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Obama Pulls Student Agit-Prop Plan

From the Washington Times:

WH withdraws call for students to ‘help’ Obama

September 2, 2009

Matthew Mosk

The Obama administration late Wednesday withdrew a recommendation that school children who watch a video featuring President Obama next week write about how they might "help the president" as part of a classroom assignment.

The decision came after conservative critics attacked the plan by federal education officials that teachers supplement the speech with a special curriculum that was designed in concert with the White House.

Among the activities the government was suggesting for pre-kindergarten to sixth grade students: that they "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." By Wednesday evening, the sentence asking children to think about how they can "help the president" had been removed from the document.

Another task, recommended for students immediately after listening to the speech, was to engage in a discussion about what "the President wants us to do."

The novel curriculum plan brought sharp criticism from conservatives, including some who complained that classrooms were being used to spread political propaganda. In response to the criticism, the White House last night confirmed they were revising the lesson plan that was distributed last week by the U.S. Department of Education.

"We’re clarifying that language," said Tommy Vietor, a White House spokesman.

Vietor said the reaction to the lesson plan may not have been so strong had the curriculum been distributed after people heard the speech, which he said does not mention any political issues and does not stray from a clear message encouraging children to excel and stay in school

It sure is peculiar how easily the Obama administration’s message gets misunderstood.

What is wrong with us?

Vietor said the reaction to the lesson plan may not have been so strong had the curriculum been distributed after people heard the speech…

In other words, the Obama flacks screwed up when they announced these lesson plans.

They should have just gone through with them without warning.

They’ll know better next time.

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19 Responses to “Obama Pulls Student Agit-Prop Plan”

  1. amber says:

    Why people send their children to school is beyond my comprehension. Even private schools dabble in this crap. My kids are in a public online school, it is federally funded, they are tested the same as “normal” public school children, and they are better adjusted, more socially appropriate, and self-confident than any brick and mortar school kid I have ever seen. My husband and I know everything they are learning because we learn it first and then make the decision if we are going to teach it (most liberal curriculum, like global warming in science class, is actually voluntary). We recently went to a company picnic (ok, it was an army thing) and all of the “social” public school kids were afraid to leave mom and dad’s side. Our children went around and gathered as many up as were willing and played games with them. The Obama crap, muslim sympathizing crap, global warming crap, anti-self protection (gun) crap does not get taught in our kid’s school. Oh, and since they are public, the curriculum is free and they get a diploma.

  2. Gary says:

    My child also attends a virtual charter school, after having experienced both traditional public school and homeschool. This has been the best decision for our family so far and I feel can be the wave of the future, if not hamstrung by educrats.

    If Obama wants to just send a positive message to the nation’s children, why doesn’t he just put together a PSA? That form of communication has been used many a time by previous presidents while they were in office and former presidents with no controversy whatsoever. It’s because his agenda is to horn into the hearts and minds of our kids. Well I say, STEP OFF, JACK! We know what your intentions are and we are having none of it.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    This o-blah-blah and gang are diabolical and downright dangerous.

  4. TheChicagoWay says:

    My children go to the local, public school. The curriculum is pretty straightforward and the local school board has a common sense approach to things. Regardless, I keep an eye on things and have had to step in when I hear about presentations that may be one sided. “An Inconvenient Truth” comes to mind…I called the school when I heard that this movie was going to be shown to my sixth grader. I told the administrator that I felt an opposing viewpoint would be warranted given the nature of the program. The school decided to drop the whole thing.

    Now, I know that this may be an unfair comparison to Barack’s speech, but we have not HEARD it..As a parent, I would at least like to see the text of the speech before allowing my kids to participate…I do not appreciate having persons of influence speak to my children without MY permission. Do you??? I will be calling the school district in the morning and telling them that my children will be enjoying a four-day weekend solely due to their decision to participate in this odd exercise… Hey, I would keep my kids home if George Bush tried this…

    • neocon mom says:

      Precisely TCW. Clearly this guy thinks he is an emperor.

      My guess is that because a significant number of parents may keep their children home precisely because of this and they need to keep attendance up in order to get federal money, that could be why they are altering the whole thing. But the whole address is still bizarre. I don’t see how any American could stand behind the concept, regardless of political party.

      Remember when the NEA tried to sue over No Child Left Behind, complaining of unfunded mandates? And really, according to the constitution, education is to be controlled by states. Funny to see a big lib group stand up for state’s rights when there’s a Republican in the White House.

