’s residents…

On Wednesday, Obama will try to channel that moment and draw lessons from the Massachusetts experience to argue that Obamacare – his version of health insurance reform – will improve people’s lives and help the country’s economy, even if the online registration process has gotten off to a slow and troubled start…

Maybe we should have elected Mitt Romney. For better or worse, he seems to be able to actually get things done. Even with a legislature that was totally controlled by the Democrats.

Obama used the Massachusetts plan as a blueprint for his healthcare exchanges, which went live on October 1, and require Americans to buy insurance by March 31…

So now it’s ‘Romney’s fault’? Gosh, our news media is subtle. And never mind that there are many important differences between Obama-Care and Romney-Care. Starting with the fact that the states are not prohibited from such things by the Constitution. Whereas the federal government is.

Republicans have fought a bitter war to try to defund or delay the law, and have reveled in the disastrous roll out of a website beset by bugs that will take until the end of November to fix – and in complaints from consumers who have found their health care insurance plans are changing.

They have found a new attack point in Obama’s pledge that Americans who like their health plans can keep them under Obamacare. In recent days, reports have piled up about thousands of people being kicked off their current, lower-cost plans because those plans no longer comply with the minimum benefits required by the new law.

Those Republicans never miss a trick, do they? Why can’t they just admit that Obama-Care is wonderful?

And while Obama will point to hiccups in the rollout of "Romneycare" as he tries to ease pressure on his own signature health overhaul, a direct correlation would be a stretch…

Romneycare is smaller – given the size of the state – and far less complex than Obamacare, said several veterans of the state-run system.

But the biggest difference between the two is the bitter political environment in which the fledgling Obamacare program is operating…

You see? It’s the "bitter political environment" that is causing the website glitches. It’s the "bitter political environment" that is causing premiums to skyrocket. It’s the "bitter political environment" that is causing insurance companies to cancel people by the millions.

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One Response to “Obama Now Plans To Hide Behind ‘Romney-Care’”

  1. canary says:

    Maybe Obama should have let states mind their own business.

    Many people have no idea what obama care is.
    They have no idea they are suppose to sign up for it.
    They have no idea what’s going on in this country or the world.

    The entire mess is deliberate to destroy health insurance companies, medical providers, and force
    health care to be as it is in a communist country. Let people wait in line for two hours to get one aspirin and make them come back the next day and wait another two hours to get another aspirin.
    If people faint while standing in line, Obama will say the ole “make room. It’s okay. They’ll be okay. Happens all the time during my speeches”. People are going to die.

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