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Obama Delayed Medicare Cuts Past 2012 Elections

A flashback via the archives of the editorial pages of the New York Post:

An $8 billion trick?


… [A]as part of its hundreds of billions in Medicare cuts, the Obama one-size-fits-all plan slashes reimbursement rates for Medicare Advantage starting next year — herding many seniors back into the government-run program.

Under federal “open-enrollment” guidelines, seniors must pick their Medicare coverage program for next year by the end of this year — which means they should be finding out before Election Day[O]pen enrollment begins Oct. 15, less than three weeks before voters go to the polls.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger electoral disaster for a president than seniors in crucial states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio discovering that he’s taken away their beloved Medicare Advantage just weeks before an election…

But the administration’s devised a way to postpone the pain one more year, getting Obama past his last election; it plans to spend $8 billion to temporarily restore Medicare Advantage funds so that seniors in key markets don’t lose their trusted insurance program in the middle of Obama’s re-election bid.

The money is to come from funds that Health and Human Services is allowed to use for “demonstration projects.” But to make it legal, HHS has to pretend that it’s doing an “experiment” to study the effect of this money on the insurance market.

That is, to “study” what happens when the government doesn’t change anything but merely continues a program that’s been going on for years

In a nutshell, last April the Obama campaign realized that the news of his draconian cuts to Medicare Advantage was going to come out in October, just weeks before the election. So Obama (illegally) transferred $8 billion dollars of DHS money to Medicare Advantage, so that these cuts could be pushed back past the election.

They pretended that this transfer of money was an ‘experiment,’ which is wasn’t. But doing that meant they didn’t have to get permission from Congress.

A Government Accounting Office report released this morning shows, quite starkly, that there simply is no experiment being conducted, just money being spent. Understandably, the GAO recommends that HHS cancel the project.

Congress should immediately launch an investigation into this unprecedented misuse of taxpayer money and violation of the public trust, which certainly presses the boundaries of legality and very well may breach them.

If he’s not stopped, Obama will spend $8 billion in taxpayer funds for a scheme to mask the debilitating effects on seniors of his signature piece of legislation just long enough to get himself re-elected

Benjamin E. Sasse, a former US assistant secretary of health, is president of Midland University. Charles Hurt covers politics in DC.

Of course, Obama wasn’t stopped. And this all transpired without anyone being the wiser. Thanks to a complicit news media. In fact, it hardly even made a ripple even among conservative news outlets. Which probably gave Obama the courage to do this even more obvious delay before the 2014 midterms.

By the way, note that this was an editorial written in April 2012 by a former US assistant secretary of health. Not a crack pot.

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3 Responses to “Obama Delayed Medicare Cuts Past 2012 Elections”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Shall we expect the same dirty trick again this year? Are they going to repeat the “experiment?”

  2. GetBackJack says:


    Republicans Fail™

  3. bousquem25 says:

    Standard Chicago thug and corruption politics. Just hid the costs of what you rammed down peoples throats until your in office again and don’t have to worry about re-election. If a republican did this you know the media and the dems would be screaming about needing a special prosecutor and impeachment along with a whole line of hating seniors and other crap.

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