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Obama Says US Will Have To ‘Deal With’ Boko Haram

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Obama: US to help Nigeria find kidnapped girls


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. will do everything it can to help Nigeria find nearly 300 teenage girls missing since they were kidnapped from school three weeks ago by an Islamist extremist group that has threatened to sell them.

Once again, this is the same administration that refused to send the FBI into Benghazi until three months after the 9/11 attack, because it would be too dangerous. But now we are going to send unarmed FBI into an ongoing war between the Christian government and the Muslim extremists.

Obama said the immediate priority is finding the girls, but that the Boko Haram group must also be dealt with.

"In the short term our goal is obviously is to help the international community, and the Nigerian government, as a team to do everything we can to recover these young ladies," Obama said in an interview with NBC’s "Today" … "But we’re also going to have to deal with the broader problem of organizations like this that … can cause such havoc in people’s day-to-day lives," Obama said of Boko Haram…

What is the FBI’s jurisdiction in Nigeria, again? The FBI is supposed to be limited to acting within the US, or overseas only in support of solving crimes against Americans. (Like Benghazi.)

Obama said he was glad the Nigerian government was accepting help from U.S. military and law enforcement advisers…

It is clear from earlier comments by the Nigerian President and his wife that they did not want US help. So Obama must have leaned on them — big time. After all, this could be another feather in his foreign policy cap. (Like Egypt and Libya.)

"Obviously, what’s happening is awful, and, as a father of two girls, I can’t imagine what their parents are going through," he told CBS News in an interview…

Again with the daughters.

He said the kidnapping and subsequent outrage over Nigeria’s inability to rescue the girls "may be the event that helps to mobilize the entire international community to finally do something against this horrendous organization that’s perpetrated such a terrible crime." …

This is the same Barack Obama who is negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The technical experts heading to Nigeria will include U.S. military and law enforcement personnel skilled in intelligence, investigations, hostage negotiating, information sharing and victim assistance, as well as officials with expertise in other areas, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

U.S. armed forces were not being sent, Carney noted…

No, we can’t have that. Let’s just send in some unarmed FBI agents.

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One Response to “Obama Says US Will Have To ‘Deal With’ Boko Haram”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    How can we? Obama been cutting the Military every which way from Thursday .. better ask the Russians for help ..

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