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Obama’s Peace Prize Is Source Of Mockery

From Iran’s Press TV:

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize source of ‘mockery’

Fri, 09 Oct 2009

Pundits believe that after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, US President Barack Obama is now open to criticism an even mockery should he fail to deliver his promises.

Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford in Britain, yet argues that the "unusual" decision by the Nobel Committee is going to encourage Obama to complete an unfinished process.

"It is certainly a surprise (but) the Nobel Peace is quite often awarded for what you might call process, things under way, rather than completed achievements."

"We remember the prize being awarded to Nelson Mandela and Frederik De Klerk in the early nineties, before apartheid had ended," he told AFP on Friday.

Nevertheless, "there is certainly a risk that this could backfire. I would expect there to be very strong opposition to this decision in Republican circles in the United States," the British university professor reiterated.

Dana Allin, a senior fellow for US foreign policy at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, also believes that the gorgeous prize could be a source of ‘criticism’ and ‘mockery’ for Obama.

"Even for people who are generally supportive of Obama and what he is trying to achieve, this is going to be very easily parodied," he said.

"So the fact that it has come so early in his presidency before any of the things he has set out to do in international terms have been achieved is going to cause some controversy," Allin said.

Iain Martin, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe, challenged the Nobel Committee’s decision by describing the award-giving a "completely bizarre" issue.

He said it was unclear why Obama had bagged the prize.

"For making peace, of a kind, with Hillary Clinton? For giving up the missile shield …For preparing a surge of troops and weaponry in Afghanistan?" Martin wrote on the newspaper’s website.

Obama’s stated goal of a world without nuclear arms prompted the Nobel Committee to offer the US President the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

This is a surprisingly harsh article, considering how much Mr. Obama is doing to advance Iran’s interests and bring about the return of the 12th Mahdi.

But we suppose they are just jealous that the peace prize didn’t go to their Supreme Leader, Mr. Khamenei or even to Mr. Ahmadinejad.

Who, when you think about it, were just as viable alternatives.

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12 Responses to “Obama’s Peace Prize Is Source Of Mockery”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

    When I head about this travesty this morning on the news I’ve decided that reality has been bent to some faraway alternate universe. Up is down, black is white.

    What happened to the country I grew up in?

    Time to commune with the Turkey and go back to bed, maybe I’ll finally wake up and realize this was all just a bad dream.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    —The well was poisoned a long time ago.

  3. conant says:

    I thought they had hit bottom with Fat Albert. Next year Charlie Rangle for redistribution of wealth.

  4. proreason says:

    The joke is the Nobel Peace Prize itself.

  5. catie says:

    This isn’t a joke, is it?

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    YES, uh uh, WE, uh, um, uh, CAN! (“But we got to do this right. And until then, we will, uh, uh, uh, continue to uh, uh).

  7. proreason says:

    This guy has the second best explanation for the Obamy phenomenon I’ve heard yet.


    “The formula is simple, run from obscurity. This is the Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton formula. Come fast from nowhere, with little political baggage, let the polls define your positions, pander as required, remain an enigma as long as possible, be a good orator, avoid specifics, and win the Presidency.

    It will take the populace a while to figure out that you’re not all that polished a leader, but with a little experience as a Governor of a small, uncomplicated state, you’ll manage just fine.

    Obama was able to add a couple more ingredients into the formula, making it almost impossible to see how inept he would be once elected.

    He had the Chicago Machine behind him. This push ensured that he would be able to get elected to any office in the State of Illinois without ever having to cast a vote that would have come back to roost. He could remain as innocuous and ineffectual as possible, and still advance his career, which he did.

    He also had the adoring press snuggling up so close to kiss his feet, that they gave little scrutiny to his real potential to lead this country. They were busy schilling for Obama from the get go. Having the press aiding with a full-on sales campaign was another benefit that neither Carter nor Clinton fully enjoyed. Obama simply rode the wave of blathering adoration created by a tsunami of biased journalists and a paucity of critical analysis.

    In fact they gave his lack of leadership no attention at all.

    In the end, propelled by machine politics and propped up by a lap-dog press, America voted for Chauncey Gardener; an un-vetted, pseudo-savant, loosed into the real world from the protected sanctuary of Chicago politics, wholly unprepared to lead the most powerful nation on earth in one of the most challenging times in history.

    I really hope the guy is right, because would be a lot easier to overcome incompetance that it would be to overcome the manchurian puppet of people who want to turn us into serfs.

    And I have to admit, it’s easy to see the Moron as just a Goober Pyle who happened to stumble into the greatest get-over-on-the-man affirmative action job of all-time.

  8. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    When I first saw the link on Drudge, I thought it was a clever joke. Now I’m finding out that it isn’t. But then again does anyone really care about who wins the Nobel? When you look at the list of who’s won it or been recommended, it makes your head spin. Those who do real lasting important acts for the benefit of mankind never get recognition. But they’ll toss out the golden laurels to anyone full of animosity and hatred for their fellow man or America.

  9. canary says:

    Note the hypocracy of Harpviken’s statement, read article to see a few predicted to win, and their accomplishments, tribulation, imprisonment, assasinations attempts.

    CNN: Nobel contenders await peace prize decision Oct 9 2009

    “It really is quite open this year,” Harpviken said.

    This year’s peace prize nominees include 172 people and 33 organizations. The committee does not release the names of the nominees.

    Harpviken said he believes the prize will go to an individual or organization engaged in the resolution of a protracted armed conflict.

    “This is a [Nobel] committee that will perhaps be more proactive and will award somebody involved in a standing process rather than rewarding someone for past accomplishments,” he said.

    If Muhammad does not win, Harpviken said, it could be because his work is not done.

    Harpviken said he doubts the Nobel committee will choose any Chinese …this year because they “don’t want to anger powerful governments.”

    That does not mean he doesn’t expect the committee to “take daring decisions.”

    Harpviken said he believes that “the most likely expression of the committee’s courage this year will be to award the prize either to an unconventional kind of candidate or to somebody whose work is likely to be directly helped by a prize award.”

    The Nobel recipient receives a prize of 10 million Swedish crowns, or about $1.4 million.

    This year’s peace prize nominees include 172 people and 33 organizations. The committee does not release the names of the nominees.


    • canary says:

      Obama has accepted the reward though he knows he does not deserve it. So, why doesn’t he do the “right thing” and give it to someone else, or refuse it. No law against that.

  10. This was an activist award by the socialists in Norway to boost Obama’s prestige so that he can better implement his socialist agenda in the US.

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