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Obama Praises Gandhi – Not Capitalism

From the Agence France-Presse:

Obama credits Gandhi with helping him to presidency

November 8, 2010

NEW DELHI (AFP) – US President Barack Obama paid fulsome tribute Monday to Mahatma Gandhi and said studying the legacy of India’s independence icon had helped propel him to the White House.

In an address to the Indian parliament as he wrapped up a three-day visit, Obama described the personal impact of Gandhi’s teachings of non-violence and equality on his political career.

"Throughout my life, including my work as a young man on behalf of the urban poor, I have always found inspiration in the life of Gandhiji and in his simple and profound lesson to be the change we seek in the world," he said.

And yet Mr. Obama only mentioned Mr. Gandhi exactly once in each of his books. And each time, merely in passing. (Pg. 72 in ‘Dreams,’ and pg. 186 in ‘Audacity.’)

"I am mindful that I might not be standing before you today, as president of the United States, had it not been for Gandhi and the message he shared with America and the world," he added.

We suppose that this is a reference to Mr. Gandhi’s influence on the proponents of non-violence in the American Civil Rights movement.

Oddly enough, again judging from his autobiographies. Mr. Obama seems to have been more of a fan of Malcolm X (née Little) than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Mr. X gets four mentions to MJK, Jr’s three.)

The president has often cited Gandhi as a key influence. He name-checked him in his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech and kept a portrait of Gandhi on the wall of his US Senate office.

Obama said he had been "honoured" to visit on Saturday the house where Gandhi used to stay on his trips to Mumbai, and on Monday he and his wife Michelle paid their respects at Rajghat — the Gandhi memorial in New Delhi.

"We will always remember the great soul who changed the world with his message of peace, tolerance, of love," Obama wrote in the visitors’ book.

"More than 60 years after his passing, his light continues to inspire the world."

Mr. Gandhi may have been a "great soul," but he was not without his flaws. After all, Mr. Gandhi seemed to prefer the Japanese to the British in WWII.

In fact, he even advocated that the British surrender to the Germans and Japanese. He also suggested that the Jews should offer only non-violent resistance to the Nazis.

Still, Mr. Gandhi aside, we have to wonder if Mr. Obama had any praise for India’s capitalism and its republican form of government. After all, did Gandhi’s ‘philosophy’ lift India out of poverty and make it one of the world’s emerging nations or did (evil) capitalism?

Has Mr. Obama ever held up India as a model to the world for what capitalism, combined with a democracy can do? If so, we haven’t heard him.

Instead, he wants to cripple India’s burgeoning economy with regulations and carbon taxes – all in the name of his ‘global warming’ sacred cow.

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6 Responses to “Obama Praises Gandhi – Not Capitalism”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So, once again, we see and hear how everything on this planet is all about him.

  2. artboyusa says:

    Its gangland action from the bullet scarred streets of Chicago when OBAMA meets AL CAPONE in “The Hit”!

    “What’s da passwoid?” came the muffled voice from behind the heavy mahogany door.

    “Um, Joe sent me?”

    “Okay – but try makin’ it an affirmative statement instead of an interrogative one next time, bub”.

    The door swung open and Barack Obama found himself staring into an enormous room with an enormous desk behind which sat an enormous man.

    “Mr, um…Brown?” queried the anxious Indonesian or Polynesian or Eskimo or whatever the hell he really is. “I’m Barack Oba-“

    “Hey hey! Mr President – welcome to Cicero!” enthused the enormous man, extending a meaty paw in greeting. Light blazed from the golf ball sized diamond pinky ring. “Some people call me Mr Brown but all my friends call me Al – and you are definitely a pal of mine, Mr President, sir!”

    “Thanks, um…Al”.

    “Don’t mention it, your excellency. This here is my associate, Mr Nitti. Frank – meet President Obama. Please, take a seat, Mr Prez. Smoke? Drink? I got the real quill here, not that rotgut my competitors sell”. Obama accepted both eagerly but Capone’s companion plucked at his sleeve. “Snorkey, dis bird can’t be da president” hissed Nitti. “Look at him!”

