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‘Sampling’ Expert To Run Obama Census

From an elated Associated Press:

Obama to nominate sampling expert to head census

By Hope Yen, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has chosen Robert M. Groves to be the next census director, turning to a professor who supports the use of statistical sampling and has clashed with Republicans to lead the high-stakes head count

Groves is a former Census Bureau associate director of statistical design, serving from 1990-92. He has spent decades researching ways to improve survey response rates

When he was the bureau’s associate director, Groves recommended that the 1990 census be statistically adjusted to make up for an undercount of roughly 5 million people, many of them minorities in dense urban areas who tend to vote for Democrats.

But in a fierce political dispute that prompted White House staff to call the bureau and express opposition, the Census Bureau was overruled by Republican Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher, who called the proposed statistical adjustment "political tampering."

The Supreme Court later ruled in 1999 that the use of statistical sampling cannot be used to apportion House seats, but indicated that adjustments could be made to the population count when redrawing congressional boundaries

Groves, now a professor at the University of Michigan, would take over at a critical time. Census officials acknowledge that tens of millions of residents in dense urban areas — about 14 percent of the U.S. population — are at high risk of being missed due to language problems and a deepening economic crisis due to the financial meltdown that has displaced homeowners.

The government is devoting up to $250 million of the $1 billion in stimulus money for outreach, particularly for traditionally hard-to-count minorities.

But Hispanic and other groups are warning that traditional census outreach will not be enough, citing in particular rising anti-immigration sentiment after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks

Meanwhile, the cost of the 2010 census is estimated to be $15 billion, the most expensive ever, and experts have long said the Census Bureau must do more to reduce a persistent undercount among minorities, as well as to modernize what is basically a paper mail-out operation that has been in place for decades.

Whatever happened to the concept of ‘one man, one vote’?

Seems to me that was mentioned quite a lot during the civil rights days.

But suddenly now they want more than one vote.

We have been overcome.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “‘Sampling’ Expert To Run Obama Census”

  1. proreason says:

    They must be defeated.

    Compromise is not an option.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    We have been overcome.

    Indeed, SG.

    This “sampling” is yet another tool for the ACORN nuts to use in their quiver of many arrows. We have been overrun by dishonest, evil people in our midst.

  3. heykev says:

    Your correct Reason, he must be defeated. It’s going to be a long 3-3/4 years until he’s gone.

    • proreason says:

      What right does this Moron have to make this level of sweeping change to a country that has existed for 230 years? With a 53% majority, and he lied profusely during the campaign about EVERYTHING.

      It is totally unprecedented in every respect.

      It is arrogance beyond comprehension.

      Anybody that isn’t filled with rage about this situation is a dammed fool.

      It cannot and will not stand.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      I really think it’s important to remember that while o-blah-blah got roughly 53% of the vote, that ONLY represents roughly 33% of ALL eligible voters. Many, many people simply did not vote for all kinds of reasons (disgust, apathy, etc); but to think .. to believe .. he got this huge majority is false and misleading (even though the MSM and the o-blah-blah camp want us to believe differently).

      I hate to admit, but I too, reached a point towards early summer of last year that I thought that I was simply NOT going to vote because I was disgusted with BOTH candidates. Fortunately, shortly after coming to that conclusion, some sense returned and I realized I had to, at minimum, vote AGAINST o-blah-blah! Truth is, only a little more than half of ALL the eligible voters voted – for whatever reason.

      The o-blah-blah voters were energized and turned out .. even the dead ones and the ones with multiple names (thank you, ACORN). Important to remember though, this clown NEVER had a true majority; nor, does he now. I think we could all agree that he’s even losing footing with some of his die hard base.

      And you’re right PR, “Anybody that isn’t filled with rage about this situation is a dammed fool.” .. or is severely uninformed.

      And you’re right again, “It cannot and will not stand.”!

      That is exactly why we have GOT TO get some responsible and conservative people back into these offices in 2010. If we can win back these federal seats, then we can maybe look at impeachment and repealing this crap that they’ve subjected upon us.

      If not, Lord knows what will happen (if we make it till then).

      God bless us all. God bless America!

  4. Colonel1961 says:

    Why are minorities hard to count? ‘Splain that one to me, Rucy.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Here is what we do….if they are going to tell outright lies about the numbers……..
      we do it too!! If it is just you and your wife or other, tell them you got a commune going with nothing but family. Then go from there. “I have 2 bathrooms but when they are in use, we use the neighbors bushes and trees.”
      I tell ya……there is nothing like monkeyin’ around with ACORN workers and “their” count!! Try it out…..it might make you feel better about the system that is being force fed to us.

      Get jiggy with it!!!

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, Colonel, back in the early 70’s I worked in the “Projects” in St. Louis. When the AFDC people would come around to verify how many children were in each household we’d see caseworkers going house-to-house to get the count. When they’d leave from the front door of one house to go to the next, kids could be seen coming out the back door of that same house and going into the next house through the back door to be counted again.

      Maybe it’s a hold-over from those times. Or maybe the census takers can’t count. By the way, did anybody check to see if Groves paid his taxes?

    • jobeth says:

      Great Idea LD & JohnMG! Let’s all just put in we all have “Octomom” syndome and claim 14 kids!

      Tell them we have 6 voting adults living under the same roof!

      Hey it works for them!

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Good point, sirs, I forgot that I had 12 children myself…

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Lesseeee .. I’m 58 .. married 3 gals in their early 20’s for 10 years each – workin’ on my 4th gal .. squired 5 kids with each of ’em (boy – am I tired) .. so conceivably, I got 20 kids. Hmmmmm. I’m guessin’ it’s an okay rationale’ for the census taker. I might just run with this thing. Thanks you guys!

    • proreason says:

      “Lesseeee .. I’m 58 .. married 3 gals in their early 20’s for 10 years each – workin’ on my 4th gal ”

      and I can’t even get Angelina Jolie to return my emails.

      But I’ve soured on AJ anyway.

      Surely Carrie Underwood is a conservative.

  5. Colonel1961 says:

    And why is the Census Bureau’s credo ‘Helping you make informed decisions.’? Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Here’s a better one: ‘Counting.’

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