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Obama Reaches Out To Blacks – Lies To Them

From an approving Politico:

W.H. boosts outreach to black voters

By: Joseph Williams
December 5, 2011

Stung by summertime allegations that they neglected their bedrock African-American constituency, the White House and President Barack Obama’s reelection team have cranked up their outreach to black voters, selling the president’s first-term achievements as accomplishments that will pay long-term dividends for the black community.

Top administration aides and Cabinet officials have fanned out to black communities, touting those accomplishments — including health care reform, unemployment insurance extensions, public-education overhauls and programs encouraging minority entrepreneurship — and last month, they hosted a summit on African-American issues.

Remember how some were ridiculed for saying that these initiatives were just meant to be payback to his ‘constituents’? 

As part of making its case, the White House prepared a 44-page report summarizing the president’s agenda for black America [see below] and has launched an electronic newsletter aimed at black lawmakers and staff in Congress, along with a companion link on the White House Web page

Apparently, there really are two Americas. And Obama has to talk to Black America through different channels.

But isn’t this the same man who said he was going to bring us together?

And on Monday, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will host a panel discussion on ways to find jobs and training for parolees and felons after they are released from prison

Which tells you how the White House thinks of black Americans. They are parolees and felons.

Meanwhile, the Obama 2012 reelection campaign in Chicago has begun an aggressive grass-roots effort to re-energize black voters, hoping to at least partially recapture the historic groundswell of 2008.

The message, conveyed by campaign workers and volunteers dispatched to beauty and barber shops, church halls and neighborhoods is simple: The president has improved the lives of everyday African-Americans, and that change has to be protected at the polls next year.

More racial stereotyping. And, of course, more blatant mendacity.

Obama made that point at last month’s day-long summit at the White House, telling participants that his legislative “done” list has kept “millions of folks out of poverty,” improved the lives of millions more and made significant investments in the future of black communities

In reality, Obama has trapped many more Americans of all race in poverty, in the underclass. Which is his goal and the goal of the Democrat Party, which needs people to be dependent on the government as the source of all the good things in their lives.

For the record, this is how the aforementioned "44-page report summarizing the president’s agenda for black America" (a pdf file) begins:

The President’s Commitment to African American Families

Since day one, the President has sought to restore the strength of middle class, increase shared prosperity, and bring back the American Dream, while also providing ladders for Americans willing to do their part. The policies outlined in this report have benefited all Americans, and have had direct impacts on the African American community.

Whether by creating jobs, revitalizing schools, making college more affordable, increasing access to healthcare, enhancing civil rights or strengthening the bonds that keep families together, the Obama Administration continues to champion initiatives that support African Americans in today’s difficult economy

When are blacks finally going to get tired of being lied to their faces like this?

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9 Responses to “Obama Reaches Out To Blacks – Lies To Them”

  1. River0 says:

    The Occupier-in-Chief is mobilizing the Black Ops House to collapse the system through racial preferences now. The mask is off, and the reckless, craven, and cynical playbook is open for all to see.

    By creating masses of dependent, depressed, and dispirited people, the Demonic Party may be able to rule in perpetuity. Financial depression will be their tool to maintain a majority, and all productive and prosperous people will be their target.

    We are frighteningly close to such a tipping point.

    Fellow citizens, we don’t have much time left.

    • Petronius says:

      Good post, RiverO.

      The essential political fact is that it is popular to receive an income transfer but unpopular to be the donor. When the voters are about evenly divided into both categories, taxpayers and tax-eaters, as they are now, the Congress finds itself gridlocked and trying to satisfy both groups. The Congress has thus consistently legislated additional benefits –– such as ObamaCare, stimuli, extensions of unemployment benefits, education spending, green spending, etc. –– without legislating taxes to cover them.

      Only one thing can happen when this occurs: the tax will eventually be levied in another way, by inflation. Inflation will in turn generate demands by tax-eaters for increased levels of redistributions. At the same time, it moves wage earners into higher tax brackets, increasing their effective tax rates.

      Over time, the result of this rising combination of government spending, dollar inflation, and tax bracket creep will be to eat away at the nation’s savings and thus its capacity to invest, create jobs, develop new technologies and products, and improve living standards.

      Job losses will then create still more demand for more redistributions.

      The country is being sucked into a vicious downward spiral.

    • River0 says:

      Well said, Petronius. Your point is inarguable, and this bogus Utopian scheme we’re seeing once again has led to disaster thousands of times in the past.

      It’s rather like being sucked into a black hole. But the massive irony is that we Americans have vast mineral resources – oil, gas, etc. – that could save us. They’re being deliberately withheld from use. How much more stupid can we be?

    • sticks says:

      RiverO,”How much more stupid can we be?” We (or rather those who make these laws) will be as “stupid” as it takes to create a vast economic disaster on such a scale that people will lose all thought of seeing the other side of it. It then will then be declared that “democracy” has failed, but we will found a “new” type of government which will “fix” the problems. When people are deep enough in despair they will probably accept it, after all that is what is happening now, piece by piece, but when the time is right there will be an attempt to completely throw away the constitution.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “And on Monday, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will host a panel discussion on ways to find jobs and training for parolees and felons after they are released from prison…”

    ‘Which tells you how the White House thinks of black Americans. They are parolees and felons.’

    What are they going to do? Re-write Labor laws so that anyone who’s denied a job based on their criminal history can be sued by the Democrats other favored constituency, trial lawyers? Or are they going to just invent more public sector bureaucratic jobs to park them in?

    Bizarro World time: Newt expresses the opinion that young people in poverty in general – no racial overtones – ought to be given the opportunity to work through their schools, etc., and his remarks are raked over the coals for racialism. Politico, acting as White House campaign stenographers, package every off-color stereotype into one ‘news reports’ and that’s serious journalism.

  3. BigOil says:

    Having to marshall resources to convince a voting bloc that voted 95% in your favor appears to hint at desperation. Of course – they have already proven once they are easily fooled – or more aptly blinded.

  4. JohnMG says:

    …..“And on Monday, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will host a panel discussion on ways to find jobs and training for parolees and felons after they are released from prison…”

    Imagine that. First, release felons from prison, then restore their voting rights, then give ’em walkin’ around money while ostensibly training them for jobs that don’t exist and never will.

    All in time for them to vote next year. Imagine that……again!

    As the botox queen would say; God bless ’em.

  5. untrainable says:

    The liberals/progressives have been promising hyphenated Americans a colorblind utopia for over 50 years. Yet those same hyphenated Americans are dominated and lied to at every opportunity in a concerted effort to get votes and nothing else. There is no representation for them. There are only the same old promises all dolled up with new initiatives, councils, and flat out racist legislation.

    If one leader in the hyphenated community would turn around and look at the past, the promises, and the abject failure of any of these approaches to do any good for them, perhaps they would vote Republican once in a while.

    Unfortunately, hyphenated America gets it’s news from John Stewart, it’s politics from Jessie Jackson, and it’s opinions on everything else from an evening watching “American Idol”. Wake up people. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me for 5+ decades and we are beyond shame… there is only willing ignorance.

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