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Obama Pretends To Want Line-Item Veto

From a context-free New York Times:

President Barack Obama signs the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

Obama to Seek Line-Item Veto Power to Trim Spending From Bills


May 6, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Obama, in his latest effort to signal fiscal responsibility against the rising debt, plans this month to ask Congress to give him and future presidents greater power to try to delete individual items from spending bills.

What posturing. What significant cuts as Mr. Obama ever called for? Going the final presidential debate, Mr. Obama was asked what programs he would cut from the federal government. He hemmed and hauled for probably five minutes, and never managed to cite a single program.

As usual, this is all for show.

Besides, if Mr. Obama really wanted to use the line-item veto you would just go ahead and do it. When has he ever been shackled by the legal niceties or the Constitution?

In doing so, Mr. Obama will join a long line of his predecessors who have sought either line-item veto power or, after the Supreme Court in 1998 ruled such a veto unconstitutional, some other rescission authority that passes muster…

Once again, this is the same Mr. Obama who voted against banning partial-birth abortion in Illinois because, he claimed that the Supreme Court would just strike it down anyway.

Before Congress breaks for its Memorial Day recess, the White House will send it proposed legislation “to give the president a new tool to reduce unnecessary or wasteful spending,” according to an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

This being the same Congress that cannot even come up with a budget, for the first time in modern history.

Under existing law, a president can send Congress a request to rescind items in spending bills after a bill is signed into law, but if Congress does not approve the request within 45 working days, the money must be released. And Congress, traditionally protective of its constitutional power of the purse, usually ignores such presidential requests, killing them.

President George W. Bush did not propose any rescissions, according to the Congressional Research Service. Republicans in Congress have challenged Mr. Obama to do so, but he has not.

Gee, what a shock. And surely the Democrat Congress would have approved of anything that Mr. Obama requested.

Under Mr. Obama’s proposed legislation to expedite and strengthen the process in a president’s favor, Congress would have to vote on any rescissions.

“This new, enhanced rescission authority not only will empower the president and the Congress to eliminate unnecessary spending, but also discourage waste in the first place,” the official said.

And, as we all know, eliminating unnecessary spending and discouraging waste is what Mr. Obama and the Democrats are all about.

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8 Responses to “Obama Pretends To Want Line-Item Veto”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    I wish the Prez had the LIV and the congress had term limits.
    Not that either has done much for the People’s Republik of Kalifornia.

  2. proreason says:

    Our republic is already teetering on the edge.

    The Line Item veto would put an end to it in one minute.

    I used to think it was a good idea……but now that I’ve seen the Dear Leader, it’s clear that he would have his boot on all of our necks by the time he lit his second cigarette of the day, or got out of bed, whichever comes first.

  3. Petronius says:

    “What significant cuts has Mr. Obama ever called for?”

    Hmmm, let’s see . . . . Medicare for seniors, missile defense system, the NASA space program, the CIA, aid to Israel, border patrol, missiles for Poland, DoD weapons programs, pay cuts for executives at TARP companies, and — oh, yeah — legal costs for prosecution of New Black Panthers.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    Wasn’t it Carl ‘$h!tty deal’ Levin (D) that led a lawsuit against Bush regarding the line item veto a few years back?

  5. wirenut says:

    Pretend is just a start with this empty suit. Whip out your dictionaries folks. Look up “Pre” and go down the list.
    Predator, Predicable, Preference, Prejudge, Prejudice, Preposterous, Presume. I might have missed a few, but pretend is what I’d like to wake up from. You know, pretend this nightmare is over.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    Bush Sr. wanted it, which tells me it’s a bad idea. Bush & Co. screwed up a lot of stuff, and neither one were very conservative at all.

    In other states it’s called the FRANKENSTEIN LAW. –Patchwork to re-write bills passed by state legislatures.

    EXAMPLE: I, Barak Obama, AM happy to support our nation’s commitment to GOD!

    He has a majority DEMOCRAT House & Senate! Why do you need ‘an end around Congress’ to get things done? Is your party that incompetent? (Or are you expecting to deal with a Republican Congress in November?)

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “Or are you expecting to deal with a Republican Congress in November?”

      Nah, he’s going for the whole enchilada assuming the position as dictator while we all assume the position of bent over.

  7. wirenut says:

    The better question is, are “they” ready to answer to the people? An (R) or (D) or ( I ), means nothing if “ME” comes first. Our founders knew of these things, long before it became fashionable to be corrupt. If shame no longer has a meaning, than I’ve lived too long. Or are we just as guilty to put up with it?

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