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Obama: Obama-Care Like Civil Rights Movement

From the Washington Examiner:

Obama compares health reform struggles to civil rights movement


President Obama on Wednesday compared the challenges of health care reform to the civil rights movement as he urged young people to do “whatever they can” to help boost enrollment in Obamacare…

“Stuff that’s worth it is always hard. The civil rights movement was hard. Getting women the right to vote, that was hard. Making sure that workers had the right to organize, that was hard,” said the president…

Huh? What is so hard about creating a website? Or even forcing people to buy insurance? Especially if you don’t give a damn about the rule of law or the Constitution?

Still, it’s nice to learn that having health insurance is a now a civil right. And that, in fact, you can even be taxed for not enjoying that civil right. Hey, maybe we should also start taxing people who don’t own guns.

By the way, why didn’t the Presidents in the past then just impose a penalty or tax to force people to do their bidding? Such as the right to vote for women. (Which was a Republican initiative.) They must not have been as smart as Obama.

The White House and congressional Democrats have launched a three-week campaign to boost enrollment ahead of the Dec. 23 deadline for receiving insurance coverage at Jan. 1.

That sentence should read: "The White House and congressional Democrats [and the media] have launched a three-week campaign…"

The administration says that a “tech surge” has fixed the website and that the vast majority of visitors now experience a smooth registration…

A ‘tech surge’ of six people, as the New York Times admitted last week.

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