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Obama Praises Pakistan For Electing Extremist

From the Politico:

Obama congratulates Pakistan on elections

By DONOVAN SLACK | May 12, 2013

President Obama congratulated the people of Pakistan on national elections Saturday that marked the country’s first democratic transfer of power.

"I congratulate the people of Pakistan on the successful completion of yesterday’s parliamentary elections," Obama said in a statement. "The United States stands with all Pakistanis in welcoming this historic peaceful and transparent transfer of civilian power, which is a significant milestone in Pakistan’s democratic progress. By conducting competitive campaigns, freely exercising your democratic rights, and persevering despite intimidation by violent extremists, you have affirmed a commitment to democratic rule that will be critical to achieving peace and prosperity for all Pakistanis for years to come."

Early tallies suggested former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could be headed back to power as leader of a coalition government…

Who is former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, you ask? Well, he is a Muslim extremist, who also helped to give us the Taliban in Afghanistan in the first place.

Lest we forget, back when he was running for the US, Obama said that he would send missiles into Pakistan if  if he thought radical Muslims might get a hold of their nuclear weapons. Then later, in August 2007, when he was running for President, Obama vowed that he would send ground troops into Pakistan if they did not do more to stop their support for terrorists.

But now, when Pakistan has elected a radical Muslim who has helped the Taliban in the past, Obama just congratulates them.

From the Associated Press:

Pakistan’s next premier an Islamist comeback kid

By SEBASTIAN ABBOT | May 13, 2013

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The man set to become Pakistan’s next prime minister after historic elections over the weekend could be called the Islamist comeback kid.

Nawaz Sharif has held the job twice before… After serving as the country’s main opposition leader, Sharif came roaring back in Saturday’s elections, in which his Pakistan Muslim League-N party scored a resounding victory…

Critics worry that Sharif, who is known to be personally very religious, is soft on Islamic extremism and won’t crack down on militants that pose a serious threat to Pakistan and other countries — chief among them the Taliban and al-Qaida-linked groups…

Sharif [had] intended to run in the 2008 election, but he was disqualified by a court because of a conviction on terrorism and hijacking charges, stemming from Musharraf’s coup. Sharif insisted the conviction was politically motivated, and it was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2009.

Uh huh.

Sharif… is perhaps best known for testing nuclear weapons in response to India’s nuclear test in 1998…

And, of course, Pakistan now has quite a few nuclear warheads, which will now be under the control of a Muslim extremist.

Sharif’s party, which controlled the Punjab government for the last five years, is more closely aligned with hard-line Islamist parties than the outgoing Pakistan People’s Party. The Pakistan Muslim League-N has been criticized for not going after militant outfits in Punjab, a stance analysts said was driven by its reliance on banned militant groups to deliver key votes.

During Sharif’s tenure as prime minister in the 1990s, he not only supported the Taliban regime in Afghanistan but also tried to vastly increase the powers of his office while pushing aside Pakistan’s penal code in favor of an Islamic justice system. Many saw these ill-fated moves as an attempt to "Talibanize" Pakistan, and they eroded his popularity.

But not enough that he wasn’t just, in effect, re-elected.

After returning from exile, Sharif admitted that the pro-Afghan Taliban policy he pursued when he was prime minister in the 1990s was a failure and said Pakistan should stop trying to influence affairs in Afghanistan…

And we believe him, too.

Sharif has criticized unpopular U.S. drone attacks targeting al-Qaida and Taliban militants in Pakistan, and has called the Afghan conflict "America’s war." The Punjab government, controlled by Sharif’s party, turned down over $100 million in American aid in 2011 to protest the bin Laden raid

And yet Obama is congratulating Pakistan for electing this man. And this is the man the Obama administration is now counting on to help us stop terrorism in Afghanistan and help us negotiate with the Taliban.

In fact, looking at the big picture, the tragic deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi should be viewed as a consequence of the bigger scandal of what is happening in the Middle East, where country after country is being taken over by radical Muslims. And which Obama is encouraging, via the ‘Arab Spring’ and other policies.

We are losing the entire Middle East to Islamic extremism. And yet our news media are pretending Obama has nothing to do with it.

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2 Responses to “Obama Praises Pakistan For Electing Extremist”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    He can’t hear himself. He’s industrial strength insane.

  2. USSFreedom says:

    Praising degenerates is one of this administrations greatest accomplishments. Castro, Chavez, Mao and even the pedophile prophet which he advises us to RESPECT and not speak truth regarding the inhumane diktats issued regarding treatment of those that will not submit to islam.

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