    • nuthingbettertodo says:

      TCW….I am seriously wondering if you are in my school district. Everything you said is exactly what is going on here…right down to the Inconvenient Truth scam. I emailed the school because the teacher snuck in part of the movie and when my daughter came home hysterical because she thought we were all going to be dead in 50 years, I blew a gasket. They dropped the rest of it all together. Last night I sent an email to the three schools in the district my kids are in and copied everyone. It seems, from what I hear, that they are just leaving it up to individual teachers to decide if they want to show it. I’m still waiting to hear back. For what we pay in taxes here, they damn well better listen.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Wrong!! He is NO emperor!!
      This Closet Muslim is Mao, Adolph, Joseph, Karl, Hugo,Che, Fidel. Saddam and a few others rolled into one. They are the worst of the worst………….. who all had children sing songs of praise about them!!
      I remember back last September when I first felt the urge to comment. Proreason made a statement about what the commies seize when they take things over and I made the comments about them going after the schools and indoctrinate the minds of the kids.

      Right here we are a witness to the re- education of our kids by our very own, self made ” Herr Barry Der Fuhrer!!”

      Be afraid….Be VERY afraid!! (and well regulated…….ahem!!)

  5. bousquem says:

    Wow, this seems to really smell of the indoctrination of communist countries, “How can we serve the dear leader(s)?” It really bugs me that instead of asking kids how they could best help their families and neighbors they are being asked how to best cram the liberal ideology down everybodies’ throats. They’ve moved indoctrination from college level to early grade school with this junk. I can remember the whole mantra being shouted at us of “Clinton good, Dole evil” by my 5th history/social studies teacher. I’m thankful I asked my parents about the whole thing and their conservative so I got a more balanced view point than what the teacher was pushing. Of course you’re going to get this in Massachusettes anyways, conservative and teaching in that state seem to be mutually exclusive.

  6. GL0120 says:

    TCO’s ego surely knows no bounds; he really believed that he could push this manure with no objections!

  7. Gary says:

    Neocon Mom, Go to http://www.k12.com and look under schools and programs. They have a list of online public schools they serve. Next step if you don’t find your state is google online public school and your state. Good luck. We love it because we keep the homeschool advantages while using the public school resources to provide curriculum and support which can be expensive. Our child attends a learning center once a week with teachers and other students, so he is not socially isolated at all.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    I emailed both of my kids with kids in school and told them to keep them home.
    Imagine if President Bush had even suggested this – the outcry and outrage would have been immediate and deafening – with this it is the silence that is deafening.
    I guess it is nice to have your media on your side.

    God Help America.

    Neocon Mom -I am a fan of alternative schooling – I home schooled my daughter for her JR HS year and should have just pulled the last two (daughter was youngest) out of HS immediately when problems began – it would have saved us a horrible time & they would have gotten educated rather than bullied and humiliated. But she recovered and is in her SR of college. I’m trying to get our younger son to consider online college. I did a stand alone program this year – and loved it. He is not a social butterfly like me – so I think it would work for him. And I’m amazed at how excited I was when I got a diploma from a University in the mail (I expected a certificate) – I think he would be too.

  9. canary says:

    Am I suppose to believe the White House has contacted every school in
    the U.S. on the little change on the menu.
    They are using the Obama army to notify every school in the nation?

    Am I suppose to trust my child’s school, who have snuck and done these type things before. We have so many school officials that just out and out lie and deny to parents all the time. Keep alert.

  10. canary says:

    Castro did this same type brainwashing when he took over Cuba.

    At lunch the children were told to bow their heads and close their eyes
    and pray to God for their lunch. Then they were told to open their eyes, and there was no food. Then they were told to bow their heads and pray to Castro, and the teachers would give them their lunches.
    Obama is a child predator and molesting our children’s minds.

  11. nuthingbettertodo says:

    And I found this that will be broadcast on multiple channels that very evening. http://www.getschooled.com/ so if its all just about motivating students why not just watch that? more info….

  12. proreason says:

    It never stops.

    Don’t get complacent.

    They have been plotting this crap for decades. This is one of thousands of schemes they have.

  13. Celina says:

    2 of my children are in private school and 2 in public. I have no worries at all about my children in private school. I have never met a more polite, intelligent, and kind group of young people. And this was even before my children were a part of it ;)

    My other 2 children are in public school because I know their teachers personally and trust them implicitly. With the older of those 2, I am very confident that she has a good enough head on her shoulders to see through the BS.

    Cool little story about one of my private-school children’s teachers. My 8th grade daughter’s grammar teacher was explaining the concept of living in a fallen world and how we are all imperfect. “Just look at Obama. What a mess!!”

    I officially love that teacher.

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