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Obama Organizer Camps – Alinsky Lives!

From an Obama campaign email:

Barack Obama and Roger Fisk

Dear _____

Hi, my name is Roger Fisk and I’m the State Director for the Obama campaign here in Massachusetts. I want to tell you about an exciting program we’re launching called Camp Obama.

During these training sessions, people like you will be taking their support for Barack to the next level by learning the organizing principles that this campaign and our movement for change are built on.

Camp Obama attendees will receive real world organizing experience that will have a direct impact on this election. Graduates of Camp Obama will go on to become Deputy Field Organizers who will lead this campaign to victory in crucial battleground states around the country.

Find out more about this exciting opportunity to take a leadership role in this movement for change.

By participating in Camp Obama, you’ll get the kind of experience that Barack got as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, where he learned that real change happens from the bottom up.

That experience transformed Barack’s life and made him who he is today.

Camp Obama is your chance to put those very same principles into action – to win this election and to strengthen democracy in communities around the country.

After completing the program, you’ll be required to work as a Deputy Field Organizer in a battleground state where you’ll organize supporters and help lead our grassroots Get Out The Vote operation.

Apply for a spot at Camp Obama and become a leader in our movement for change:


This campaign relies on the passion and enthusiasm of ordinary supporters, but it needs leaders who can organize these supporters and turn their enthusiasm into votes on Election Day.

Camp Obama is your chance to step up and become a leader in this movement.



Roger Fisk
Massachusetts State Director Obama for America

Visit: MA.BarackObama.com | Email: Massachusetts@BarackObama.com

Paid for by Obama for America

And just in case they pull down that site, here are some screen grabs of the “application form”:

And they aren’t just doing this in Massachusetts, but in other states such as California:

(Click images to enlarge)

Yes indeed, you too can learn how to steal elections, the ACORN/Chicago machine way.

Alinksy lives!

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, September 27th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

13 Responses to “Obama Organizer Camps – Alinsky Lives!”

  1. A Mad Pole says:

    If Carpathia, err, Obama wins, we will all live in Camp Obama, a.k.a Gulag.

  2. Right2thepoint says:

    I am on my laptop right now and don’t have access to my notes but from memory here goes.

    Camp Obama was a three day training session for the approximately 3600 volunteers who were referred to as “Obama Fellows”.

    The requirement was that they commit to a 4 month field assignment which flooded them into about 17 states that the campaign had on their to do list.

    Once the “fellows” got to their state offices, they in turn organized up volunteers and held a one day ‘mini camp’ from materials provided by the Obama campaign.

    The field handbook that the fellows operated from all said the material and methods were based on Alinsky and the experience of Obama in his days as a community organizer.

    So basically what you have is a multi level marketing scheme tree structured organization who had as their main focus voter registration.

  3. Right2thepoint says:


    That is the page that referred to the Obama Organizing Fellows program but it has been modified some since the application date past months ago.

  4. gipper says:

    “…where he [Obama] learned that real change happens from the bottom up.”

    “…where you’ll organize supporters and help lead our grassroots Get Out The Vote operation.”

    This is NOT change from the bottom up or anything grassroots. This is a calculated organization that lends itself toward indoctrination.

    Next you may find little buttons issued by Camp Obama stating “Für Blut und Ehrt”.

  5. Right2thepoint says:

    Make sure you read the WaPo article is shows the blueprint for the cult of Obama.

  6. bill says:

    You know, something to ponder, Hiitler was elected.

  7. Exeter says:

    bill – “You know, something to ponder, Hiitler was elected.”

    And if I remember my history correctly, he ran on the vague platform of “Hope and Change”, relying on his magnetic personality and mesmerizing oratory. Eerie!

  8. DGA says:

    Castro was elected along similar lines as I recall…..

  9. Helena says:

    Holy Mackerel. It’s just so despicable to exploit young people this way. They’re so idealistic and so naive that they’re sitting ducks for this liar. They’re 20 years old, for pete’s sake. They don’t know ANYTHING about how the world works or how demagogues operate. If there is one course that really ought to be taught in primary schools, so that at least the kids have an inkling of what’s up, it should be a history of totalitarian political movements and their appeals to and subsequent exploitation of children: Hitler Jugend, Mao’s Red Brigade, Putin’s Youth Camps, Castro’s Whatever-They’re-Called, Charles Taylor’s Child Soldiers . . .

  10. Exeter says:

    This is wild! I just had a visit from a ‘community organizer’ – bluejeans, blue sweatshirt, blue ballcap, blue ‘Obama’ button (now THAT was a subtle color scheme!). He had my name on his clipboard (I’m suspicious where he got that), and after verifying who I was, put a checkmark next to it.

    The minutes of the meeting:

    CO: I’m representing the Obama cam…
    Me: Nope!
    CO: Would you consider voting for…
    Me: Absolutely not!
    CO: Is that because you’re a Republican, or just undecided?
    Me: I’m a Conservative Republican, and there’s no way I’d ever vote for a Socialist!
    CO: Okay. Can I come in? (Note: I live in an apartment, and he was looking to get into the building.)
    Me: No. You can ask my other neighbors, but I’m not going to let you in.

    Now that I look back on it, I wish I’d made an argument with him. I hope I get another one…

  11. Steve says:

    “Me: I’m a Conservative Republican, and there’s no way I’d ever vote for a Socialist!
    CO: Okay. Can I come in?” (Note: I live in an apartment, and he was looking to get into the building.)

    I have found from past experience that some of these “street organizers” who go door to door are not above helping themselves to any delivery packages that might be sitting out on people’s doorsteps.

    It’s undoubtedly due to their highly evolved desire to make ours a more equitable society.

  12. 1sttofight says:

    If these people could hold a real job they would not be “community organizers”.

    Nuff Said…

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