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Obama Event Doesn’t Sell Out Even At $50

From Gail Sheehy at the Daily Beast:

Obama’s Fire Sale

Gail Sheehy
September 23, 2010

Who would have thought that six weeks before a cliffhanger election, President Obama would have to reach down to the D list to fill a room to listen to him? Most of us low rollers arrived early to see President Obama up close and personal. Our tickets for the general reception at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York were only $100. Some thought the email invitation was a joke. Some bought tickets for $50 from their desperate Democratic committeeman. Some bought the same day…

Only after I received four email invitations and two personal calls imploring me to come did I call Speaker Pelosi’s office to check the admission price. “You mean, to be in the room with the President of the United States is now on fire sale for $100?”


“How long do we get?”

“Half hour.”

“How many $100 givers have rsvp’d?”

“Mmmm 250.”

“Do we need to line up early to get in?”

“That’s not necessary. Everybody  will get in.”

And everybody did—450 people in a room that holds 650.  Even Obama’s fire sale didn’t sell out

And mind you, this was a fundraiser held at (you’ll pardon the expression) in the belly of the beast.

Hopefully, it’s a sign of the times. That even the denizens of New York City are starting to wake up and smell the destruction.

Of course, it might have just been a bad venue. Maybe next time he should appear at the ‘Ground Zero Mosque.’

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11 Responses to “Obama Event Doesn’t Sell Out Even At $50”

  1. canary says:

    He was not a hit with veterans at the DAV convention in Atlanta. Goofy photo of him, and all the officers frowning was in mag.

    In spite of 3000 attending the annual meeting, he got a handful of applause and it was awkward as he would say something and then a pause before a little applause. An awkward moment was when he mentioned troop withdraw deadline. Nothing. Also, after saying he kept his promise, and all the great he’s done, one of the speakers told of all the problems and back log.

    And of course his campaign promise of better protective great was not met, with the likes of California Barbara Boxer & democrats voting against it.

    The democrats like Barbara Boxer from California voted for

  2. Mithrandir says:

    As per usual, let me guess:

    1. The media has no photo or video of the empty seats. Where as, when 10 people show up for a rally, they get close ups or multiple angles to kid everyone into thinking there were 10,000 people there.

    2. There was no focus on the smattering of applause.

    3. I am guessing that instead of showing these things, the news anchors gave a short clip, then TOLD YOU what happened at this event.

    4. There was no focus on the clunker of a speech Obama did to no effect.

    I haven’t scoured the media to see, but I am guessing that is how they covered it. At least they have finally SHUT UP about the comparisons to Churchill, Washington, and Lincoln.

  3. proreason says:

    Maybe he will go insane.

    Without his regular fix of adulation, he may not be able to function.

    • jobeth says:

      “Maybe he will go insane.’ ,,,,?

      Come’on Pro…. You can’t “go” where you already are…lol

      You can be insane and still be clever….and evil…

      In fact I heard he may need to change his name to
      Barack Insane Obama. :-D

      “Without his regular fix of adulation, he may not be able to function”
      As Commander-in-Chief…he should qualify for a VA mental facility wouldn’t he? Post stress syndrome can be a *itch.

    • jobeth says:

      Ol’ Danny boy really stepped in it there.

      Great theater…!

      I can see the little wheels turning in his little secretly bigoted head…”ooooopppps!

  4. Petronius says:

    I would have loved to go, but I had to wash my hair.

  5. jobeth says:

    “Who would have thought that six weeks before a cliffhanger election, President Obama would have to reach down to the D list to fill a room to listen to him?”

    Heck…he’s even crawling over back yard fences to find someone to talk to. And the ribs ain’t bad either.


    “It was just before noon when Obama’s heavily-armored motorcade rolled up outside the home of the Brayshaw family, in the Virginia suburb of Falls Church, a 20-minute drive from the White House.

    “With lemonade served on the back patio, and intimate conversation, the event was tailor-made for a president who critics accuse of failing to connect with Americans humbled by the worst economic crisis in decades.

    “I know it’s hot out here, I’m gonna sweat with you,” Obama said, before talking to Paul Brayshaw, who suffers from hemophilia, and has been helped by the sweeping, but now unpopular health care law, Obama passed six months ago.

    Awwww…So, our dear prez is gonna sweat with the little people…What a trooper…He’ll suffer anything, even sweating with the peons, for the cause…(to keep him and his buds in power)

    I think someone heard him say “Sorry Paul…I know you think you’ve been helped by Obalmy care but you are going to have to sweat out here…just like me… before we cut you off from your medications…You have a life long illness… you are just too expensive!!!”

  6. Papa Louie says:

    Spend 50 bucks to attend a fundraiser with the man who wants to raise my taxes, or save the $50 for April 15th? That’s a tough one.

  7. Tater Salad says:

    Obama would do better to start visiting every mosque in the United States because these are the only morons who even want to hear and see this Flip/Flop artist. People have finally woke up to this hypocrite!

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