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Obama Prepares US Schools For Illegal Alien Children

From The Hill:

Obama prepares schools for migrant kids

By Mario Trujillo | August 13, 2014

The Obama administration is preparing the nation’s schools to accept thousands of new students who illegally crossed the southwest border and are now awaiting trials on their possible deportations.

A fact sheet from the Department of Education sent to states and schools on Monday highlights the children’s right to attend public school.  It says all children in the United States “are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education, regardless of their or their parents’ actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status.”

Does it explain how it is our right to pay for them to attend public school? If so, why aren’t we paying to educate the rest of the world? And, more importantly, will these ‘children’ be exempted from Michelle Obama’s draconian school lunches, even if they are free? After all, they might not be used to eating arugula.

The prospect of tens of thousands of children mostly from Central American countries attending school as they wait for their immigration status to be decided has the potential to be explosive after this summer’s emotional public debate about the border…

Only because some backward Americans are bigoted against gangs and untreated TB and scabies and lice.

[S]ome state officials are worried about the additional costs they’ll endure from educating the children…

Come on. Obama is always saying we have plenty enough money for education. Throwing in a few hundred thousand more kids who don’t speak English won’t hurt a thing.

Francisco Negron, general council for the National School Board Association, said there is no question that schools will accommodate the children. "Public schools are keenly aware of their obligations to follow the law," he said, the children "come to us to receive their services and they’ll get them." …

Absolutely. Just like the Border Patrol rolled up its sleeves and learned to change diapers. Our nation’s teachers are going to be there to teach these gifts of love how to use a toilet and all of the other mysteries of life in the big city.

Concerns about the health of the child immigrants have also run rampant over the summer. In its fact sheet, the Education Department points out the children receive vaccinations while in HHS custody.

Does it explain how vaccines prevents those who already a disease from infecting others?

The fact sheet highlights a number of federal resources that could be available to the children including programs to learn English. It also takes note of a U.S. law guaranteeing educational access to homeless children, a definition that could apply to some of the migrant children.

Isn’t that convenient? (More on this later.)

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