    “Why? What’s wrong with him? He looks swell”.

    “Well, for one thing he’s a coo-“

    “Frankie, Frankie!” interrupted Capone “These are modern times! It don’t matter if he’s a coo! Any native born American can be pres – well, anyway, he’s the president for real. That’s on the square, Frank”.

    “Okay, Boss. Sorry, Mr Coo – I mean Mr President. No offence meant”.

    “None taken” lied Obama. “Will Mr Nitti be joining our meeting, Al?”

    “Nah, Frank’s got some urgent business on the North Side to take care of, right Frank?”

    “Right, Boss” said Nitti, collecting a violin case from a side table and checking the date on the calendar. “Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! Whaddaya know? Happy Valentine, Boss!”

    “Same to you, Frank” smiled Capone. “You gonna deliver those flowers for me?”

    “Huh? Oh – flowers! yeah, sure. A full magazine of .45 cal roses! Hahaha! Sure, I’ll deliver ‘em” snickered Nitti. “Wid gusto! See youse later, Boss!”

    “Ciao, Francesco. Now, Mr President – what can I, a simple businessman, do for a celebrated, media lauded, laurel laden world statesman like yourself?”

    “Well, um, it’s kind of complicated…”

    Capone sighed. “Yes, yes. Life is so complicated, so full of cares, so full of burdens, especially for honest businessmen like ourselves. And yet, the solutions to our problems can be surprisingly simple and easy to arrange. Is there something you need me to arrange, Mr President? Would that help you out?”

    “Um, there is one obstacle I’m facing, apart from the stupid American people who are too dumb to understand that I’ve led them almost to the threshold of the doorway of economic pre-recovery…a major obstacle”.

    “And that obstacle would be a…person? A person in the absence of whom you’d be able to get back to your racket with an easy mind?”

    “How did you know? Gee, you make this so easy, Al! Yes, it a person – it’s this person!” Obama flipped open his briefcase and pushed a glossy photograph across the gleaming surface of Capone’s desk.

    “A dame? Geez, I don’t know Mr President…”

    “Al! Please!” wailed Obama, falling to his knees and seizing Capone’s hand. He covered the ganglord’s pinky ring with slobbering kisses. Hot tears streamed down his face. “Please! You gotta help me! I don’t know what else to do! I can’t be a one term president, Al! I can’t!”

    Capone drew back his hand in disgust. “Mr President –c’mon! You embarrass us both. Okay, if it means so much to you, I’ll do it – but it’ll cost you plenty!”

    “Anything Al –anything! Thank you! Thank you! You’re a good man, Al” sniffled Obama. “May Allah bless you!”

    “Okay, okay. Take my hankie and dry those tears. Now –what’s this skirt’s name?”

    “Sarah” snuffled Obama, blowing his nose copiously. “Sarah Palin”.

    Uh oh! This could be serious! Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of “The Hit”!

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    How come India doesn’t have Halloween?


    -Albert Brooks – “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World” – 2005 – Warner Independent Pictures

  4. fallingpianos says:

    Obama credits Gandhi with helping him to presidency

    By voting for him, no doubt.

  5. P. Aaron says:

    One of the many princes who funded Ghandi’s travels remarked: “It takes a lot of money to keep Ghandi in poverty.”

  6. Mae says:

    Co-opting other nation’s heroes. Gandhi was fine for India. He was an interesting thinker. His Hindu philosophy has some good points. However, he would have been a disaster in America. We believe in self-defense not the “non-violence” creed which just gets most people six feet under. It worked with the British because as a nation they actually had a conscience in the end. It worked to a certain extent for MLK, Jr. but Americans really do not like getting beat up just to remain morally “pure.” It certainly doesn’t work with Moslems who want to cut your head off. And as for the advice Gandhi gave to Jews…reprehensible.

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